Sony XR65X90K - 65" X90K BRAVIA XR Full Array LED 4K UHD HDR (Google TV) $1399 Delivered @ Sony eBay

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New Sony 65" FALD TV at refurb price!

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  • +3

    2022 model?

    • I did a double take too. Where did they get them from?

    • Yes previous model, but selling for $900 less than the current XR65X90L model.

      • +4

        Would hope a 2022 model is significantly cheaper than the 2024 model haha

      • +1

        Bravia 5 or 7 is the current model, X90L is from 2023.

        • +2

          Bravia 3 = new X80L equivalent
          Bravia 7 = new X95L equivalent
          Bravia 8 = new A80L equivalent
          Bravia 9 = new A95L but in mini-LED

          There is no Bravia 5 (at the moment). It is known that Sony will not replace X90L in the 2024 product stack, so X90L is the current model in the segment (but yes it is unchanged from 2023).

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    From Reddit (J vs K vs L):

    X90 Improvements over the past two years. Every year (J,K,L) has the same XR Processor, but the processor is tweaked yearly.

    J => K

    Algorithm for brightness adjusted. This allowed the K to be as bright but with slightly better colors, especially reds. Definitely a noticeable difference when comparing the two, but if you saw one and went in the other room you couldn't tell the difference.

    Slight defocus of background introduced (kind of like bokeh in photography) to give a greater sense of depth. Really not noticeable.

    K => L

    Big increase in the number of zones. L looks much brighter in person, but Vincent at HDTVTEST described it as not a significant brightness increase through tests. However, the blacks are much better with the increased zones, and blooming is not nearly as bad (blooming was a big complaint on the X90K). This is a big upgrade, and is very noticeable side by side. Something you would notice easily.

    Tweak in upscaling to improve upscaling. Jaggy and mosquito noise reduced (types of artifacting).

  • +1

    Good price but this is a very old model (April 2022). Strange.

  • +1

    Not sure if it's a good deal. Got a New one more than a year ago for the same price.

  • +1

    In the scheme of things, this is not a good deal. It's a great TV. I bought one in early 2023, but at a lower price than this (with cashback etc). Not sure why they would be still selling them now.

    • -3

      Thanks, will pass. No deal

  • +9

    It’s insane to think that this is cheaper than a bog standard iPhone!

    • +2

      You are surprised it costs more to cram things smaller and lighter and have it run off battery?

      • iPhones have much bigger margins than these TVs.
        iPhone’s cost price is about a third of the the retail price.

  • -5

    $1000 too much

    • +3

      Why don't you back up your comment with a link to a $399 65" FALD TV, of any brand? :-p

    • +2

      Yeah post that deal please . Even a 2022 model for $399 would be awesome deal.

  • Love ours, bought the 75" for $1800 last year, brand new

    VA panel with FALD, Dolby Vision, 4k120 VRR, good upscaling but does have a lot of blooming. Viewing angles are fine, rtings exaggerates it massively

  • +4

    For what it's worth, I got a XR6590L for $1496 brand new last year around Christmas time

    • +3

      I paid $1499 a month ago for damaged box one. They still have 1 more in stock for $1799 after the coupon.…

      Very good TV, but the speakers are weak. Had to get a soundbar :)

      • +1

        Yeah I'm very happy with what I got for the price. Also got a cheap soundbar ($170 or so) and massively improved the sound

        • I went for cheap bookshelf speaker instead (Edifier R1280 for $100), since the sound is much cleaner and balanced compared to a cheap soundbar. The volume is still more than enough for large living space.

          • @tekisei: I didn't have enough space in my living room/tv table so I had to get rid of my Edifier and get Samsung hw-q700c soundbar, which is quite good. I could hide the subwoofer behind the tv.

  • +2

    HDR brightness isn't great. I would personally wait for the L to drop in price again.…

    • +1

      ..and then there is an M.. !

  • The Google TV OS is slow but good panel.

  • +1

    I'm surprised people call this thing old despite it being 2 years ago, like its some obsolete tech. Theres little difference between this and the newer ones. At least not a $1000-2000 difference. These sets are brilliant. The only downside is the viewing angles. But they're all like this to an extent. Its a stupidly low price. There are people who will pay for hisense and those other cheap brands at this price point and are extremely happy, despite this set being 5-6 times better than them.

    • -1

      The x90l had been available near enough this price regularly for like 6 months. That's why people are commenting on the price. Nothing like $1000 price difference during the regular sales let alone $2000

      • I'm looking at the x90L 65" on jbhifi and its listed at $2300. So yes, $1000 more.

        • -2

          I said it had regularly been on sale for similar price to this. I did not say that currently it was.

          • @picket23: Thats fine. My comment was regarding prices right now, not some distant one that isnt viable anymore.

          • +1


            The x90l had been available near enough this price regularly for like 6 months.


            I said it had regularly been on sale for similar price to this

            Of the link you posted, there's only 1 time the price came remotely close to this, and that was 7 months ago during XMas season! So neither of what you said.

            • -1

              @Buy2Much: You're right if you don't include the 'damaged box' and refurb sales. However there's been plenty of sales, just not posted as a 1700$ x90l isn't amazing. I do consider 1700 close to 1400 FYI.

              Anyway, I was responding to the initial post which was asking why people were making comments that the TV was too old to be paying $1400 for.

              I was explaining why people are making those comments. Superior current TV from Sony is not that much more on sale. That is where those people are coming from. No one is negging the deal on your TV, don't take it personally.

              I'd wait for the x90l to be on sale personally, as would many others per the comments mentioned, pretty legitimate opinion. I don't think there's anything wrong with grabbing this if you need a TV now, hence not once expressing that this is a bad deal.

              • @picket23: Obviously yes, I never said your opinion was wrong. Apparently though mine seems to be for you. People come here for deals, looking for the lowest price. Quality wise between this and the 90L isnt really that great. So if people aer happy with this price which is lower than that then its absolutely worth grabbing instead of people saying the 90K isnt worth it. Because it absolutely is.

                • +1

                  @vlahka: Initially I was just trying to expand on the comments other's had made which seemed to flummox you, trying to explain where people were coming from. Your points were valid {besides the + $2k part) but so were the other comments.

                  People come here looking for deals and people's opinions on what a good deal is, hence the comments section and our discussion. Certainly not just about lowest price for xy inch TV, else the EKO deals would rule.

                  If I needed a 65" tv asap I'd consider this deal absolutely.

  • Get this and an AppleTV and you have a great cheap steaming setup.

    • Apple TV is not free right? The subscription fee I mean.

      • I think many people use is as the Apple home hub, and/or to use its Neflix, Disney+, Prime, Youtube, streaming etc apps instead of using the TV's OS built in apps…

        • Yes correct. I meant the AppleTV box~200$.

        • Built in Sony Google tv is pretty decent though yeah? (If you have it)

  • Deal is still available, just use the new code JULSNS.

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