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Huawei Band 8 CN Version Black US$28.54 (~A$43.17) Delivered @ Cutesliving Store AliExpress

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Pink is a few cents cheaper.

The app is not on the Play Store so Android users will need to sideload, it is on the Samsung Galaxy Store and Apple App Store.

An extra ~2% off if you have coins (free to collect).

~20% off through the app with 586 coins, navigate to the coins page and search for Huawei Band 8. Price at checkout is ~US$22.39/A$33.86.

Cheaper from this seller if you can't get the app deal.

• All-day Blood Oxygen Monitor: Stay informed about your health with the 24-hour blood oxygen monitor feature. It's designed to track your oxygen levels throughout the day, ensuring you're aware of any changes.
• 1.47'' AMOLED Screen: The band features a 1.47'' AMOLED screen, offering vibrant display colors and sharp visuals for a seamless user experience.
• Heart Rate Tracker: This smartband is equipped with a heart rate tracker, providing real-time insights into your cardiovascular health and helping you maintain an ideal heart rate.
• 2 Weeks Battery Life: With a battery life of up to 2 weeks, this smartband ensures you can track your health and fitness without the worry of frequent recharging.
• Stress Monitor Function: The stress monitor function helps you manage your stress levels effectively, offering guidance and support to help you relax.
• Compatible with All Devices: This band is compatible with all devices, making it a versatile choice for anyone looking to enhance their health and fitness tracking.

• Size: 43.42 x 24.56 x 8.99mm
• Weight: 14g
• Screen: 1.47” AMOLED touch screen, 2.5D glass lens 194*368, PPI 282
• Strap: TPU (black), silicone (pink and green), Nylon
• Connection: Bluetooth BLE 5.0
• Sensor: 6-axis A + G Sensor, PPG
• Battery: 2-week battery life, 5-minute charge for two day usage
• Water resistance: 5ATM

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  • From what I could find there is no difference between the CN and Global versions other than NFC. The Global version has NFC disabled while the CN version only works with a couple of China only payment apps.

    • Other differences are likely all software/application and/or data based.

      • Interesting, do you think the differences would be noticeable to the end user?

        • I doubt it. But it doesn't take away from the fact that it's very plausible that your information is being sent back to China and monitored by their government. No conspiracy, no tin foil hat.

          I work in IT, Chinese product can do some strange things.

          • @iLikeBargainz:

            I doubt it. But it doesn't take away from the fact that it's very plausible that your information is being sent back to China and monitored by their government. No conspiracy, no tin foil hat.

            just watched a youtube "setup video" for another smart band Mi band I think.

            the video shows the phone screen and on android when you allow notifications for the watch this big warning pops up with "danger" and it says basically the app will read ALL your notification content (messages, socials etc). providing examples like your personal info and bank infos. what about those authetnication codes??

            I dunno but that is alarming. would it be the same case on iPhone? the same band setup video for iphone doesn't show the danger warning though. but same thing could be happening?

            • @harshbdmmaster718: Look.

              Chinese products are going to be intrusive unfortunately.

              Keep a password manager and segregate what's important from it.

              • @iLikeBargainz: yeah just to clarify.
                Warning message only on Android possibly Ciaomi Redmond phones only when selecting “allow all notifications” which is a single separate toggle.

                seemed like you could manually enable one by one only (messages, instagram, calendar only etc) but assume one day if you end up allowing all by accident it will be the same thing.

    • CN has some minor differences on xiaomi mi band, software like you mentioned. For example on cn:

      • Watch band faces will have some chinese characters
      • You'll need to make an asian account on their mi health app. So say you have scales that are global region, then you'll see one but not the other.

      It's likely the same for here.

  • Not Band 28, no deal

  • +3

    Huawei activity trackers have no integration with anything Google so syncing of fitness tracking / wallet is not possible. Huawei is under an embargo still so their companion app is not available on the Play store — you will have to sideload an APK file by scanning the QR code provided.

    Huawei Pay is only accessible in certain countries. Australia isn't one of them.


    Countries/regions where the app is available on wearables

    Bank cards (wearable)
    Hong Kong (China), Macao (China), and Russia

    Transport cards

    Loyalty cards/Gift cards/Coupons
    Currently not supported.

    • I'll leave this here for people want at least some features working without their app: https://gadgetbridge.org/gadgets/wearables/huawei-honor/

    • Huawei is under an embargo still so their companion app is not available on the Play store

      what huh didn't hear about any of this. so you can't download their app normally?

      I hear sideloading app is not possible on apple. I'm seeing Huawei health app on my ipad though so what's the deal?

      • The TLDR version is that…

        On Sunday, May 19, 2019, Google publicly declared that it would comply with (Donald) Trump's HUAWEI ban. Interpreting the language of the order, Google determined that the proper course of action would be to cut HUAWEI off from Google's suite of digital products.

        Source AndroidAuthority

        The Health App might have had needed to rely on some Google API's that were not open-source, so around 2023 the Health App was delisted from Google Play. It's not known whether Google was the one that delisted it or Huawei.

        • thanks didn't know about any of that.

          so yeah google is US company and they are fighting. what about apple aren't they US as well? I can still see the huawei app on ipad, but might get deleted too? should apple users be concerned about buying huawei watches?

          feel kinda bad because I recommended Huawei Watch Fit 3 to someone few days ago.

  • Is the historical heart data readily available for downloading to a (Windows PC) spreadsheet for long-term monitoring?

  • If you have coins, I just bought this in black with a second blue band, for US$16.64 nett from “Hong Kong Will win Store” (a Choice Store). It advertises in the Coins section of the app for US$26.95 (that’s for pink single band price, pay a little more for other options) with 40% off for coins. When confirming your order, enter 24SS02 in the Promo Code field for extra US$2 off

  • We have 2 of these and they are fairly good. Pulse and blood oxygen close enough. App is ok.

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