$20 off Per Month for The First 6 Months on All nbn Internet Plans @ MATE


Sign up using the promo code KERR20 and activate ANY nbn plan by 30 June 2024 (‘promotion period’) then we will credit the invoice for your nbn New Service with $20 (inclusive of GST) for each of its first six billing months ('promotional credit').

Applicable for any MATE nbn plan:

Plan Price for 6 Months Ongoing Price
Crikey nbn 25/10 $45/month $65/month
Ripper nbn 50/20 $55/month $75/month
No Dramas nbn Wireless+ (Fixed Wireless only) $55/month $75/month
No Worries nbn 100/20 $65/month $85/month
You Beaut nbn 100/40 $75/month $95/month
Fair Dinkum nbn 250/25 $90/month $110/month

Offer T&Cs.

Billing starts from sign up, not activation

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Referrer receives $50 bill credit.

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  • No gigabit dl speed

    • Coming soon.

      • +3

        What is the plan going to be called?
        Yeah nah nbn?

        • +1

          prob be call "f..k yeah" I'm guessing

      • Yep, I was just thinking I'll switch to the gigabit plan but I couldn't see it. Thanks for clarifying.

  • +6

    Don't forget to click through TopCashback for an extra $25.

    If you stay for the full 6 month promotional period, that's an extra $4.17 per month.


  • +2

    I was on Mate for over 3 years, but got sick of the massive speed fluctuations. Ended up moving to Exetel and I'm extremely happy with the service.

    I had also referred 6 people (family and friends) to mate. They had a similar experience so wasnt hard to convince them to move to Exetel with me.

  • +2

    As tight as I am, I don't think I'd go back to these guys. Speeds were horrendous.
    Regular outages too.
    They would be $10 cheaper than my current deal but tangerine are super reliable

    • +2

      Tangerine were horrendous for me

  • +2

    Mate stores your passwords using reversible encryption. Would not recommend.

    • +1

      How do you know this… Please don't Hack me

      • +3

        Their forgot password link sends you your password. So it's either reversible encryption, or they store it in plaintext. Their privacy policy states that they store encrypted passwords - hence I concluded reversible encryption.

        • wow thats fked. Which other company does this?

          • @Homr: Lombard finance (now changed their name to something else that I don't remember).

            They read me my password on the phone once!

        • +5

          What's a secret between mates…

        • -1


          Their forgot password link sends you your password.

          Can confirm.

          I logged in as you and it shows the password: Aleigh456

  • Are they good now
    It was good as Aussie then went downhill.
    That is when i moved away

  • +1

    Billing Starts when you SignUp, Not at Activation, Whyy ?????

  • Thanks man i am coming to the end of my current promotional discount with Spintel so will be moving to another "new user" promo rate for 6 months soon, this seems to fit the bill.

    • +1

      I plan to hop between ISPs at some point. When are you considered a new user after leaving them?

      • +1

        need to know that too. Hopefully rep @rfc850 can confirm.

        • You would be classified as a new customer if you haven't had active nbn service with MATE in the last six months.

          • @rfc850: @rfc850Interesting above link for t&c says this "Never".
            nbn New Service means a nbn Service that we supply to you at a Service Address (see Mate Customer Terms for definition) at which we have never previously supplied a nbn Service to you.

      • Yeah i dont know. I was on the More deal with 30-40% off for Commbank for a year and then moved to Spintel and now looking for a new one, i havent cycled around again so i dont know if you can re-join and be a "new" customer or not.

        • +1

          from t&c appears anyone who had service with them in past are not considered as "new nbn service".

  • -3

    Not interested in a business supporting the racist, Kerr.

  • +2

    Worst nbn provider I’ve ever been with

  • rep @rfc850, currently not with mate, We used to have mate connection abt 7-8 months back using the same promo code (surprisingly). Offer available to us?

    • Yes. You would be classified as a new customer if you haven't had active nbn service with MATE in the last six months.

  • +3

    I don't like this

    1. Month-to-month, casual or ‘no contract’ terms
      If a Plan or Contract is described as ‘month-to-month’, ‘casual’, ‘no contract’ or similar:
      a) we may terminate it on at least 30 days’ notice; and
      b) you may terminate it on at least 30 days’ notice, taking effect at the end of a Billing
      Period (e.g. if you give notice on 26 March, your Contract ends on 30 April next).
  • Just switched with them last month and loving it so far. Switch was seem less and speeds are consistent with the plan (even in peak hours).

  • Thanks OP signed up, my 6 monthly hop was coming to an end.

  • I tried mate 2 yrs ago and they did some heavy throttling of international sites, is this still an issue?

    e.g. I could download fast from steam, microsoft etc but some random site with a fast server was getting 100KB/s or less.

  • +2

    Mate Telecom "Ripper NBN 50/20" is tempting for $55 p/m ($20 discount for 6months) but the feedback/experience is putting me off with not signing.

    Any more experince, please?

  • Limited knowledge to NBN… I would like to ask why different providers would affect the speed. Don't they all use the same NBN infrastructure?

  • Also thinking to switch to other providers since my superloop deal has finished. Never use Mate before, are they good?

  • Thanks we just signed up for Wireless NBN here in Griffith NSW. Cheers

  • new customers only or old customer that left them before aswell?

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