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Western Digital SN740 2TB PCIe Gen4 NVMe M.2 2230 SSD US$88.90 (~A$134.11) Delivered @ Factory Direct Collected Store AliExpress

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Thanks to DASHCAM NOW DUDE this previously popular M.2 2230 SSD can now be had even cheaper for those looking to upgrade their Steam Deck or ASUS ROG Ally right now with bigger storage.

This one offers a sequential read up to 5150 MB/s, sequential write up to 4850 MB/s and uses Toshiba BiCS5 112l or SanDisk TLC flash. Unfortunately 2230 sized SSDs don't have DRAM cache, but this one uses pSLC cache and HMB to make up for it so it's perfectly fine for gaming. Especially when a lot of other similar SSDs are QLC.

It's compatible with other devices that use M.2 2230 sized SSDs including the Surface Pro 9, X, Surface Laptop 3, 4, Laptop Go and more. Since this is a Gen4 SSD you shouldn't use it with the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Pro 7+ due to stability issues. Both of these have no issues with Gen3 SSDs.

  • Apply the coupon SS12 or 24SS12 at checkout

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  • Cheapest ever price?

  • +5

    Upvote for a very “username checks out” description.

  • Anymore enclosure deals?

  • Cheaper than 2280s.

    • +2

      Insane how that's happened. Before they were cheaper and you'd get the occasional silly sod who would wonder how this is a deal.

  • Is that fake?

    • +1

      Nah they're WD OEM drives. Never been a fake one yet.

      • Is that why it's so cheap relative to other 2TB drives - they don't fit in most motherboards?

        • +1

          They do fit in motherboards, this is the 2230 standard. You are used to the 2280 standard.

        • +1

          They fits with an adapter, which is just a plastic extension.

          • @BargainDemon: Also, thank you!

            I figured it might be that simple, but usually OzBargainers are falling over each other for a PCIE 4.0 at this price, even if it requires an adaptor.

          • @BargainDemon: Is the plastic extension just to reach to the (2280) screw hole? Would some strategically placed tape do the trick?

            • @RowdyShopper: Yep, just be careful when you are using adhesive, as it can degrade over time especially when heated up. You can make a cardboard sleeve using rubber band with a hole so it still can be screwed on. Or just spend the $1 to get a proper extension and be done with it lol.

  • Any decent enclosures to use as thumb drive or external drive?

    • +1

      Jeyi on AliExpress

  • This good for a Steam Deck upgrade?

    • Running fine in my Steam Deck. Dual booting SteamOS and Windows 11 from it.

      • can u run valorant or leahue or riot vanguard on steamdexk lol

      • What's the best way to dual boot you've found?

  • arrh, missed this deal . I'm need a cheap 2TB m2.

    • +1

      It'll be back in few weeks.

  • +1

    So no downsides? IMO and experience DRAM is incredibly overrated so I don't really see that as any kind of issue.

    • +2

      No warranty is the only real downside given it's coming from China.

      • Oh yeah true, never had an issue with WD though so seems worth it still

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