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Gigabyte RX 7900 XTX Gaming OC 24G Graphics Card $1299 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


Original Coupon Deal
Luckily maximum discount reached even if non eBay plus member.
The lowest price since launch.
Enjoy OzB hopefully this helps someone.. as an FYI this fits into some ITX cases and is one of the smaller 7900 XTX models.

Graphics Processing
Radeon™ RX 7900 XTX
Core Clock
Boost Clock* : up to 2525 MHz (Reference card: 2500 MHz)
Game Clock* : up to 2330 MHz (Reference card: 2300 MHz)
Stream Processors
Memory Clock
20 Gbps
Memory Size
24 GB
Memory Type
Memory Bus
384 bit
Card Bus
PCI-E 4.0
Digital max resolution
Card size
L=331 W=138 H=50 mm
PCB Form
12 Ultimate
Recommended PSU
Power Connectors
8 Pin*2
DisplayPort 2.1 *2
HDMI 2.1 *2
1. Quick guide
2. Anti-sag bracket
3. Anti-sag bracket installation guide

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  • +3

    Need more frames now, or hold? Hmmm.

    • +6

      Im on this pendulum all the time. I know new cards are coming this year, but also don't know how much Jensen or Lisa will charge… its a constant internal battle.

      • +4

        Not really sure what the point of holding is only thing you'll be able to buy when 5090 is released is 4090. 5090 has no reason to be cheaper lol. If you need frames get a 7900xtx best bang for buck, but im biased i have 2.

        • +1

          Im coming from a 3070 so i can wait but im running this on my lg 65 oled so i need a 4k card to run things smoothly. 3070 is doing ok with dlss but heavily relying on a performance dlss mode

          • +1

            @maverickjohn: haha, i feel like we are all 3070 owners who have a 4k OLED they need to run,

      • +2

        Ha - you and me same boat - per your Zotac Trinity 4080S post! See rumours card 'might' not come to next year? For now, I'm still holding…… just.

        Edit - 5080 40% frames increase might just be worth it for any new 4k monitor/telly…. It's probs b/w that and a 'discounted' (at least with ref to pre-China ban prices) 4090 for me.

        • +1

          Yeah, id also prefer Nvidia 4080S over this as well. And i agree about the 5080 im just worried that will be like 2.5k and then i would have bigger regret lol

      • +3

        Great family business

        • +1

          Its more of a monopoly than a duopoly right?
          Cousins working together owning the gpu industry

  • HODL. 4090s are already running for 2850 AUD on EBay. The end is nigh! Jensen and Lisa Su cannot stump us. HODL on for a little while longer, and the savings will be unimaginable!

    • +7

      LOL. The more you pay….

      • +6

        “The more you buy, the more you save!”
        - Jensen Huang

        • Good to see you guys caught on. Sadly my references went over some people's heads! Whooop whoop wooommp

    • -2

      lol that price is almost as bad as this deal

      How is $100-200 off each card 2 years later considered good? They need to drop more than that, they are end of life for christ sake

      • That Jimbo is why we HODL. Only buy when you absolutely need an upgrade.

  • is it worth spending a couple hundred on the 4080super when there was a special on?

    • +3

      If they're around the same price, the 4080s is prob the way to go, this is coming from a 7900xtx user

    • -1

      same here i agree. i had a sapphire pulse 7900xtx that I sorta downgraded to a PNY 4070ti because of the games I play (diablo4/helldivers/prevgen games) and the Nvidia gpu feels like a more polished product in games.

      Given the type of games I play, it didn’t feel like a downgrade at all and at times I feel like the 4070ti outperforms the 7900xtx in helldivers 2. It’s very possible that HD2 is more optimised for Nvidia gpus.

      I would 100% just go for a 4080 super for $200 more.

      • +1

        Huh? What do you mean it "feels" more polished?

        • +5

          The GPU is shiny, duh.

        • +1


          Downvotes from team red. I geddit, I was a team red playa until last week too
          I still rock a b650 board with a 7800x3d

          • @plentifoo: Fair enough. I mean the 7900 XTX performs great for most people tho, bit surprising it didn't cut the mustard for you

            • @stephendt: Nah it was a great card no doubt, it'll outperform everything from nvidia up to the 4070ti super in benchmarks. All I'm saying is, for the games I play right now, I see no real world performance drop. I also got $300 cash from the trade down.

              • +1

                @plentifoo: The big difference is that a 4070ti super has DLSS and all those other amazing Nvidia features that are only made possible because of the specific hardware on their GPUs, the cuda cores. AMD has no match for them. Their software solutions are terrible in comparison. A 4070ti super will have an incredibly long lifetime thanks to DLSS etc.

                • +4

                  @MrFunSocks: Hardware unboxed did do a comparison of FSR vs dlss, AMD's version (FSR) has improved significantly, and now almost the same, but i do also believe that nvidias products will last longer in general thanks to their great software and gpu structure.. the extra vram does not compensate for better dlss and RT cores. AMD as i told my friend is a one trick pony, it does raster well and raster alone. Nvidia is better for machine learning, raytracing, dlss (even though the gap has gotten smaller in this respect) so a much more versatile card

              • -1

                @plentifoo: 7900xtx is more comapred to 3080 super

        • -2

          All items in the games are more shiny. Like RTX on.

    • +3

      4080S is superior. More power efficient, better performance and compatibility across the chart. Only less VRAM.

      The best combo this generation is AMD CPU + Nvidia GPU.

      • Previous gen, this gen, next gen nothings gonna change.

      • +1

        7800x3d and 4080 here bang bang bang !

  • +5

    I think the RTX 4080 super for $1400 with zippay was a better deal

    • +4

      but does not fit in SFF cases unfortunately

      • This

      • i pulled the trigger and bought it.
        havent tried putting it in the NR200P V2 yet.
        if it doesnt fit i`ll try the new Lian Li Dan A3 that just came out or the Lian li o11 Air

  • Will this be good enough to max Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 in 3440x1440?

  • I was planning to buy a 4070 Super to upgrade my current 5700 XT that I bought in 2022 for $205.

    Then I found a nice little programme called Lossless Scaling on Steam. 
    I played around with the settings and found I could get up to three times the fps in nearly every game I tried at high and ultra settings. 
    Even in games like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Cyberpunk, it can double your frames without much noticeable loss in quality. 

    All tests are done in 1080p. I try to aim for 75+fps to get a nice gameplay experience if it's a really demanding game. 

    With this $10 app, I think I could get 3 years more on the 5700XT. Check out videos of Lossless Scaling if you haven't heard of it. 

    • +4

      Better yet, here's a free alternative which a few of the negative reviews claim Lossless Scaling stole from… no idea about that though.


      • From what i've read on their github page. It's a scaling software.
        Lossless Scaling is a scaling software aswell, but more importantly it's a frame generator.

        You don't need to lower your resolution to have a better gameplay experience.

    • Search on google shows application mainly for handhelds, eg ROG Ally. How do you think it’ll fare on an ultrawide 3840x1600?

      I have a 4070ti but would love to play HD2 on 100 fps. Currently getting around 80-85 but it wavers.

      • +1

        It works on PCs, but the reason why it's been discussed a lot with handhelds is because the GPUs on handhelds are slower than those on PCs. 

        For your case, lossless scaling may work. There is a bit of learning and trial and error in setting it up for you to get the best result. You definitely need to watch a tutorial. But Steam gives you 2 hours to test the product; if you don't see any improvements, you can get a refund. 

        If you do plan to try it, I can give you my current settings and you can tweak it from there.

        • is this the kinda software that you need to setup game profiles for? i.e. settings differ for each game?

          • @plentifoo: You have to have it open when playing. But you can keep the same settings for every game.

    • Lossless Scaling's frame generation is certainly amazing but it's no substitute for the real thing. Frame generation's input lag will generally be around the original frame rate so a 30fps game is going to look 60/90fps but it'll still feel like a 30 fps game input-wise.

      If you don't think the high GPU prices are worth it though and can live with some input lag, yes, Lossless Scaling is the bee's knees.

      • +1

        Of course a $10 app can never replace a $1000 video card. But from my experience with my older setup, I see a huge improvement in the smoothness of gameplay. My 5700 XT is still very capable for most games at 1080p, and if I can delay upgrading to an even better GPU in the future, then I think it's an advantage.

        It also works for games that have FPS caps. For example I can get Elden Ring to run at over 100 FPS instead of the locked 60, and I can get Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered to run at 144 Hz when it's normally capped at 63 FPS.

        • You're essentially just turning on motion interpolation on your tv. Frame Generation is garbage and IMO was way oversold by people not understanding what it does. You're still playing a 30fps game even if it's displaying at 120fps, plus you're getting a bit of extra input lag on top.

          • @MrFunSocks: Have you actually tried the software? There are lots of positive reviews from verified purchasers. I've tried it and it works. Don't feel like it's 30fps at all.


            • @JolieX: I don't need to try it because I know how it works. The game is still rendering at 30fps. The input lag is worse than 30fps because it adds more input lag, no matter how little. Again, it's just like having motion interpolation on your tv turned on.

              • @MrFunSocks: You never used it. So therefore I can't take you seriously. I hate people who have never done something but assume they know how it all works. 

                • @JolieX: I know how it works. It’s making up fake frames based on existing frames, but the underlying game is still running at the regular frame rate. A 30fps game is still going to have the response time of a 30fps game (a bit worse actually) no matter how many fake frames you throw in there.

                  If you think it makes a difference it’s because you don’t understand how frame rates even work fundamentally.

  • -8

    amd xD

  • How is warrenty and returns with buying from non pc stores for example like a ebay store is it easy to do warrenties?

    • +1

      Computer Alliance has its own physical store, you also get an invoice from them for the full amount price not the EBay store discounted price.

      I recently purchased a 4070 card from Computer Alliance in the last Ebay Plus 22% off sale, card arrived from the store along with their itemised invoice for the full price of the card.

      So full warranty from Computer Alliance as the retail store.

      The price advertised via the eBay store is higher than if you compare with buying direct from the stores own website as they have eBay fees I’d imagine but when you apply the eBay discount it comes out to less than buying direct from store. Don’t know exactly how this works myself exactly.

      It’s $1599.00 on their eBay store less 20% or 22% for eBay plus member where as their direct price on their website is $1439.00

      • was more curious about for a example buying off this store https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/851020

        • Yeah sorry I don’t know anything about that seller they may be an eBay seller only, google search doesn’t show up anything for me.

          They’ve been on eBay since 2017 and 99.8% rating, no contact number I can see. EBay messaging might be the only way to get in contact with them if you have any questions or warranty to lodge.

        • smarthomestoreau is Shopping Express/Kai Seng Computers

  • +1

    HODL, waiting for a price like 999

  • Hey anyone, I am new to this one.
    Anyone knows if this GPU can be used to train AI models (e.g. tra sformer, LLM)?
    Thanks anyone

  • +1

    I just honestly cannot understand why anyone would get an AMD card over an Nvidia one at this point, especially when you're spending this much money. Nvidia cards are just straight up better in every way, and DLSS etc make it an absolute no brainer.

  • Should be $80 cashback through Microsoft for anyone that uses or is willing to install Edge. Although whether it stacks with Ebay coupons I'm not sure.

    • How do you DJ this please @TsundereGuy

  • Looking for a sub 1000 card, mostly for work and machine learning. Any recommendations?

  • MWave has a bundle for $1,429 on back order
    Gigabyte RX 7900 XTX Gaming OC +
    AORUS WATERFORCE II 360mm Cooler ($230)
    Making the card $1,199.

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