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Buy 1 Get 1 Free $20 iTunes Cards at Harvey Norman. Starts Today till 17 Dec


Good morning all
Saw it on today's herald sun paper Vic. Most likely nationwide deal.
Buy 1 Get 1 Free $20 iTunes Cards at HN
Limit one deal per customer
If you don't have enough time to visit stores you can order online with free delivery.please use the link provided.
Plus 25% off all windows 7 laptops and ultrabooks

Edit: Delivery is now $5.95

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Maybe include date this is on, as I cant make anything out in the attachment.

  • In store only?

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      I just bought online, free shipping, paid with PayPal. Took 2 minutes total on my mobile.

  • Does anyone know the start and end date for this deal? Thanks!

  • Looks like a true buy 1 iTunes card & get another free. I also see a *5 next to it meaning a condition. Most likely its the 1 per customer condition.

    • Except for the "$20 iTunes Cards" on the left hand side.
      So it might be limited to $20 cards…

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    is it for today or the normal Saturday sale?

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    If you buy these check your receipts match the iTunes cards number because I bought two last time they did a buy one get one free deal and one receipt did not match the iTunes card number/ the card had not been activated. I realised a month later when I tried and couldn't activate one of them.

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      This happened to me, resolved it by contacting apple support through the website, sent through a copy of the receipt and itunes cards and they sent me new activation codes that worked perfectly.

      • This is the response I received from Apple:

        "It appears that the serial number on the receipt you provided does not match the
        information contained on the gift card images for the issue you reported. Given this,
        we will not be able to see if activation of the original code is possible unless we can
        see the actual proof of purchase. If you do not have the original receipt showing this
        purchase, you may need to contact the point of sale (retailer) that the card was
        purchased from to see if they can get you a replacement receipt. Without the receipt,
        I am afraid we may not be able to assist you further"

        I havent had a chance to go back to Harvey Norman but will this weekend and buy more while I am there.

  • Can anyone confirm if its all HNs or just Vic?

  • Can anyone outside of Victoria confirm that this is nationwide, and as per Monarocv8's post above, valid today or not 'til Saturday?

  • is this sale on today?

  • Go Harveyyyyyy! Woohooo

  • It's true! I bought last time… You are only allowed to get the $20 ones and get another for free. Bring your friends along so you can get more! Great gift for Kris Kringle! Lol

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      First run : Just normal clothes … buy cards
      go to end of line … put on sun glasses … buy cards
      go to end of line … put on hat and different glasses … buy cards
      go to end of line … put on jacket and beanie …. buy cards
      ……. till your out of idea's

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        Or just take advantage of the many HN cashiers that really couldn't care less :)

        • Yup i confirmed it worked last time. I went to HN 3 times on that day just to buy the Itunes Card. No question asked

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        Takes four cards, gets to cashier, pulls down pants: "One deal for me… and one for my little friend!"

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  • The most important WHEN!!!!!

  • Normally on super saturdays.

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    Awesome, I'm off to HN.

    If HN keep having these 50% off iTunes deals, I might actually have to start liking HN. :O

  • I have the paper in front of me and it says that the sale ends on 17/12/12

    The $20 itunes voucher says: Limit one deal per customer.

    As for condition #5 mentioned in a previous post, it says Bonus item must be of equal or lesser value compared to item purchased. Items must be purchased in the same transaction. Terms and conditions apply. See in store for full details

    • When the sale starts?

      • now I guess - there's no start date - just an end date

    • Indeed - just found in the Daily Telegraph (NSW) and it goes until 17th (Monday).

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    Herald Sun, 14 Dec 2012. Page46

    also guaranteed 25% off windows 7 laptops and ultrabooks in stock

    • Thanks for the link. :)

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    Officeworks price match and 5% beat, everybody to Officeworks.

    • Does this work?

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        No, they don't. if it was 50% discount they will.

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          I was wrong. They did pricematch it this time. 19.51 x 2 $20 ;)

  • Local queensland store just denied any knowledge of this special. Said they are currently running 2 for $30 only

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      Why don't they learn to communicate properly with their stores? It's egg on their faces when customers know about their deals even before staff do.

    • Damn, that's disappointing. I will have a look at the Brisbane store today.

    • HN at Rothwell said the deal starts tomorrow.

    • maybe ask them to price match their other HN stores - and then maybe send a tweet to HN and on #FB im sure theyll come around then…..

    • My local HN said the same thing, until I showed them the website, then one of the staff members rung some up for himself! :)

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    I work for Officeworks north sydney and my manager confirmed it must be price matched. One per customer and can rebuy in separate transaction, just come back another time or day o repurchase.

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      I wonder if Officeworks Brisbane would pricematch thinking that Qld stores are included?

      • One of my mates did that at the OW Brisbane CBD and they refused to match the price. What a shame OW!

    • It took two visits to North Sydney OW to get one purchase today. Staff were unsure how to put the sale through the first time. I should have asked for another 2 for the second visit…

  • dosnt look like they stock any $20 ones, they have been gone for a long long time

  • could you get a better picture of the page? What's the price of the 46" Sony TV on the bottom centre?

    • $796.

    • $796 KDL46EX650

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    Thanks OP, just got some from HN Martin Place (NSW) - they were busy pre-activating these in readiness for people to buy them. Enjoy!

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    Just rang HN Auburn and they said the sale is on tomorrow, not today and you can buy online for free instore pickup too http://www.harveynorman.com.au/itunes-gift-card-20.html

    Thanks OP

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      Shipping to my address in Victoria and paying with PayPal was free.

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      free delivery too… at least to the city based postcodes I tried.

    • Thanks just ordered using your link! Maybe the OP can be edited to include the link too.

    • woohoo online order with free shipping

    • No stock in Brisbane, hopefully that's a lie and I can pick-up in store tomorrow.

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        Order online with free shipping instead? :)

        • Need it by Sunday, so I'll just print out the online order and get OW to pricematch, shouldn't be an issue.

        • Ahh I see, no worries

      • Rothwell said "out of stock" online but when I phoned them they said they had heaps instock and were in the process of pre-activating them, not that they knew anything about the deal mentioned here until I told them I ordered it online. I would advise ringing the stores to get confirmation.

  • Just found the ad in the paper, seems to looks like you can pick it up from today, not from tomorrow, shifty HN Auburn! lol

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    Online order, free shipping, amex points.

    If I had an app in the app store I'd buy these cards and purchase my own app = profit.

    • but you can only buy one app per account.

  • Thanks OP. Just picked up four at QV, Melb. The guy in front of me bought six+, reckon they sold about 30 the 20minutes I was there.

  • I was told at HN Garden City (Brisbane) deal starts tomorrow. They said come early as they sell out/ quick. Skipped it and just ordered online- free shipping

  • Ordered online with free shipping. Good deal.

  • thanks, just did 2 online orders for rellies Xmas.

  • +1

    Just wonder anyone that ordered online received their order confirmation email? I didn't!

    • Nah I havn't either :(

    • I haven't yet… still waiting. I am keeping a copy of the confirmation page until I get one. CC has been charged though.

    • I did but it took about half an hour to come through

    • I only received PayPal receipt via email. Nothing from HN.

    • still waiting on my confirmation email from HN, got the PayPal confirmation 4 hours ago…

  • Ordered online. awesome deal

  • cheers!

  • Great deal OP.You can order more than once online, I did it twice and just changed my name only,worked fine.

    • Don't panic guys. This runs for 4 days. You can order online till the 17th regardless of whether they have stok in store or not. They will honour this deal.

  • Still awaiting confirmation via email. Did print out the confirmation page just in case.

    Anyone received it yet?

  • Went to HN @ Gordon, NSW, picked up a couple. They didn't have many left. Store rep tried to charge me 2 for $30, had to show the ad to get the price. They wouldn't let me buy more than 1 set of 2 cards.

    Ordered a couple of twins online also, different names, worked fine, delivered free.

    Best price EVER! :) Thanks OP!

    ps: email confirmation took about 15 minutes or so, for each order.

  • Got mine from Harvey Norman Martin Place NSW in the morning! Seems like staff is well prepared for a super busy day (on selling iTune cards).

    So yeah.. this promotion is legit.

    • Went there this afternoon and they were out. :(

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    Just buy at Officeworks, no Q and heaps in stock at clarent street sydney CBD, glebe store and north sydney, generaly most Officeworks still have it., just checked the system.

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    If you're in the area, the HN at Springvale Home Centre has a heap of them. No queues, no issue with buying it (although they don't have a sign up or anything indicating the b1g1f)

    On a side note, is that place ever even half full? Seems to always be the emptiest shopping centre I've ever been to

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      i was thinking the same… i dont think its the best place for a centre of shops.

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    I guess nowadays noone expects to pay full price for a iTunes card.

  • Got two lots of two in separate transactions at HN Bundal on the GC. They had a pile of about 30 at the front counter

  • Thanks! Glad they had the option to deliver it for free :) Purchased! Happy to wait I'm sure it would arrive in time for xmas, and it's a good gift! :) perfect

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    Kudos to HN for making deal applicable to online orders and including free delivery.

  • A goer at Frankston Power Centre, but they were enforcing 1-per-customer.

    • Can you give me an idea of numbers at the Power Centre?

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