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Amino Z Complete Pre-Workout 60 Sv $49.99 Del + $25 Credit ($30 CZ/$20 New Cust), WPI 1kg $38 ($10 Cred), Creatine $37 @ Amino Z


Quick Intro

My deal video: https://youtu.be/uLRq5S-9HUA

Thank you again to everyone who has continued to support our brand, it means the world to me and the team. We've had a number of people requesting a new deal on our Pre-Workout range after last year, so here goes :)

The Deal

Amino Z Complete Pre-Workout 60 Serves for $49.99 Delivered + $20 back in store credit (Repeat Customers $25/Pre-Existing & Paid Club Z $30)**

Plus two extra options:

  • Amino Z WPI 1kg: $38/kg Delivered + $10 store credit for every 1kg ordered* (select 1kg size only, must order the main Pre-Workout deal to qualify. For example, order 4x 1kg, you'll get an extra $40 back in store credit in addition to the Pre-Workout credit.)*
  • Amino Z Micronised Creatine Monohydrate 1kg $37 Delivered

Coupon code: OZB-PRE (add in shopping cart)

Prefer another formulation? If the Complete Pre doesn't suit your preferences, you can substitute for our other three pre workout options: Amino Z High-Stim Pre-Workout 60 Serves / Amino Z Non-Stim Pre-Workout 60 Serves / Amino Z Beginners Pre-Workout 60 Serves

You can order 30 serves of one product and 30 serves of another with this deal. For example, add a 30 serve Complete Pre-Workout and a 30 serve Non-Stim Pre-Workout and you'll get the discount and store-credit.

*Please note for Pre-Existing and Paid Club Z members, to qualify for this, you must be actively on a paid Club Z membership at the time this deal was made live. Otherwise, if you're on Club Free trial period (or pay after the launch of this deal), you will not earn the Club Z bonus points, but you still get the repeat or new customer Z points back.

*Z Points (Store credit) will be added 10 days after your order ships.

Pre-Workout Flavours and Availability

Amino Z Complete Pre-Workout: Apple Blackcurrant, Juicy Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Pineapple Coconut, Sour Cola Gummy, Sour Melon Lolly, Yuzu Lemon (On Backorder Back in Stock ~5 Weeks, New Release)
Amino Z High-Stim Pre-Workout: Juicy Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Pineapple Coconut, Sour Cola Gummy, Yuzu Lemon (New Release)
Amino Z Non-Stim Pre-Workout: Mango Nectar, Pineapple Coconut, Unflavoured, Yuzu Lemon (On Backorder Back in Stock ~5 Weeks, New Release)
Amino Z Beginners Pre-Workout: Lemon Lime, Sour Cola Gummy

There is limited stock availability for this promotion and we will end the promotion early if the promotion allocation has been exhausted.

Our Pre-Workouts

Our Amino Z Complete Pre-Workout is our #3 seller store-wide (after our Amino Z WPI and Amino Z Creatine Monohydrate). We have formulated this product to be an adequately dosed 60 serve product, comprising of the following per serve:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (275 mg/serve)
  • Citrulline Malate 2:1 (6 g/serve)
  • Beta-alanine (3.2 g/serve)
  • L-Tyrosine (1 g/serve)
  • Agmatine Sulphate (500 mg/serve)

As noted above, if our Complete Pre-Workout is unsuitable for you, we do have three other Pre-Workout options to choose from with this deal. I've noted their key differences below compared to our Complete Pre-Workout:

  • Amino Z High-Stim Pre-Workout - This has more Caffeine Anhydrous (350 mg/serve) and also has added Huperzine-A (100 mcg/serve) and Glycerol Monostearate (1.5 g/serve)
  • Amino Z Non-Stim Pre-Workout - This is caffeine free and also has added Huperzine-A (100 mcg/serve) and Glycerol Monostearate (1.5 g/serve)
  • Amino Z Beginners Pre-Workout - This has less Caffeine Anhydrous (150 mg/serve) and has no beta-alanine (the stuff that gives you that temporary itchy sensation).


Fruity Cereal Milk is our latest flavour in our top selling WPI range. It's 82.9% Protein, 0.9% fat and 7% carbohydrate. Soy free and naturally sweetened with thaumatin. Just as a heads up, the powder will have some very small red speckles in it from the beetroot and carrot extract which is perfectly normal.

All flavours are naturally sweetened using thaumatin and are soy-free. For the nutritional breakdown, please see below (special thanks for @Chaffix for putting this together in a prior deal):

Flavour Protein (g/100g) Energy (cal/100g) Cal per g Protein
Unflavoured 90.0 386.4 4.29
Melon Milk 86.8 380.4 4.38
Iced Chai Latte 86.7 381.9 4.40
Banana 86.3 382.7 4.43
Indulgent White Chocolate 85.9 380.7 4.43
Vanilla Creamy 86.0 382.9 4.45
Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream 85.0 380.6 4.48
Coconut Ice Cream 84.8 381.9 4.50
Fruity Cereal Milk 82.9 380.4 4.59
Iced Coffee 82.5 374.9 4.54
Crème Caramel 83.6 382.2 4.57
Taro Milk Ice Cream 81.1 376.2 4.64
Pandan & Coconut Gelato 80.8 377.2 4.67
Smooth Milk Chocolate 80.7 379.9 4.71
Chocolate 79.5 378.5 4.76
Brazilian Chocolate (Brigadeiro) 79.4 378.6 4.77
Mint Choc Chip 78.7 375.4 4.77
Strawberry 79.6 382.6 4.81
Choc Cherry Delight 77.3 377.8 4.89
Chocolate Honeycomb 76.5 374.8 4.90
Coffs Harbour Choc Banana 76.8 376.8 4.91
Chocolate Coconut 76.4 377.5 4.94
Chocolate Caramel 75.8 376.3 4.96
Neapolitan Ice Cream 75.5 376.2 4.98
Aussie Choc Malt 64.2 381.8 5.95

Product Breakdown

  • 100% Australian Made in our Sydney Facility
  • Our manufacturing facility is owned by us and is a NSW Licensed Food Facility with an approved Dairy Processing license
  • For the nutritional information for each flavour, please click on the "Nutritional Info" tab. You may notice the high protein component, because this considers the contribution from the amino acids used in the formulation.
  • Naturally sweetened with thaumatin. We do not use artificial sweeteners. We have transitioned over to thaumatin for the fact that it is an all natural plant based sweetener, a superior flavour profile, a neutral insulin impact (as it is a protein) and being very gentle on the gut. A bit of trivia, thaumatin is about 10x the cost of artificial counterparts (eg. sucralose) and more than 5x the cost of stevia based on weight! Our focus remains on product quality.
  • Backed by our 110% Guarantee. Try it and if you don't love it, we'll give you 110% back (in store credit) or a full refund (including delivery). As I mentioned in the video, we offer this so you can try the product risk-free. If you've opened it up to try it we're not going to make you send it back either.
  • We only use WPI in this protein - this is not a blend of other cheaper proteins (for example Whey Protein Concentrate/WPC)

Other Notes/Common Questions

  • Receiving Store Credit: Store credit is assigned as "Z Points" to your account 10 days after your order ships. It can then be applied to any future order that you place, including future OzBargain deals :). You will get the store credit just so long as you order 1x 60 Serve Amino Z Pre Workout.
  • Choose Multiple Flavours: We pack these into 30 Serve pouches. Choose the multi-flavour option for 2 different flavours.
  • Nutritional Information: To view the full nutritional panel, just click on the "NUTRITIONAL INFO" tab on the page and then select the flavour.
  • Best Before Dates: Best before dates will be 18-24 months away. We turn this product over very quickly so all current stock has been produced recently.
  • Free Delivery: You will get free delivery on your entire order when you order any Amino Z or Bandito Labs supplements.
  • Applying Store Credit: To apply existing store credit (Z Points), at checkout, select the option in the "Payment Section" to apply your Z Points. Make sure you are logged in. You can apply any Z Points acquired from prior deals.
  • Applying the Coupon Code: Please apply the coupon code in your shopping cart before checking out.
  • Store Credit Limit: There is a limit of one lot of bonus store credit per person during the month of June and until this promo ends. You can order more than 60 serves, but the store credit will be capped so we can stay in business and keep doing deals like these.
  • Other Store Credit Info: Store credit does NOT expire. Also, you do NOT have to be a Club Z member to retain your store credit.
  • Club Z: Our Club Z membership program is a paid subscription with the most common membership being $9.99/month with $10 back/month for each monthly renewal. This is different to having an account on our website. We frequently run Club Z bonus offers, such as in this deal where anyone who was already an existing active and paid Club Z member (immediately prior to launching this promo) will receive a total of $30 back in Z Points. Full info here.
  • Referral Codes: Please note that this offer won't stack with our referral code offer, nor any other offers.
  • Most popular flavours: Apple blackcurrant, Juicy blue raspberry, Sour Cola Gummy and Yuzu Lemon (our new release)

A word of thanks

Once again, I wanted to thank everyone for the amazing support we have received on this platform. We've certainly had our run-in of challenges, but everyone as been incredibly supportive as we continually aim to improve our range and how we serve you. The direction and inspiration I (and the team) receive on here is beyond what we could ever have imagined.

Thanks also to everyone who emails me directly, I am extremely appreciative of all the constructive and kind feedback I receive.

I will continue to be on this forum to engage directly and take on board all feedback. Vanessa will be dealing with direct messages, so please send through a message for anything specific for your order so she can assist. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Amino Z (Owner/Founder/Deals Guy)


25/06/24 8:41AM: A few flavours have fallen into backorder overnight (Yuzu in Complete Pre and Non-Stim, Juicy Blue Raspberry in High-Stim). I am currently confirming the back in stock dates on these and will update as soon as I have this information. All other flavours are currently in stock. - Jay
25/06/24 3:20PM: Please note that any Yuzu flavours on backorder have an ETA of approximately 5 weeks to be back in stock (we are waiting on flavouring). The High-Stim Juicy Blue Raspberry should be back in stock by Friday 28 June.
26/06/24 3:56PM: Confirming the high-stim juicy blue raspberry came back in stock as of yesterday.
01/07/24 7:31AM: We're going to extend this one for a short period only just for anyone who missed it. Thank you again to everyone for the amazing support of this deal! - Jay

Referral Links

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Referees get $10 off their first order. Referrers get $10 worth of Z Points.

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  • +49

    A quick note to anyone who has recently purchased in the last 7 days prior to the launch of this deal (and only just missed out on this offer). If you wanted to take advantage of this deal, please feel free to send us through a direct message and Vanessa can look after you.

    We get asked this every deal and we will be more than happy to accommodate. The fact that you are supporting our brand outside these deals means the world to us and we do not want you to feel like we've done you a disservice when you could have waited a few more days.

    Thank you as always!


    • This is mighty good of you!

      From someone who just missed out with a recent purchase.

      • Thanks @AyjeofSpades!

        The support outside of these deals means a lot. Vanessa will look after you shortly (looks like she is currently playing a bit of catch up on the messages!)


  • +4

    great product, fast delivery, and excellent customer service & support 👍

    • Thank you for the kind words @WoolyWonker! I'm very grateful for the support.


  • Sigh…. just the day after i order 5kgs of vegan protein. Atlewast its not in this sale so i dont feel too bad.

    But buy up folks. Have been using AminoZ for a few years now and love their proetin. Both WPI and not the vegan protein that i use.

    Thanks for supporting us too Jay!!

    • +3

      Yeah we're not featuring the Vegan Protein this promo (we don't quite have enough stock available) but thank you so much for the support of our brand @Bensonzaclucy!

      I (and the team) really appreciate you sharing this too. Thanks so much.


      • All good my friend.
        Ended up loading up on this deal anyway with a few kilos of WPI and pre-workout.

        Keep up the good work Jay and have a killer week.

  • what's the recommended flavour or most popular for for the pre-workout?

    • +1

      Thanks for asking @thydzik - something I omitted in my OP and I'll update that accordingly.

      Apple Blackcurrant is our top seller currently with juicy blue raspberry, sour cola gummy and yuzu lemon (our new release) not far behind that.

      I hope this helps and thanks for your interest!


    • +1

      I like the lemon/lime. Nice subtle flavour, not too strong or sweet.

  • Nice was just thinking about this recently

    What happened to the Peach pre workout flavour? I found that mixed with the creatine well.

    And any comments on the taste profile of the new Yuzu lemon?

    • Thanks for the upvote @Unorthodox!

      The Peach we had to discontinue due to flavour supply issues I'm afraid. I don't have any word on it coming back.

      The new Yuzu lemon is citrus lemon flavour. Not overly sweet and a very prominent citrus acid flavour.

      I hope this helps.


  • +1

    Thier pre-workout is awesome.

    • Thanks @John Doh!


    • How does it compare to others like Total War? Or can't tell just lift heavy thing?

      • I havent tried Total War, so cant comment. But you can compare the ingredients yourself. Among AminoZs pre-workouts this one is what I liked more. Though i miss thier old flavors like green apple and red grape etc. The other pre-workout I have tried is Legion Pulse, which was equally good or maybe better, i dont remember (becuase i never tried full scoop of either PWs), but I got lot of itching on my legs with Pulse.

      • total war price is up there, but definitely delivers.
        at one point many years ago i was 1.5 scooping it and not cycling - the pump was UNREAL, but looking back it was probably stupid and probably stuffed my body in many ways.

        the complete pre from this mob is quite good. not as good a pump but gets me through the workout. price is very agreeable when on sale and considering the credits involved.

  • Ordered. Just in time after my 25,000 calories per day at Japan trip. Have to get back on track again.

    Edit: Lemon and the Cola one are my fave.

    • +2

      Care to explain how you managed to eat that much in a single day?

      • 25,000 kcal….


        44.8 big macs

        It's either an error or grossly exaggerated

      • +9

        I’m just speculating but they might have been exaggerating for comedic effect.

      • -1

        Hey John, I am currently on my bulking phase and 25k calories is just exaggerated considering I eat a lot and won't make it to 25k. This is my average tracking of steps and foods every day.

        1. Average of 14km walk per day with my wife and 2 kids.
        2. Start the day with buffet breakfast = Calories? Bacons, eggs, Bacons, eggs, bacons, eggs, ASAHI of course.
        3. Plain Ramen 700-900 calories, plus my 2 eggs, pork, gyoza, extra noodles + 2-3 Asahi = Let us say around 3-4k Calories, I eat RAMEN at least twice per day. I don't eat
        4. Random stops at Lawson/711 (ofcourse kids), for sure 1-2 Asahi + 2-3 fried Chicken piece (My fave) = solid 2-3k calories
        5. Sweets everywhere yep = Don't ask about the calories for these sugars
        6. Easy 350ml Whiskey at night, let say 20 shots (but I aint Weak, I need more) = 110 calories x 20 = easy 2200 calories

        How good not to be a Vegan.

        Gym rat, doing marathons, and now 90kgs from 63kgs since Feb this year. =) HAPPY DAYS for GAINZ

        • I am 93 KG and want to goto 68KG. But I am putting on fat and muscle on 1800Cals. I am (profanity). I give up.

          • @John Doh: Run it helps a lot and track your calories.

            I don't normally drink alcohol especially in front of my kids, but JAPAN is just different. So good to drink to start your day right after you brushed your teeth. Not to mention only 1$ per can. lol

          • @John Doh: Calculate your BMR. I would guess you aren't weighing your food, even your sauces as well if you think you're only eating 1800 calories and still putting on weight. Take the time to track every little bit and you'll notice you are probably over by a fair bit.

            • @adamshere: Every calories counted using an app and with a certified coach who has coached 2500+ people. Thats how bad my metabolism is.

          • @John Doh: You could try low carb, combined with the 5:2 diet. This has helped me shift some stubborn kilos.

            The low carb MD podcast contains advice from doctors who support the low carb approach and say the food pyramid is all wrong, which I understand is not the majority of doctors but more and more of them are getting on the low carb band wagon. That said, if you lose weight on low carb you may need to continue with low or moderate carb eating when are finished to reduce the risk of weight regain.

            • @acersaurus: Thanks, I am a vegetarian and its hard to do. And I had lost a lot of weight in my early 20s. But now, literally looking at Pizza is enough. No need to eat it.

              • +1

                @John Doh: Fair enough John, FYI 'm vegetarian as well and yes for me it was hard but I got used to it and now losing weight is just habit. Everyone is different but I find there are products to make it easier these days - like low carb wraps, peanut butter powder, fake meat, nut meat, low fat Greek yoghurt etc..

                • @acersaurus: Ya I need to try, its not like not possible, but just a bit hard and am a little busy to get used to low fat diet. haha.

        • You're on my ideal diet.

    • +1

      Wow lots of sushi :)

      Thanks for the support of the deal @Fredfloresjr!


    • Is that a typo? Even sumo wrestlers “only” do between 7000 and 20000 calories a day

      • Nah, my bro is just doing Japan proper. Nothing but respect.

        • Buffet, beer, ramen, fried chicken. Proper indeed 👍🏽😀

    • My man, just read your extended response below. As a fellow lover of Raman, beer and whiskey can I just say that you're doing Japan the respect it deserves.

      Nothing but love for your daily intake as described below.

  • +1

    Hey guys I missed the last 5Kg deal, just wondering when you might have the next one as I’m low on protein and always get 5KG. Love you xoxoxo Rhys

    • Thanks for asking Rhys!

      The next WPI deal we don't yet have a confirmed date on. We have been inundated with requests on this, so we will do another, but it won't be in the coming weeks (that I can say for certain).

      Thank you for the support of our brand!


      • Thank you!

        • No worries!


  • +1

    Quick question about; Amino Z WPI 1kg(aminoz.com.au): $38/kg Delivered + $10 back in store credit per kg (select 1kg size only, must order the main Pre-Workout deal to qualify).

    So does that mean if i order 4Kg i'd get $40 credit for the WPI, on top of the $25 for the Pre-Workout (repeat/existing customer)?
    Or is it only an extra $10 regardless of how much WPI i order?

    • Wondering about this as well!

    • +2

      Thanks for asking @nfenech

      You are correct. The only thing is, please select the 1kg size only and just add as many units as you desire.

      So if you order 4x 1kg, you'll get $40 back in addition to the pre-workout credit.

      Sorry for any confusion and I'll make this clearer above.



      • Thanks so much.
        Ordered :)

        • Thanks for the order!


  • Thanks Jay @aminozcomau

    I will reorder today pre and protein - btw I just started white chocolate , from order r #109908206 in February, the zip is the worst I’ve ever come across for protein packs , even when I reseat the little zip it it keeps splitting across the seal, do you have known Issues at all with that bag batch?

    • +1

      I would like to second this - I'm only on bag 1/5, but the zip seal is troublesome.

    • +1

      Thanks for the support of the deal @Jimothy Wongingtons!

      Yeah in Feb we still had some dodgy pouches I'm afraid and it sounds like this was one of them. Most of them were fine, but there were still a few exceptions. If you like, shoot us over a direct message and Vanessa can fix you up for this.

      Pouches should now be rectified. Some are not the top zipper, but at least they now actually seal properly.

      Also @BAE please shoot over a direct message with your order number and Vanessa will look after you.

      I'm terribly sorry for the poor experience with these pouches, some of them were a real nightmare.


      • thanks jay @aminozcomau just finalised my order, 109945092 - i will shoot a dm over too.

        • Thanks for the new order @Jimothy Wongingtons

          I'll give Vanessa a heads up also. Thanks in advance.


      • I've had mine fail as well, all 4 zips from last order about 7-8 months ago.

        • Yeah we had a bunch of issues around that time @AL008 and I am terribly sorry about the poor experience.

          Feel free to shoot over a direct message to us on here and Vanessa can fix this up for you from our end.

          The new pouches we have are far more reliable, we have exhausted that old type now fortunately.


  • Bought your vegan protein for the second time during your last deal. IDK if you’ve reformulated it in the past 12-24 months but it was so much better than I remember! Creamy, no powdery taste, and mixes easily in water even with just a spoon. ☺️

    • +1

      Thanks for sharing @ufwpd, our team will be chuffed with this feedback. We 100% reformulated our Vegan Protein, it has gone through a number of iterations in the past couple of years with a major improvement last year which affected both flavour and texture. I'm glad you've been happy with it!


  • Thanks Jay,

    Ordered the pre workout, was just about out of it so great timing. :)

    • Thanks for the new order @EightImmortals! I really appreciate the ongoing support.


  • Just a bit of my personal feedback in case it helps anyone (TLDR; great WPI, poor preworkout)

    • Their WPI is amazing and I recommend the Taro, Aussie Malt and Pandan. It's one of my favourite aussie protein powder brands for both flavour and texture
    • I do not recommend their preworkouts (stim). I bought the Cola and the Lime flavour but I wasn't a fan of the texture which was a bit gritty and I also found no impact on my energy levels or a pump from the preworkout.
    • +2

      Thanks for sharing this @safwanc and I really appreciate the upvote too.

      This is great feedback and I'll be sharing this with the team. We have found that the pre-workouts may not always 100% completely dissolve, but this is something we have been working on recently and has improved somewhat since prior iterations. I do take note on this matter though as it is a work in progress.

      Also if you're unhappy with the pre-workouts you purchased, feel free to send a direct message. We'll be more than happy to send out an alternative, store credit or refund as part of our 110% Guarantee.

      I am however glad you've been happy with the WPI!


    • I have the complete pre-work out (blue raspberry) and usually go for 3/4 of a scoop as a full scoop makes me feel like I could fly to the moon… Texture is great but overly sweet for me so the 3/4 serve helps with that too.

      Considering the high stim version has even more caffeine I would wonder if it was just a bad batch?

      • @souljah thanks for sharing.

        The complete will be 275mg per serve. While we do undertake pretty strict product homogeny and ingredient weighing quality measures, we could always look into your batch specifically if you're concerned at all.

        I'll also pass along the feedback on the sweetness. Of course if you're unhappy we'll back it with the 110% Guarantee so please don't hesitate to reach out about this.


        • Hey Jay,

          No issues here. I was more sharing my surprise that someone isn't feeling a pep up from the high stim version considering I get it from the complete version with lower caffeine.

          I don't eat much sugar and not really a sweet tooth so that's likely why I find it overly sweet (but don't leave a bag chips open anywhere near me!).

          I'm happy with the product, I just don't need a full scoop to feel the benefits but I'm also using more for a running program then weights anyway.

          You need a deal on the electrolytes soon! I'm looking to to top up there at some stage.

          • @souljah: All good, thanks for that @souljah

            We'll definitely consider one on the electrolytes. These have been pretty popular from our range and we are yet to do anything on these as of yet. Thanks for the suggestion and I will be discussing this with the team.


  • Thank you Jay, I will grab a bag. Any deals on the 1kg greens?

    • Thanks in advance @Dealr!

      This deal won't cover our Greens as we have made it specific to these three products only I'm afraid.

      If you've purchased from us in the past, you can use our newsletter code on the greens. If you didn't get that, please shoot over a private message and Vanessa will look after you.

      Thanks for the support!


  • Hi Jay,

    What are the BB dates for the complete pre-workout? Keen to try these as I am an avid fan of the WPI but I just opened my tub of pre-workout.

    • I had the same issue with their last sale, a quick email to Vanessa and she was able to delay sending my order out for a few weeks.

    • +1

      Thanks for asking @chewkl

      The pre-workouts will be 18-24 months away for the best before. It's all relatively fresh stock that we have manufactured.

      Thanks for the support of the deal!


  • Amazing product and amazing company, well done Jay and Vanessa

    • Thanks as always @TightTerry!


  • i see amino Z i upvote, not often i shill for brands but ill happily for these guys.

    • +1

      I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this @Jetyy! It really means a lot to me and the team.


  • Noice

    Thanks Op

    Got 3 X 60 serves high stim and 4 bags of protein 💪

    • Wow, that's a huge order. Thanks for the support @agalea101!


      • Well your stuff is great 👍 idk how U guys make the ice coffee so nice haha

        Also I check the order and it says refunded the 60 serves but process it as 6 X 30 serves?

        • +2

          Oh yeah, that's just a backend processing thing. So if you order 60 serves, it will cancel 60 and replace with the equivalent number of 30 serves.

          The reason is because we only make these in 30 serve packs. So if you ordered a 60 serve for example, it's effectively 2x 30 serves. So you'll get two separate 30 serve packets.

          I hope that explains and sorry for the confusion about this. I'll be passing this feedback along too, the team will be chuffed!


  • Bought again love you deals!

    Does the pre workout come with a scoop so we know how much 1 serve is?

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks for the new order @doddsyv1!

      Yes, the pre workouts will all come with a scoop that will measure out 1 serve. Thanks for asking as I'm sure others will have a similar question too.


  • I am keen to know what would be the best flavors for the WPI. I was after something a little sweet the White chocolate and the Chocolate honeycomb sound incredible. Some help regarding the flavors would be appreciated. Cheers.

    • +1

      Thanks for your interest @shrini101.

      Taste is very subjective and I'm sure there will be others able to share their opinions. I can however offer some feedback in terms of the more popular flavours which are Chocolate, Vanilla, Aussie Choc Malt, Iced Coffee and Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream. Both the white chocolate and choc honeycomb are some newer releases which have been quite popular and are more on the sweeter side too. Some other sweeter options include our brand new fruity cereal milk flavour, creme caramel, mint choc chip, chocolate, choc cherry delight and taro.

      By the way, if you try them and don't like anything, just hit us up for the 110% Guarantee. We'll replace, refund or give you back 110% in store credit.

      I hope this helps.


      • Thanks, Jay really appreciate it, will be placing an order soon.

        • +1

          No worries and thanks for the support!


      • I didn't realise this existed. I usually just get chocolate because I dont want to risk it with other flavours. Good to know! I'm tempted to try the white chocolate or vanilla creamy just for the extra protein content. I'll have to wait until there is a deal without pre-workout though as I just use your protein. Do you know if there will be a protein only deal before eofy?

        • @Tythefly86 we won't be having a dedicated WPI promo on here in the coming weeks. I haven't yet got any confirmed date for when we'll be launching the next one.

          We do have a website EOFY offer currently, but it's not the same as our WPI deal we run on here.

          Thanks as always!


    • +1

      Love the Taro. I always looked forward to my taro shake. Will need to order more!

      • Thanks for sharing @bleemo!


  • Thanks Jay. Pick up 1.

    Quick note on the WPI I got last time.
    - Aussie choc malt is great, love the flavour
    - Pandan is a bit light and don’t really like it so I’m using it for smoothies to get through slowly.
    - Matcha is too sweet, need to use lots of water/milk to balance it out.
    But overall happy with the protein quality and will order again once running out.


    • +1

      Awesome feedback, thanks so much for sharing @greywolfa I'll pass this along.

      We are actually working on a stronger pandan flavour. Some people like it subtle, but we have received similar feedback from others in the sense of it not being overly prominent.

      The Matcha has just been revised to lessen the sweetness as we did receive similar feedback here too.

      If you don't like any of them, feel free to send through a direct message and we'll be happy to look after you with our 110% Guarantee.

      Thanks for the support!


  • +2

    Great deal. Thanks Jay and Vanessa.

    Would like to suggest dark chocolate turkish delight for a future WPI flavour!

    • +1

      Thanks for the support @delarue!

      Awesome suggestion, I've taken note of this one and will pass it along. That's a real classic flavour which we will discuss and consider adding to our (very) long list of flavour ideas!

      Thanks again!


  • WPI is $45 for me even after applying the coupon for some reason :thinking

    • Did you add in the pre-workout also? Just worth noting, the WPI component will only activate if you order 60 serves of Pre-workout, or 2x 30 serves.

      If this is the case, please shoot over a direct message and Vanessa can fix this for you.

      Thanks in advance @guieloi


  • Dumb question, does amino z wpi contain cholesterol?

    • I don't believe I've been asked that one before @sol3x. That's a very good question actually.

      Let me look this up and get back to you.


    • +3

      Ok found it, in the raw WPI material there is 20mg per 100g of WPI. So there will be a small amount of cholesterol contained within our WPI.

      I hope this helps.


  • hi jay, any chance you can do a deal on the 5L jar? - https://www.aminoz.com.au/amino-z-recyclable-black-storage-j…

    my creatine + 4/5 of my last WPI 1kg bags have torn and don't seal properly

    edit: looks like this deal is only pre workout + extra options, i'll wait for the next 4kg+ protein deal 😅

    • Hi @chickens and thanks for asking.

      If they tore, please shoot us over a message and Vanessa can fix you up with a solution here. Given that we have pretty limited stock on these jars, I won't be able to do a public deal on the jars as I doubt it would meet the quantity guidelines for OzBargain. But if the bags broke we will sort something out (at our expense).

      I'll give Vanessa a heads up about this too. I'm sorry for the poor experience here.


  • Can i get 2x 60serves (120serves) and get 2x25 store credit?

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