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Macpac Halo Hooded Down Jacket $139.99 Delivered / C&C @ Macpac


Ozbargain's favourite puffer on sale again, not sure how long. Free delivery and seem to have various sizes and colours.

Far from ATL but who knows if we will ever see $100 puffers again

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  • AFAIK The $100 ones didn't have hoods.

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      Hooded ones have been $100 before (and non-hooded under $80). But yes, usually its non-hooded for around $100, and hooded for $125.

      But definitely have been $99 for hooded before. I think i bought my hooded for slightly more, at $102, I believe (and a non-hooded for $79).

      $100 for non-hooded would be standard price!

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        Hooded ones have been $100 before (and non-hooded under $80)

        It was probably more than 4 years ago…

        Macpac Halo Hooded Down Jacket $109.99 Delivered (New Club Members) @ BCF
        https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/786239 | 07/07/2023

        Macpac Men's Halo Down Jacket $99 + $10 Delivery (Free Delivery over $100) @ Macpac
        https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/843147 | 28/04/2024

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        I got a hooded one for $64. But was the socceroo colors.

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    I did get a $99 hooded version in March 2022… Would love to replace it eventually - zip on one side is broken, and I've ripped (and sewn it up) a few times lol.

    • I did get a $99 hooded version in March 2022

      Was that the v1 or the v2 ?

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    Hooded was $110 July last year…
    Surely will be cheap again later in the season

    • I hope so, personally im holding out for a bit cheaper.

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      HODL. Once 'AI' Jackets are released, these non-AI jackets are sure to crash!

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        JPU prices are definitely on the way down.

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    V good, but no 3xl

  • That dude in the pics does not look happy wearing it, perhaps he still feels cold in the jacket.

    • Or maybe he’s too hot and wishes he had a second layer underneath so he could take off the Macpac…

  • Could anyone reccomend a warm durable winter jacket? (Something you can work outside in)

    • Which winter? Like for -5 degrees or for 0 degrees? These are ok dor 0 degrees. But for anything below that, you either need layering or rated ‘the north face’ ones.

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    Went to DFO and got one for $109…😝

    • Sydney or Melbourne ?

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        Melbourne —moooorraaaabbbeeenn

        • I just visited Melbourne (from Sydney) and went past DFO Essendon on my last day to see if there was any bargains. I feel like everything was priced up, not a decent sale anywhere. Did I make a mistake and go to the wrong DFO?

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    Just wonderful, I got on the computer to order pizza and now I have a bloody Macpac puffer jacket.

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    $99 Heli hooded down jacket from Kathmandu. Are these in the same tier? https://www.kathmandu.com.au/heli-mns-hooded-down-jacket-v2.…

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      Iirc kathmandu is generally considered by ozbargain to be trash tier

      Macpac is well regarded tho

    • Kathmandu heli is closest to macpac Uber light

      I think Kathmandu closest to macpac halo down is called equinox.

      They are not like for like but similar in warmth I think.

      • Do you mean Epiq? Couldn't see a Equinox jacket on the website. Epiq looks to be similar in terms of fill type and weight but is $200 (current special price).

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      Currently tossing up between the Heli and the Halo as heading to Japan end of year. Leaning towards the Halo, but each have advantages and disadvantages that I can see.
      Heli would compact smaller and has 2 large interior pockets, but if I understand correctly wouldn't necessarily be as warm due to amount of down in it and has elastic at the ends of the sleeves.
      Halo compacts to a larger size due to more down filling and only has one interior pocket which goes inside out to pack the jacket into. It does have velcro adjusts on the ends of the sleeves though to better seal in heat.
      I've also read that nylon which the shell of the Halo is made of is more durable than polyester that the Heli's shell is.

  • I was at Decathlon Tempe today and bough this one to wear out for the Euro games: https://www.decathlon.com.au/p/men-s-mountain-trekking-down-…

    they have a decent range too for the family.

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      whats with the two colour design ? lol
      it looks really odd and out of place … hopefully it looks better in real life !

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    Awesome deal, got this one last year, great deal for what it’s worth for!

  • My ALDI one still strong after 3 years.. I think I spend like $49 after the special buys of the jacket expired.

    Unbranded, which I like, don't need to promote others brand

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      But here you are, promoting the Aldi brand :)

    • Aldi one is good. Had it before I bought a Patagonia and a Heli.

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    How is this compared to the Uniqlo Seamless Parka?

    • Yeah curious to know too!

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        I think the Fill is higher in the Uniqlo and also has waterproof zippers.

        Material wise, I think the Macpac is thinner and might have limited protection against the rain.

        Uniqlo isn't "Goretex" or on the same level as Helly Hansen, Arcteryx, and other outdoor brands, but it should be fine for city use.

        At least that's what I'm hoping.

        Planning on seeing the Parka's in person tomorrow. Hopefully there will still be stock :| If not, I'll just order a Macpac Halo, still a great price.

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          I've always found the Macpacs very Michelin man esque. Given the Uniqlo one is on special, will give that a shot

          • @flylin: Just inspected the uniqlo hybrid down 3d parka.

            The shell material isn't waterproof, but water-resistant. It's not impressive from waterproof perspective.

            The fill power of the jacket is also very light, and mediocre. I'd recommend getting a small vest, choose your make and manufacturer, and wear it underneath a waterproof shell. It'll be warmer.

            Don't know aboet Macpac's halo product, but if it has greater fill + air pockets, it might be warmer.

            However, with both jackets, I wouldn't want to wear them during wet and cold days, as this jacket will just get soaked and decrease the insulation power of the jacket.

            My previous jackets are 5-10,000 mm water proof rated and have lived in proper wet and cold climates of Canada so… Fair warning to buyers.

            • @4ksandknives: Thanks! I ended up purchasing online because of cashback deal and online price discount. Will have a look and potentially return.

            • @4ksandknives: Solid advice. Recommended vests?

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    Recommend trying this on for sizing. I needed a size smaller than my normal shirt size, and I like my jumpers/jackets to be a looser fit too. They’re huge.

    • Yeah the sizing is based on wearing this jacket over a jumper. If you wear it over a thermal or t-shirt then size down.

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    Same price at BCF. But with advantage of gift cards which can be obtained at 10% discounted at Rewards Gateway or Smart spending app.

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    I have 150 spend to get 20 dollars back from Commbank but have no idea to spend something use full 11 dollar more.

    • I don't have it in my Commbank account, I wonder how they target it?

  • Manage to get it from BCF for 105 dollars with $20 code for new member and 15 for 85 dollar spend from combank. Hope you guys can get same deal.
    I normally wear size small but today at uniqlo, size small like skinny jacket for me. Hope this one is different.

    • Whats the commbank deal?

  • There's also this Macpac Men's Halo Hooded Down Jacket ♺ for $129.99
    It seems to be the same style and has the same item number 119371, there are only sizes XL and above.

  • So I ordered the large because that’s what I normally wear. I’m about 6 foot two then I had a look at the site and the model wearing it 6 foot three and wearing a medium. How overly size are these things? I’m wondering whether I should buy a medium as well. I just return whichever doesn’t fit.

  • Would this be too warm for a Sydney winter for just wearing out and about?

  • $100 ones might come back if we get global warming talk chatter back in flavour again from climate change.

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    They've increased the price to $150.

    • thanks mate, marked as expired.

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