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Herbert Adams Pies 2 Pack $5.70 (Was $9.50) @ Woolworths


As the weather gets cooler, and you want something warm and fancy, these pies do just the trick! My personal favourite frozen pie choice, as they taste authentic and not like cardboard.


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    Decent pies!

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      Used to be a few years ago, not so much now.

      I just make my own now.

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        Can you make me some?

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          Would love to but…and appreciate the humour. But they're so easy to do.

          Checkout a Nagi recipe on YT for the basics. That said, my last batch used the sauce of a lamb shank slow cooked dinner. Very similar but just as tasty!

          Use Costco diced beef approx $20/Kg - it's good stuff at least where I buy it at their Marsden Park, NSW store. Hard to beat Costco meat IMHO.
          Dry age for a few days in the fridge before starting as the flavour will intensify.

          Cook / Assemble with that recipe in mind but do your own thing, better still leave for a few days cooked and only then build into a pie.

          Eat said pie(s) and enjoy life…

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            @freddofrog42: Respectfully, that sounds like a lot of work.

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              @alcadive: Accept that but if you want decent pies you need to work at it. I do use basic store-bought pastry etc so it's not too bad.

              It sounds like a lot of work but in this the sauce was done so all that needed to be cooked was the beef itself.

              But yes, I get your point!

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            @freddofrog42: How do you dry age beef in the fridge for a few days without exposing it to bacteria. I usually do overnight and that’s only because I won’t be opening/closing the fridge multiple times.

            • @cheekymonkey97: It's a controversial topic. Opinions vary.

              Personally I've had no issues with exposed red meat (beef NOT chicken etc) in a normal fridge but generally if I'm doing it for a week or two I might use the beer fridge in the garage. I've certainly left beef in the main fridge for a week and never noted any issues.

              Edit - duration in fridge(s)

          • @freddofrog42: Dead Horse?

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          Kmart pie maker, short crust pastry, puff pastry (for top) and fill with whatever you want. I cooked up pies the other day with left over roast lamb, veggies and gravy and they were a crowd pleaser.

          • @Matt88: Yep, they work well. I have one myself but generally make larger pies but yes they're great!

            Leftovers are perfect for pies, already cooked, hopefully tender etc

      • They are still pretty good. I would recommend it for the price. Inflation sucks

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      King Island Beef (Min 25%) (Slow-Cooked King Island Beef (17%), Minced King Island Beef), Water, Wheat Flour, Margarine (Animal Fats, Vegetable Oils, Water, Salt, Emulsifiers (471, Soy Lecithin), Acidity Regulators (331, 330), Antioxidant (307b (Soy)), Colour (160a), Flavours), Thickeners (1422, 412), Seasoning (Contains Wheat), Onion, Salt, Colour (150c), Mineral Salts (500, 341), Glaze (Contains Milk, Colour (160a)), Emulsifier (481), Rice Flour.

      I'll give this a PASS, too many ultra processed ingredients.. Margarine, vegetable oils, emulsifiers, …

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        yeah, too many chemicals

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          There’s currently a million dollar prize up for grabs from the Royal Society of Chemistry if you can find them a chemical free chemical.

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            @taspine: He's going to get a shock when he finally learns that pretty much his whole body is made of chemicals.

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              @Igaf: Better be careful of the diHydrogen Oxide too - they put it in almost everything nowadays.

      • No nuts, they probably get exported.

      • Ouch. Didn’t realize it’s that bad. Been trying to cut down on processed food after my blood results came back

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          Rule of thumb: anything tasty, without additional prep to make it tasty, is very processed and likely high in salt.

      • Username checks out

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    Have to agree, these are the best frozen pies. Unfortunately for me, they are way better than my local bakeries pies :(

    • Clive Palmer agrees.

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      So sad…

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    Are they all chunky meat? Or mince meat?

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      Username checks out.

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      They are all chunked, no mincing for any of the flavours

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        Prefer it minced tbh had a chunk of skin/ fat /something super gross a while back never bought again

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          Agreed. I love the taste of fat but can't get over the texture. E.g. - 80/20 burgers are great as they have the taste with fat etc.

          Fat in a pie. Just NO!

          As per above, I just make my own now as so many supermarket pies in Aus are just getting ever worse.

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        Ingredients lists for the beef pies say part chunks part minced.

        • Thanks for correcting me :) Makes a lot of sense

    • The box images are a lie, they are just mince inside.

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    good pie and this is a regular discount price. I am waiting for half price for ages.

    • yeah they have been 40% a lot lately but I haven't seen 1/2 for quite some time

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    King Island Beef (Min 25%) (Slow-Cooked King Island Beef (17%), Minced King Island Beef), Water, Wheat Flour, Margarine (Animal Fats, Vegetable Oils, Water, Salt, Emulsifiers (471, Soy Lecithin), Acidity Regulators (331, 330), Antioxidant (307b (Soy)), Colour (160a), Flavours), Thickeners (1422, 412), Seasoning (Contains Wheat), Onion, Salt, Colour (150c), Mineral Salts (500, 341), Glaze (Contains Milk, Colour (160a)), Emulsifier (481), Rice Flour.

    • +2

      A few years ago they used to be +30% beef etc. 32 from memory?

      This was pre-Covid and they were great.

      Now sadly a bit more like beef slurry.

    • Chicken is even "better"

      Name of the game is F em' really good, exterminate the peasants.

      Wheat Flour, Water, RSPCA Approved Australian Chicken (20%), Margarine (Animal Fats, Vegetable Oils, Water, Salt, Emulsifiers (471, Soy Lecithin), Acidity Regulators (331, 330), Antioxidant (307b (Soy)), Colour (160a), Flavours), Leek (6%), Camembert Sauce (4%) (Contains Milk, Thickeners (1422, 466), Mineral Salts (452, 339), Acidity Regulator (330)), Thickeners (1422, 412), Celery, Milk Solids, Seasoning, Bread Crumb (Contains Wheat, Emulsifier (471)), Salt, Parmesan Cheese (Contains Milk), Glaze (Contains Milk, Colour (160a)), Mineral Salts (500, 341), Emulsifier (481), Pepper, Rice Flour.

      • "exterminate the peasants"? Or "fees them cost-effectively"?

    • What's your point?

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    These taste good.. :) .. no such thing as a healthy pie

    • +2

      Never had truer words been said…

      I bought these Garlo pies from Woolworths to try it out…


      OMG could not eat it at all.

      • Tried a Garlos Chunky Beef a few months ago when half price. Probably the worst pie I've ever tasted.

      • Tried those last week or so as they were on special so why not?

        Bad choice - they were terrible. The pastry was just rock hard and the filling tasteless, even the dog wasn't that impressed but she's quite discerning…

        • LOLs… I almost chucked when I was attemting to eat it.

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    Coles has Charlotte's Bakery Slow Cooked Chinky Beef Pies 2 Pack | 400g for $5.90 next week

    • +2

      Tried them - we were not impressed.

      I must be the pie police tonight!

      • Thanks, won’t be getting it for sure!

        • +1

          Many seem to think that National Pies are pretty good, I've never tried them - would love to see some comments!

          • @freddofrog42: They are ok for the price. Everything about them is just good, nothing to set them apart.

            Good pie to have as a backup snack in the fridge.

    • -2

      What makes the beef Chinky? Does the cow go to and win multimillion dollar property auctions? Or is it here on a nine year student visa?

      Im Australian with Chinese heritage and appearance and apparently this is who "my people " are 😅

  • I prefer their vegetable pasties but not many stores stock them.

  • +5

    It's so dissapointing buying these thinking they are premium only to realise how awful they are.

    If you have a pie craving, just spend the few bucks at the bakery. Its not like you need them twice a week.

    • +3

      What bakery? Bakery meat pie fillings are usually very average ime.

      • Country Cob Boronia is good but honestly, I prefer the brown goo you can find anywhere to these.

  • Saw that some pies had similar packaging at ALDI today and are around this price day to day.

    Anyone experienced in how they compare to these ones?

    • +1

      A couple of years ago they were identical in all measures etc, so the same basically re-badged, i.e. the same product with a a different label..

      ALL the supermarkets will rebrand things to suit their marketing model.

      I've not compared since, but suspect that where Aldi are getting them on the same deal.

    • I find the Aldi ones lacking flavour and a bit more oilier.

      Meat wise it is similar, but I swear they tone down the seasoning they use to flavour the sauce.

    • Been a while since I tried but seemed basically the same. Only thing is Aldi only had the one basic type/flavour, rather than all the varieties like pepper, Shiraz, etc.

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    Now the best IMO supermarket pie is the Herbert Adams King Island Party Pies. Not sure why but they seem to taste nicer than their bigger cousins.

    Perfect size to chomp in a bite or two (careful when they are hot).

    • This! And they run at a slightly higher beef percentage of 29%.

      • Might be worth a try as 29% meat in a party pie is a very good amount of meat vs pastry/filler etc.

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    Lol, logging in to say dont worry too much about the ingredients.

    Its almost the same as a bakery except youre oblivious to it.

    Former baker.

    Id rate these pies.

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    It could be worse, like Four'n Twenty's…

  • Still the best supermarket pie but nowhere near as good as they used to be

  • Can vouch for these if you’re ever drunk, hungover or stoned

  • discounts will be asked back by supermarkets from suppliers.

  • +2

    Cue the inevitable 'they were good years ago but now they're crap' comments.

    Aren't we at the point now where that's just a given?
    Isn't just about Everything worse than it used to be?
    Do we really need to keep repeating this on a daily basis?

    • +1

      Exactly. They better say the house price was 50% cheaper 5 years ago.

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    I miss the days where these would go to half price :( never are any more.

    • +1

      yeah 40% is the best they've done for quite some time now

  • I must be conditioned and in the minority because Coles beef pies or Sargent's tastes the best to me

  • +1

    This pie could be 10/10 but it's a 5/10 for me as there is hardly any chunk of meat in them, unlike the picture. Everything else is good but they are skimping on the meat in a major way. The chicken pie has fine strands of chicken instead of chunks, if you add it up cam equal a couple of chunks of meat.

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