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$24 Cashback on amaysim 120GB 28-day Prepaid SIM Plan for $24 Delivered (New Services Only) @ Cashrewards


Amaysim has an EOFY sale on the $50 120GB plan, now for $24.

Cashrewards is offering $24 cashback, making it essentially free for a spare number and/or data for a month.

Personally I've had good experience with Amaysim through Cashrewards. My last few purchases all tracked successfully and were paid out in less than a week.

TopCashback is also offering the same deal if you prefer the support from TA and don't mind waiting for the cashback.

  • Unlimited data banking. Learn more.
  • Unlimited international. 42 countries
  • Includes 5G. Max 150Mbps.
  • eSIM ready.
  • Offer ends 2 July 2024
  • $24 first renewal only. 120GB/$50 ongoing.
  • T&Cs apply.

SIM must be activated within 20 days of purchase. Failure to do so will result in cashback being declined.
Eligible for new & existing amaysim customers on purchase of a new service (SIM).
Cashback is ineligible on the following:
- Recharges to existing services.
- SIMs not activated within 20 days of purchase.
- SIMs bought from retail stores/outlets, or via amaysim’s mobile app.
- amaysim refer-a-friend (RAF) sales.
- Apple iPhones and/or Apple iPhone SIM Bundles.
- Exclusive amaysim partner promos (Groupon & others), and exclusive direct offers provided to amaysim's customer base or email list.
- Codes not listed on Cashrewards (codes that auto-apply on amaysim's website at checkout are eligible).

Referral Links

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • Shopback have also increased their cashback for this plan but only to $23.99, so 1 cent less than this deal but if you need a longer activation time of 30 days then this could be a better option.

    • -2

      CR & TCB > SB

      • +2

        Do you think

        CR > TCB > SB

        TCB (+TA) > CR if any issues?

        • -1

          True. Anything with TA is better. :)

      • +3

        Yep I understand there are a lot of people who are against SB recently but I have never had any issues with them and have used them for many purchases. But then again, I have never had any issues with CR, TCB or SB. Oh, and I purchased an Amaysim SIM through SB a couple of weeks ago and had no issues with tracking.

        • +1

          I had a lot of issues with CR, but never had an issue with SB.

        • -1

          no issues with tracking

          May be you should provide full-disclosure, eg used APP-CashRewards, how you overcome 'New Service (SIM) & New Sign Ups (New Customers)' etc

          Novice often has little experience & blindly follow your comments because you sound confident..many'll fail to get their money-back !

          • @ab c: I don't do anything special. I just make sure I follow the terms and conditions, cashback tracking and tracking tips that are stated on the Shopback website.

            I have made purchases via the Shopback app, Windows desktop Chrome browser and Android mobile Chrome browser. When using the Chrome browser on the Windows desktop, I make sure to turn off any ad blocking extensions. I also have the Shopback extension installed and make sure that it is activated (i.e., Shopback extension has turned from red to green in colour) for the whole time I am going through with the purchase. If I do not go through with the purchase right away then I will reactivate the Shopback extension just as I am about to make the purchase just to help with tracking.

            It's important to also occasionally go to the Shopback website and check that tracking is working correctly by checking the click activity here: https://www.shopback.com.au/click-activity

            I follow the same when making purchases through CR and TCB.

            And specifically when purchasing from Amaysim, I just sign up with a new email address every time I transfer there or buy a new service. All other details are kept the same.

    • Isn't this 20 days activation too in OP's description?

      • CR and TCB have 20 days activation whereas SB has 30 days activation.

        • Thanks. I got confused

    • +3

      I recently had some Amaysim purchases through Shopback that went untracked and I had to report them one-by-one (and it was quite painful).

      Support is lacking these days. I've also had some untracked cashback over 30 days (my fault) and they wouldn't do anything about them. gotyourback does not live up to their name anymore.

      • Yea, I still waiting for a reply with SB Support after they declined My amaysim cash back missing cashback claim. Definitely suggest people use Cashrewards or TCB.

      • Yep SB has not been great recently and I am wary of using them but if they have a better deal going then I would not hesitate to use them. Both of my purchases that I have made through SB this month have tracked quickly. Maybe I have just been lucky.

      • Anyone, what's the secret with CashRewards-Amaysim tracking ?

        Using Firefox via desktop (not-APP) & mobile-data: failed twice in Jun-24.
        My process,
        1.Start, https://www.cashrewards.com.au/store/amaysim
        2.Click 'shop now' to access Amaysim offers & click thru to purchase their-sim
        3.Then 'Return to Cashrewards and click to the store for each new purchase'

        • Thanks Quarter-Pounder for his help.

          Switched to APP-CashRewards purchased (not-desktop/laptop) & money-back claim got tracked within 4 hrs…similar to commented by OzBargainers recently.
          Likely that Firefox was interfering with CashRewards-tracking.

          For the novice, traps are everywhere. Beside familiarising yourself with the process (stopping @ the entering your Cr-card details), read OzBargainers' comments to get a feel of money-back offers, last few months.

          FYI, I used Firefox via desktop (not-APP) & mobile-data for ShopBack-Boost purchaseS in Apr-24 & both transactions got tracked within 2 days: nrmal. But what surprises will Boost dish out with money-back claims ?

      • Amaysim purchases through Shopback that went untracked

        May be schedule a reminder to check your tracking-status. UN-tracked money-back claims: cancel sim-order with full-refund.

        CashRewards recent success-tracking experienced by Ozbargainer is less-than 24hr…whatever your risk-profile.

        For the novice who can't afford to lose the money-back claims & are risk-adverse, may be these LURES is not-for-you-> https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/15364472/redir

    • +1

      beware sb has this dodgy terms 'Cashback is only applicable for customers getting a New Service (SIM) & New Sign Ups (New Customers).' whereas cw states 'for new & existing amaysim customers'

  • Tracked with 10 mins, CR for the win anytime

    • +1

      Yes CR has much better customer service than SB.

      SB is avoidant, unaccountable, and very slow.

    • +1

      Did you buy via desktop browser or the phone app?

      • try the phone browser/app, didn't track on bare firefox desktop :(

        • yeah last time I bought via firefox desktop browser and it didn't track

      • Both desktop browser and CR app on mobile

        • desktop browser

          May be full-discusure ?

  • Can anyone give me an accurate answer? If I transfer out and then transfer back within 30 days, will I be considered a new user?

    • I have not done this recently but used to do this all the time a year or 2 ago. You could actually contact Amaysim and ask the question.

    • It says;
      SIM must be activated within 20 days of purchase. Failure to do so will result in cashback being declined.
      Eligible for new & existing amaysim customers on purchase of a new service (SIM).

      I assume that means if you are referring to this deal, you should still be eligible for the cashback regardless?

    • Can anyone give me an accurate answer?

      NO…you need to overcome: to be safe-> 'New Service (SIM) & New Sign Ups (New Customers)'…credit to thekensai: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/15384234/redir

      Often experienced money-back OzBargainers provide brief-comments: novice don't fully understand their-circumstances & many will be trapped.

  • When does this $24 cashback offer ends?

  • I'm planning to get this as i'm moving away from Felix since I got NBN internet already at my home and don't need unlimited data anymore.

    Can anyone confirm to me that my understanding is correct regarding this:

    "Offer ends 2 July 2024
    $24 first renewal only. 120GB/$50 ongoing.
    T&Cs apply."

    That it is $24 upfront upon purchase (and of course get a cashback for that), and the next renewal (which from my understanding is my first renewal) - which is 28 days after - is still $24, then after that it goes back to $50 per 28 days?

    • The initial purchase is counted as a renewal

      • That's bad wording then if that's the case, why would they call it renewal if it's an initial purchase. Baffling. But thanks, will take this in consideration now against other sim providers.

  • How long is it taking to track for other people? Boost used to track instantly at Cashrewards but mine hasn't gone through yet for this Amaysim deal.

    • Only a few minutes via Chrome on phone

  • ugh, hate this "first 1-3 renewals" trend.
    I gravitate to deals that makes my life easier, consistent and straightforward. life is overly complicated and hectic enough so
    last thing we need is to be wading through muddy water reading through over-complicated plans and have inconsistent billing cycles.

    • The $24 price is for the initial purchase, the remaining two renewals have bonus data.

    • These sort of deals are good for disposable numbers or spare data for the month, not really for month-to-month primary use.

      • Especially sign up deals - $13.70 credit at GYG (one burrito, or can be used for something else), $10 JB perks with no min spend, best for price matching cheap items etc

    • wading through muddy water

      For novice: it's clear as mud.

  • Mine still hasn't tracked from last deal

    • Did you submit a claim with Cashrewards?

  • I cannot log into my amaysim account reset password twice still keeps failing, anybody else getting this?

    • I had the same problem with their web since last night. App works perfectly, change password on app but then new password still wouldn't work on web.

  • Anyone try the esim?

    • I bought the esim, hasn't tracked after 2 hours. The esim started working immediately though.

    • Yes bought 2 both esim, both have tracked within 5-10 min

    • I have one. It works perfectly, but the second time it didn't track.

    • Bought another SIM today for eSIM and tracked successfully via app after 5 minutes. So it looks to be fine.

  • How many Sims can we order with cashback?

    • More than 1.

    • +1

      Clarifying my comment, one per order, multiple orders, each time is through Cashrewards.

      • Can it be the same email address?

  • Can I cancel the service for free after 28 days? I need a backup disposable numbers next month

    • Yep. Alternatively set payment method as BPAY/voucher and turn off auto-renewal. Then you can keep the number for another 6 months maybe (can receive calls/text).

      • +1

        How do you turn off auto renewal in the app. Struggling to find where i can disable it. I did set the payment method as Bpay/voucher

  • Can I buy esim and activate it later? I mean activate within 20 days

    • +1

      I think so, you get a QR code to scan to load the esim to your phone when buy an esim. From looking at other comments about the sims arriving activated, you can ask them to reset the start date if you find that you dont have the full number of days remaining when you load it to your phone.

      • Or you can just wait and when you're ready, add it to your phone.

    • At least for eSIMs, they are activated on sign up and the plan start date resets to the day you start using the service.

      • Thanks buddy!

      • In most cases physical SIM as well but I just had an occasion that it didn't and on the 2nd day after first use (6 days left) I contacted CS. They said they can't reset the plan somehow but happy to renew on the same plan for another month for free. They also said the best thing to do is to message them to reset the plan before putting the SIM card in for the first time. I probably won't so that I can get aother free month. YMMV.

  • I'm planning to port my number from prepaid Optus to amaysim, but it was under another family member's name. As amaysim is Optus's MVNO, Ii that a good idea to port straight to amaysim, or I should port to vodafone/telstra instead? Thank you.

    • +1

      I ported Optus to Amaysim in 3 hours recently

  • can this switch to "pay as go" after 1month?

    • Yes, I think you just need to turn off auto renewal and add credit.

      • Any ideas how you can turn off auto renewal on the account webpage? I looked around for a while, but couldn't find that option.

  • Can you sign up to multiple services with this deal? I have two devices.

  • I got the authorisation link, after clicking the link, what’s next? I did not see what to do to authorise, then get Authorisation unsuccessful message.

    • You have to click on the link and then yes.

      • I can’t see where is the “yes”.

  • Mine hasn’t tracked after 4 hours :(

    • Mine tracked within 5 minutes of ordering. How did you buy the sim as I bought mine via the Cashrewards app?

      • Physical SIM or eSIM? Or doesn't matter?

        • +1

          Physical SIM

      • I used the app :( it still Hasn’t tracked

  • Wondering how many sims we can buy..

    • +1
    • +1

      As many as you want, as long as you click through Cashrewards each time.

  • If you go over 120gb, do they automatically start charging you $10 per gb? Or does the data just stop like boost?

    Additional data: $10 for 1GB

    • it'll jusr ran out of data no?… be like recharge now or whatnot

  • Is having two services activated under the same account fine? Also if the cash back gets approved before it gets activated doesn’t that mean you don’t have to actually activate it?

    • It will be "Pending" for 90 days.

      I suspect if you don't activate, the cashback will end up being rejected and not paid out at the end of the 90 day period.

      • If I remember correctly my last amaysim purchase was already approved before I activated? But I could have remembered incorrectly. It was really quick though.

        • Yeh, I know. It is approved but it will remain "Pending" for about 90 days before it gets paid out to you right?

          So what I am saying is that if you don't activate the SIM card, the approved cashback will just become "rejected" - and it won't be paid out to you.

          • @proudwanderer: I actually was able to withdraw the approved cashback from Amaysim. It wasn't pending.

            • @apple0604: Oh wow. Really? That’s good to know.

              I haven’t done Amaysim Cashbacks before. Only Boost Mobile ones - and they’ve always taken up to 90 days before you can withdraw.

    • +1

      With Cashrewards and amaysim, the sims come pre-activated and cashback is generally approved and can be withdrawn within 7 days.

      You can have multiple sims in the same account. I have bought about 10 sims under 1 account from CR and they have all been approved and paid (except 1 where CR had to manually change the amount due to incorrect tracking so it is still pending).

      • Thank you! Clears up a lot.

  • Ordered via app on mobile tracked in 7mins.

  • Tracked as $22 last night :(
    Website still claims $24

    • +1

      oh boy i hope mine tracks both time the order didn't have enough fund on my card and it went to a dif page and then was like payment outstanding $24

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