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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4 $429 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bing Lee

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Looks like the cheapest these have been for non-commercial folk, EOFY good time to get an upgrade

$435 delivered
$429 click and collect
$409 with a new Bing Lee account

5% price match OfficeWorks, not sure this will work in conjunction with Bing Lee’s $20 off for new accounts

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    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/386818773761. Way cheaper on eBay with code

    • oh wow, thank you. I was going to head to OfficeWorks today. Just did eBay instead!

    • What code?

  • Still have me TWM2 - and they are great.
    Had 3 pairs of the 3's all sent back.
    Was provided a free UPG to the 4's when they were released a couple of months ago.

    Music/Audio playback is great.
    Mic (im told from those on the other end) are good. On occasion, a little to sensitive.
    But, the 'in call' audio isn't great. Same at the 3's. There is a constant echo/hollow reproduction. Settings for filters etc all been adjusted, same as the 3's and the problem still remains.
    Prolonged periods of use for phone calls often has a 'popping' sound appear for no apparent reason.

    Hoping the issues will be rectified in future firmware version.

    Touch sensitivity is great (better than the 2's also).

    • I have a pair of Momentum TW2, they are good. Unfortunately and weirdly, the right ear piece still pairs, but no audio. I bought them back in 2021-ish, I don't think they will be covered by warranty. I bought them through JB HiFi, don't know if I have a receipt.

      Music/audio good yes, 'in-call' audio on the 2s was terrible from co-workers, so I just use my MacBook mic/speakers for calls.

      The 4s just arrived this morning, so going to test them out today. Do you happen to have a good EQ graph set through the Sennheiser app?

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