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Nintendo Switch OLED Console $357 (OOS Online; In-Store Only) @ David Jones


Extra 30% off code applies automatically. David Jones. Free delivery.

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Mod Update: Out of Stock online, but appears to be still be in stock at selected stores (ie. Sydney CBD)

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David Jones
David Jones


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    $49 for the Tears of Kingdom too

    • Bugger. Wish I had seen that before I ordered my OLED Switch. Now it wants $10 delivery.

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    Even at this price, can't justify paying that much for 7 year old hardware.

    To me it's like paying $1000 for an iPhone 8 🤔but each to their own

    • +3

      But Yuzu is no more 😭

      • other R emulator still exists, also yuzu still exists somewhere if you search for it.

    • +1

      Switch OLED was released in 2021

      • Doesn't matter, it's still using the same Tegra X1(+) SoC that came out in 2015.

        • -3

          Its splitting hairs.

          Switch OLED is still a current console and the Tegra X1 is more than enough

          • +9

            @darkly: I think you mean far from enough. It was slow then, and it's far worse now. Look at their own first party games struggling to hit even 30 fps. Optimisation only gets you so far.

            • @ldd-mn: it does a pretty good job with the Witcher 3 though after a few updates. it amazes me how they can make a game like that run on such a old chip, it just goes to show that a well optimized game doesn't' need powerful hardware to run well. I feel all the game made for the switch would be greatly improved if they were optimized the in the same way for other platforms. image upgrading you graphical performance on your PC with out having to upgrade the hardware.

              • +1

                @kungfuman: That's cool, looks like it only runs at 540p though? Maybe that changed.

        • +8

          Exactly. Nearly 10 year old SoC, but Nintendo executives having a giggle on people who still buy the switch at over inflated prices.

          Next R&D meeting
          CEO: Let's keep the base hardware but add a Wifi 7 Chip and call it Nintendo Switch Wifi 7 and set RRP at $650
          Head of R&D: Boss, you did it again

          One month later: Switch sales sky rocket 500%, CEO gets $1M Bonus, Head of R&D gets $500k bonus and PC Gamer calls it the biggest gaming innovation in 2024 😂🤣

          • @easternculture: but Nintendo attracted developers and major game developers to develop for there platform even though its older hardware they still optimized for the switch. Nintendo have always focused on making fun playable games they don't really focus on graphics they never have.

            • +4

              @kungfuman: Yeah idk what people are complaining about. You don't buy a switch to play 4k 60fps GTA V, you buy it to gather round and play mario party or mario kart, or so kids can get together in the same room and play Minecraft with each other or take on a road trip. People who start complaining about fps drops or "only 30fps" on switch are out of touch with reality

        • You should care more about the enjoyment of the game than the hardware that its being played on. I still play retro games on the actual consoles that are decades old and still enjoy them.

          • @Trishool: But you wouldn't pay a crazy price for old hardware.

            I also have old consoles with games I like to play. Including:

            • 2 X 3DS. One was free, the other was $20 with 10 games.
            • Original Wii with 2 games, free from marketplace
            • PSP with 12 games and 16GB card, paid $70
            • xbox one S with 7 games and 2 controllers (sold a xbox one S I found during council pickup for $120 and paid $150 for this one)

            So as you can see, I'll pay for a console what it's worth, not a crazy price that has no logic to it

            • +1


              But you wouldn't pay a crazy price for old hardware.

              Depends on how much you value it and enjoy it. I've paid more than I'd like to for some retro Casio watches because of the nostalgia and memories. I've also paid more than I would have liked for an Atari 2600. It comes down to how much you enjoy and value it. Thats really it.

            • @easternculture: Check eBay. 3DS & PSP's go for a fortune now.

          • @Trishool: People actually arguing for paying full price for outdated hardware. Brainwashed by Nintendo. If it was only about the games then why upgrade at all. If anything Nintendo releasing Switch 2 is forcing you to upgrade and at the same time dropping support for Switch 1. Isn't this a bad thing?

            • -1

              @Dream-cast: Calling someone brainwashed for deciding how they spend their money is very childish. Each person decides whats important to them. Doesnt matter the age or condition of the item, if they want it, they'll pay for it. People still buy retro consoles and play retro games on them for the original experience, so they dont have to put up with some half arsed emulation on a 'mini' re-release. Also Nintendo isnt forcing anyone to upgrade. They're giving you an option that if you want to play newer games with better audio and graphics and experience, then get the new one. I bought a 3DS XL when Nintendo were about to drop support for it. So I dont think that will matter to many. Be happy with your personal choice on where you put your money and move on.

          • @Trishool: That is the main reason why you would buy something like a Switch. If it does what you want, then great. If not, don't buy one.
            Of course, you also have to decide if the going price is worth it for you.

    • +6

      Not the same at all because the Switch forever plays everything that was released for it.

      Consoles don't go "obsolete" like phones do, except if you're all digital.

      The console price, whatever you pay, is the entry price to the games catalogue. That's really it, you pick your price tolerance for that, the value proposition barely changes.

    • +1

      can't justify paying that much for 7 year old hardware.

      People that buy Nintendo only care about their games, not hardware.

  • +12

    Brand > Apple > Nintendo Switch Console OLED Model Neon

    Haha this is very on par with how I imagine David Jones' main demographic to be

  • +2

    Neon, white, and Mario Red are all the same price. $217 for blue or purple switch lite.

  • +3
  • Comes under Brand : Apple lol

  • +1

    yep it has started looks like they are trying to get rid of stock now knowing the new nintendo console coming out soon.

    • Distributors with stock piles will be starting the purge and EOFY means this is the best time to move it.

      Im expecting to start seeing some wild <$299 deals too.

      • I remember this happening when the ps vita was almost end of life lol. massive discounts on vitas and the games.

  • I can't wait to see how cheap games will be toward end of life.

    • +2

      DS, 3DS and Wii games stayed full price for all Nintendo first party.

    • 150 million consoles, surely someone can come up with a proper hacking solution like the 3DS family…

      • yeah but it doesn't have a big homebrew community, unlike playstation fans which have a massive homebrew community thats why you can hack a psp a ps vita because people love these devices and want to continue the life well after they died lol

        the switch though not many people seem to be interested in homebrewing it. Which means your not going to get a hack very quickly if not alot of people care for it. maybe when its end of life people will want to homebrew it.

        • Shame, that didn't seem to be a problem for the 3DS line.

        • +1

          V1's can be softmodded, V2's and OLED's can be hardmodded. Homebrew and storefronts exist and have done for a while

        • +1

          This isnt entirely true, there is a HUGE support community for the switch.
          Different versions of hacks exist and are constantly evovling.

          Id say the switch has well outpowered the PS community now a days.

  • so extra $50 saving from recent low of $407 from Amazon

    • Yes

  • +1

    Went to pay some extra switch games and now discount not showing?

    //Was because 1 went out of stock, had to delete all of them and then re-add. Fixed it.

  • +1

    Tempting but yeah, old hardware now.

  • -3

    Meh just play on yuzu for free.

    • You have no friends?

  • Any way to get discounted gift cards?

  • +3

    bought first ask wife for permission later

    • +5

      my prayers are with you

      • +4

        She approved. Thank God for upcoming tax cuts lol

    • -2

      seriously bro. Grow some :)

  • Wonder how much a launch day switch sells for 2nd hand?

    • Launch day switch can be hacked easily. That's another story.

  • Switch 2 coming anytime soon?

    • +1

      The President of Nintendo posted on Twitter that they will announce the next Switch by the end of the Japanese fiscal year, which is March 31 2025. It's quite possible that we wouldn't be seeing stock until Christmas 2025.

  • Red sold out.

  • +1

    Excellent deal OP!

    I've had the original for a while, but now holding out for the new Switch system to be released.

  • Thats a good price

  • Give Amazon a bit of time to match the price.

    • Amazon OOS, may be they took out all the stock

  • Wow Thanks op!

    Super Mario Bros U
    Mario Oddysey
    Pokemon Scarlet

    $126 shipped - Better than 2nd hand prices tbh

  • Neon was sold out for me too, white was still good

  • its out of stock

  • +1

    Order cancelations incoming

    • Thought the same, happened to me several times.

      • Cancellations are David Jones' moto.

    • +1

      just got a click and collect confirmation

      • just got a click and collect confirmation

        Which state?

        • +1

          NSW Sydney CBD

    • DJ’s are notorious for this.

  • Status on my order has changed to At Dispatch / Awaiting Carrier collection. The next pain point will now come from having ordered this to an older address in the rush to get the order through and there not being a C&C option. Hopefully AusPost will not stonewall a redirect request.

  • +1



    • Tempting but mine doesn’t like fluffy toys much :( Prefers plastic or rubber.

  • cancelled!

  • Bourke street mall & Doncaster DJs in VIC got stock for same price.

  • +2

    Does anyone have a screenshot of the Nintendo Switch OLED Mario Red edition price at $357?

    Or a in-store photo of the price?


  • -4

    Just purchased 3 in Sydney CBD branch. Apparently, more stock out back

  • Just went to the Sydney CBD store and was able to pick one up they had 3x left

  • Does anyone have the receipt that can be uploaded? Thanks.

  • Does anyone know if any vic store still has the stock?

  • No stock at bourke

    • yesterday afternoon Doncaster had few in stock

  • Where can check stock?

    • In store

  • Bit of a mission, don’t bother calling you won’t get through easy. Sat on the phone to the 13 number for an hour.

    Queenplaza in Bris told me they took availability off the website cause someone purchased 10 yesterday. Resellers…

  • Sydney CBD all gone now

  • Order shipped.

  • +1

    JB matched and beat this price.
    Picked one up for $349

    • cool! what did they need to get the price match done?

    • How is it possible with OOS , JB online won't match

    • Wanted to ask too. Please share how.

  • Nice cosplay for Plants vs Zombies.

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