Ring Spotlight Camera (Battery) White/Black $99.99 @ ALDI Special Buys


Great price for the Spotlight variant. Has been this low via Amazon previously. Good for price matching at other stores for additional discount when live.

White | Black

Product description

  • 1080p HD with live view and night vision
  • Weather resistant
  • Remote-activated siren alarm
  • Black or White
  • Easy installation
  • Monitor your property in HD video and check-in on home at anytime with live view on-demand video and audio
  • 2-way talk – see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet or PC
  • Motion activated alerts on your phone, tablet or PC
  • Powered by the quick-release, rechargeable battery pack
  • Versatile power options – add a second battery pack (sold separately) for backup power or an optional solar panel (sold separately) for a continuous charge
  • Built-in LED light strips
  • Activate the siren from anywhere via your phone, tablet or PC
  • Control centre via app so you can add and remove authorised client devices, shared users and select linked accounts – all from one place on your phone, tablet or PC
  • Works with Alexa

Subscription not needed, though recommended.

General information on Ring Protect plans
Without Ring Protect, you can still view real time video for Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras, and answer general motion and doorbell notifications when they happen, but you don’t get video recordings of these events.

Ring Protect Plans

On Sale Wed 19 June - Cleaning Essentials, ALDI Finds & Bathroom and Laundry

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  • +4

    I own this Ring, it’s fairly decent and works well. I have it in a public exterior of my property and don’t really care if Amazon or the police has access to it.

    • did you subscribe to the ring plans for this?

      • I do, and I own most of their cam models including this one.

        • so you joined the $150 plan vs the $50 single cam one?

          • @Poor Ass: Yes because i have several cameras i have the $150 plan, i've had it since the start of 2019. It also gives you replacement warranty on the cameras while you maintain the subscription, but i've never had any cameras fail they have been rock solid.

            • @LowRange: how long replacement warranty? even if it is 10 years old??

              • @Poor Ass: Yes, it says:

                For extended warranty coverage to apply to your Ring device, the device must be within its original warranty period when you subscribe to Ring Protect Plus. Once the original warranty expires, the device will be covered under Ring Protect Plus until you discontinue your subscription.

      • +1

        It’s not worth having a ring camera without the subscription.

        I don’t know why people baulk at the subscription cost though. You don’t want to continuously have hard drives full of video all the time, Cloud is perfect for this type of use case. Also the interface is way better than any NAS solution.

        • +1

          Yes i agree. I have a NAS but with several cameras and not wanting to make the NAS accessible outside the home network the Ring subscription has been ideal for me. Also the Ring cameras integrate well with my smart home and Alexa.

        • Use case without subscription would be just having the doorbell cam. For ~$99 it’s a visual deterrent (from the street) and can still help with deliveries when you’re not home. Ie my parents place when they can barely use the app anyway.

  • +2

    Do any cam's (of a similar price) NOT require a sub to enable recording (even if its only a fairly small amount)? Looking at dipping my toes in the security cam world but only really need one (maybe two at a pinch) and need to be able to record when movement is occurring but not too much storage….

    • +6

      Eufy, Tapo, Arlo

      • +1

        Arlo requires a sub or a hub for recording - and if you choose the hub, it sucks for regular use, so they effectively make you pay the subscription anyway.

      • +3


        • Not quite true. Reolink has a monthly sub. It's just not paid

    • +5

      Eufy does not require a sub to record, it's the brand I use on my property.

    • +3

      I have Eufy Cams set up around the perimeter of my place and only just recently bought the Eufy Security C210 2K SoloCam for about $130 (on special) from JB.
      No need to sub to their service you can also set them up so they dont upload to the cloud and keep everything local.
      This particular one can connect via WiFi or to a homebase3, has its own internal storage. All my other cams connect to a homebase 2 and this is the only one that i save to the device it self, purely because i need the homebase 3.
      No issues with the Eufy Cams, work real well, notifications are pretty much quick (maybe a 1-2 delay on my phone) and footage is pretty decent. Its no 4k but enough to know if someone aint supposed to be on my property.
      Has 8GB local storage have had it for about 2.5 months and has only chewed up 1.1GB and have only had to charge 1 since i first installed.

      • Whats the battery life on the Eufy Security C210 like?

        • 75 working days
          3800 detections
          465 recordings

          Have only charged once since installed.
          Have recently fooled around with the setting to optimise so hopefully get more out of each charge.
          Also just noticed JB have em advertised for $119 which is decent.

      • Looks good for a simple single camera at the front of your house setup!

      • I bought eufy the 4 pack pro as I lived in a corner house so needed coverage just in case. At first glance it’s great resolution but for me i found it somewhat delayed when I needed it to record movement and one time police wanted to check footage (of some certain car maybe) but it didn’t record it so I got annoyed. Plus being on a corner the battery wouldn’t last the “365” days so easily I would have to charge it every 1-2 months which was annoying. The angle of the camera capture was good I just admit.

        I changed over to tapo on the c320/325 cameras because I got an electrician to hook it up to main power so it’s always on, due to me being in a corner street and having street lights exposure these cameras work well at night time in that it uses the light capture so it looks great, it’s always recording because it just needs an SD card so I can check all footage anytime - literally had the cops this morning ask to see footage as they wanted to see some car if it came up between 11:20-11:50pm which even the guy was impressed and even said he might buy this model too, the only downside is the quality, even though it’s 2k/4k (whatever it is), compared to the eufy it’s a bit lower resolution so it’s not going to pick up in detail plate numbers as night as an example and people can look a bit blurry at night time too and the angle captured was a bit lower than the eufy camera. For me reason why I wanted it was 24x7 free recording (it does have cloud subscription option if you want to do that instead too) and I didn’t have to recharge since it’s on 24x7

    • Tapo is great

  • Good price if you're invested in ring and are happy to continue to pay their ever increasing monthly charges.

    • +3

      could pay the annual one then it will be an annual increase :)

  • +1

    Two things to remember.. You’ll need a paid subscription to access recorded footage, and these things are notorious for a delayed recording response.

    I’ve got the Spotlight Battery Plus and they miss the initial motion quite a bit

  • I have a number of Ring Cameras, Ring Doorbell and subscription. I love how they can be linked, ie one catches motion (or doorbell push) and you can automatically activate adjacent ones. I have easily monitored my house and responded to people at the door or in the yard while I was overseas on trips.

  • Has anyone ever successfully price-matched Aldi with Bunnings?

    • Yes.

    • +1

      This looks like the older model which has been discontinued and replaced with the Spotlight Cam Pro and Plus
      Bunnings only have the new models now

  • -1

    Ever wonder why RING is being discounted all around the world? Yep exactly you probably haven't but i bet you feel "SAFE" (snort).

  • +1

    No micro memory card slot? I'll pass. I'll stick with TP-Link cams.

  • Does this use the same battery as the Ring Doorbell 4?

    • Yes

  • I am still sticking with my last two remaining 7 year old Logitech Alert cams, they still match all these new cams on picture quality and motion detection, SDcard plus local disk recording, CAM accessing through the internet.

  • Disappointing that Amazon isn’t selling them direct

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