[Refurb] HP Elitebook 830 G6 13.3" Laptop: Intel i5 8365u 16GB RAM 256GB SSD Win11 $274 Delivered @ Australian Computer Traders



Doing a quick deal for these units. Limited to 50 units

HP Elitebook 830 G6
Intel Core i5 8365u
16Gb Ram
256Gb SSD
13.3" FHD
Win 11 Pro

12 month warranty

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      Brands don't specify how "laggy" a computer is, the specifications decide that.

      The brand is simply the casing and the software preloaded into windows (which you can uninstall)

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          You're disagreeing with fisher's statement?

          I'm guessing you don't realise that HP doesn't manufacture their own motherboards(besides providing specs), there are even HP branded pieces of hardware with Asus on it due to the fluctuation in OEMs.

          I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you weren't doing a computer science course in uni.

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              @sh4hp: His point is a brand has good and bad laptops depending on the specific model, it's like saying my Toyota car is slow i.e. doesn't mean anything.

        • -1

          Assuming you are comparing the same specifications, your opinion is wrong

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      Which one?

      Been using HP laptops at work for the last however long I can't even remember now. Never had a laggy one, until they load it with so many software the 8GB RAM can't handle it anymore. The next one they upgraded to was 16GB, then never had lag anymore.

      • its the HP k12 ProBook 450 G8 i5-1135G7, however, its only 8gb but slower and hotter compared to the 8gb surface pro 5

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      If you don't like it, I'll buy it from you for $50

      • already returned

    • Agree with the washed out screen. Had one for work.

  • Might be handy when travelling, very small and fhd … Usually take iPad in my car as easier than phone for browsing for elderly , this might be better ….

    • Check how long the battery life is, usually iPad is longer

  • +2

    Defo a solid price for the spec, and good to see 8th gen finally drop below the 300 mark. I have the more premium Dragonfly in the same gen Intel, and it is a thing of beauty.

    Edit to clarify: good to see Whiskey Lake at this price point, as opposed to Kaby Refresh, because there were at least two "8th gens".

  • -7

    not even 32gb of ram at this price point? what a scam… macbook pro so much better for 10x the price and half the memory smh

  • Battery health and condition?

    • Min 80%

  • is it touch screen

    • No sorry

      • if you guys have any touchscreen option with same specs then please share the link.

  • Thanks OP
    My mother has been complaining about her current laptop having issues with holding battery life and eventually died.
    Seems like the perfect replacement for her with decent specs and not costing too much.

  • Does this charge via USB C? Can't quite tell from the HP product page?

    • +1

      Sure does

  • That is a damn sharp price. Perfect for basic tasks/someone on a budget.

  • Not bad although weary with the experience based on the comment below.



    Actually there seems to be a fair few issues with the quality of even the A Grade.

    • +1

      I got one of the “brand new” Philips P6 32” monitors and when I went to open it and use it, it was a used monitor that was resealed back into its original box. It had an asset label of Library on it. Looks like someone there swapped a new one with a used one. Cables were used as well.

      Couldn’t be bothered to chase it up as I opened it up like three months later when I needed to use it. Still worked etc but I paid an additional $30 odd dollars for a new one from memory.

      So it’s buyer beware when buying used.

  • @Calmago any upcoming deals on Intel 11th gen laptops?

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