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AMD Ryzen 5 5600 CPU US$81.60 (~A$123.96) Delivered @ cp u Store AliExpress

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A good price drop on this AMD CPU that's currently selling for A$155.22 elsewhere. If you're looking to do just gaming it may be more worthwhile to spend a tad over A$100 more to get the Ryzen 5700X3D, however this still offers really good performance for the price and will handle a lot of big titles without issue.

If you were even more budget conscious you can get the Ryzen 5500 for US$61.97 (~A$94.14) here.Though I think the 5600 is better value due to being faster and having PCIe 4.0 support.

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  • +7

    A good price drop on this AMD CPU that's currently selling for A$155.22 elsewhere

    IMO, with a difference of ~$30 for the 5600, I would personally get local stock for the warranty.

    The 5700X3D is understandable as it's a difference of $100+ compared to local stock.

    • +5

      Local version also comes with a cooler (maybe worth $10?) if you need one

    • +11

      With this being OzBargain it's important to highlight the cheapest price. If an extra $30 bucks is worth local stock and warranty buy from Shopping Express. If you want the absolute cheapest price buy from AliExpress 😉

      • +5

        Fair enough, just my personal opinion.

        • +3

          Yeah. It's worth mentioning both points because some people won't figure it out 😅

    • +4

      I miss the old days of OZB where we'd buy grey import goods to save $2

    • +2

      CPUs are pretty low failure-rate parts. I think that makes it hard not to justify the 20% cost savings, but of course everyone can make purchasing decisions based on their own preferences.

      • +2

        I feel like a bargain is all about value, and part of that is risk. Aliexpress has improved alot, but I still don't trust them completely enough not to ship me a cpu thats been flashed to show up as something else (like the 2tb microsd cards you can buy for $15 that only seem to hold 2gb)

        But I still value these posts, as sometimes there will be a special sale event, like a discount or a cashback, that tilts the scales enough that the prudent move is to take the gamble.

        • +4

          You'd have to somehow flash it, change the text written on it (removing the old text) and then you'd get a shitload of negative reviews when the performance is obviously not right. Lots of threads here and on reddit indicating that from the right stores these are just genuine OEM parts.

          • @caitsith01: Thats naive. They've done similar things before

            But what I said might happen has happened, and now you can get an extra 15% off, bringing it just over $100 which is worth the gamble imo

            • @outlander: I'm not saying it's impossible, but it seems very unlikely given many people are reporting they are getting the genuine article from certain stores and I haven't seen anyone saying otherwise.

              CPU performance is pretty predictable, very easy to work out if you're getting what you should get.

    • +2

      Imagine worrying about needing warranty for a budget cpu, had used over 400 ryzen cpus in last couple years for various client pcs only had 2 duds and they both where r5 3600 cpus. Unless your using your cpu as hockey stick or using a 5$ cpu cooler you should never consider no warranty as a risk. And ali express ryzen chips never issues plus they accept returns if yku did kn yoj cant gl wrkng mancdont knkwnwhy scared kf just buy it man shouldbgazevfornsublight when ples I'm cookd wait 2 srxinds

      • +2

        well said

      • +1

        Seems you were lost for words at the end

      • +1

        He's got one of the 5000 series CPUs with the unstable USB issues like i have (5600) unfortunately. I'd personally avoid and move to a new platform.

        Google AMD AM4 USB issues if not familiar.

  • If only these had an integrated GPU, I'd love to put together a cheap itx with this as a workstation.

    • +3

      The 5600G is what you're after.

      • +1

        These work fine for workstations or HTPCs. Using one right now with 3 monitors at various resolutions/orientations.

        I'm using a Asrock B450 Pro4 motherboard.

        • good board, had that for about 4/5 years now

          bulk bios updates and its fine for the X3D series

    • -1

      Go for a Ryzen 7600 then, much better IPC than anything on the AM4 platform and includes basic integrated graphics to get a display output.

      • 7600 with an AM5 ITX board is not going to be a cheap itx workstation anymore, going from $350 to $550 for board + chip.

        The IPC is a lot better, but depends how much it actually gets used.

        • +3

          There aren't any cheap AM4 ITX boards either, by that metric.

          Jginyue makes a cheap AM5 ITX board which could be purchased in the aliexpress sale along with a 7700X.

          Or, go the Intel route - a 13400 or 14400 (with iGPU) and a cheap Jginyue B660 or H610 ITX motherboard will form a good basis for a workstation.

          I wouldn't be looking at AM4 for an ITX workstation build at all.

          • +2

            @xyron: What metric? AM4 ITX boards are still $80 cheaper than AM5 ones and a 5600g is $120 cheaper than a 7600. However, if you're going to start suggesting a $500 chip then I really need to understand your definition of "cheap".

            Even the Jginyue boards are cheaper for AM4 than AM5 by about $50, you could grab a Jginyue board and 5500g for about $250 off aliexpress.

  • +3

    Got a 5600 and RX 6800 on 165hz 1440p monitor in 2022, it's fine for most games, only few games or situation the CPU can't keep up with my GPU. Even if you on a budget PC, i won't go below 5600/12400f in 2024 (I don't want cheaper CPU hold back my expensive GPU, i am fine the other way around).

  • So no cooler included

    • -2

      You don't want the wraith cooler it's a heap of shißer.

      Let my 5600 get to 90c all the time. Then I got a little single layer tower sync with a noctua fan on top and my temps never went above 70c

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