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HP Pavilion DM1-4108AU 11.6" Notebook Windows7 $249 at JB Hi-Fi Eastland (Online Price Is $368)


Hi guys,

I picked up the HP 11inch Notebook dm1-4108AU for a bargain price! $249.00 - this is the sticker price at JB Hi-Fi Eastland (or was - as a new member I couldn't post immediately). Staff there told me they had about 80 in stock, and weren't going to move them at the official JB price ($368 online) due to the next model up (Windows 8 version) being only $10 more expensive, so they dropped the price.

The laptop itself is quite small, very light at just over a kilo, and reputedly has excellent battery life and acceptable performance (compared to Netbooks around the same price/size).

Having said that - mine is going to be replaced under warranty already. Issue with something loose inside I think - randomly loses use of touchpad/keyboard and screen flickers. Make sure you keep your receipt and register with HP (their support were very quick to respond at least).

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    Wow good to know you've only just purchased it and it's already in for warranty repair.

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      It's scary to think that HP Australia are just as likely to send it back to the customer as-is, saying that they couldn't replicate the fault…they are complete A-holes IME!

      I'm with the other guys, take it back to JB & demand your rights to a refund/replacement!

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      It's pretty bad, I'm hoping its a one-off… But HP are replacing it, not repairing.

      • Good to hear! :)

    • I had a previous gen DM1 and it was faulty out of the box too.
      Getting it fixed was a royal pain. They outsource repair/warranty to a bunch of clowns and the left hand knows not what the right hand does

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    Network interface 10/100/1000 LAN, Bluetooth, 802.11n
    USB ports 3
    VGA Yes
    HDMI Yes
    Natural resolution (max) 1366 x 768 pixels
    Diagonal screen size 11.6 inch
    Primary hard drive 320 GB
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 30.7 x 214 x 290 mm
    Weight 1.57 kg
    Graphics hardware AMD Radeon HD 6320
    Memory RAM 2GB
    Integrated webcam
    Processor type AMD E-450
    Processor speed 1.65 GHz
    Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    • "VGA Yes" classic haha, or thats one big mp3 player!

  • I've got something similar (Asus X43U, AMD E350). The default HDD is very slow, you'd need to replace it with a SSD and upgrade the RAM.

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    If you only just bought itwhy are you getting it repaired? know your rights and get jbhifi to replace it with one thats working

    • It is being replaced by HP

    • I've had bad experiences arguing with clueless JB staff in the past about this sort of thing.

      Is there any easy way to make them comply with the law? Some specific terms we can use that they know they have to replace it?

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        Yes, print out documentation from the office of fair trading, take it in to the JB store where you bought the faulty item, and demand a refund or a replacement or threaten to take legal action. There is specific documentation on office of fair trading website. Hope you found this helpful.

        • OFT don't deliver
          they will tell you to take it to the CTTT
          have complained about many items before
          IL-liberal ministers gutting public service staff do not inspire confidence that they prefer consumers over businesses which ignore them.
          we need legal pretence to get honest businesses to rectify their faults
          something which is not so common.

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    Check out the ACCC site, you have by all rights to get a new replacement, OR full refund and not waste time getting it replaced.

    • Not possible now, he's gone directly to HP.

  • Great laptop for the price. I have had one since June and no problems. Recommend that you add some RAM.

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    My son bought one yesterday. Goes quite well. Will do everything he wants to do. Very happy with the price. Bendigo had a bout 20 or so left.


    • Did you get a pricematch? Called them and they quoted me $330

  • This feels more like the real price. While the price is good, I'm not surprised it's in for warranty, the build feels shoddy and not consistent with hp laptops. The same applies to the new version.

  • Can we get a price match at another JB Hifi store? Or is this at all stores?

  • Awesome price for that laptop, anyone know if any ACT stores are doing this deal?

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    $368 at essendon fields.

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    Will not ever buy another Hp product after my old HP laptop (costing over $2000)kept failing - google "hp laptop hinge". I basically bought one to use on my desktop, and after opening/closing the screen maybe a dozen times the hinge starting cracking apart. Hp USA issued a recall for the problem but not in Australia. My battery would last about 40 minutes after 6 months of use (proper use, not constantly charged etc), again hp USA had a recall for this exact issue - but not in Australia. Anway at this price expect it to be a disposable product and you won't be disappointed.

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      How can they issue recalls in the USA but not here for the same issue? Doesn't that mean that they're willingly letting people use known bad products in Australia?

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        Welcome to HP Australia.

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        Quite common for US products to be recalled and not the Australian ones, and that's across a wide selection of manufacturers.
        I think it's extremely unfair but it seems to be the way, that the Australian consumer is treated like a second rate customer.

  • dadam, any chance of posting a copy of your receipt?

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    My daughter has one she received as a prize - 'tis a good machine! For $249, a bargain….

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    I got one of these. Whack a 4GB RAM module in with a new SSD and you'll be laughing. Otherwise its pretty slow.

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    Got one around 6 months ago at JB Southland for $318.00

    Excellent little unit. I increased the RAM and use it as an XBMC device on my HDTV. Works flawlessly in this capacity (even with 1080P).

    I paired it up with the Logitech K400 wireless keyboard:

    Pro Tip: The software which comes with the keyboard lets you program keys. I programmed FUNCTION F1, F2, F3 to be Zoom In, Zoom Out, Default Zoom. Reason being sometimes writing on HDTVs (on web browsers) can be difficult to make out and needs to be zoomed in on.

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      What RAM did you get?

      • Bought 2 pieces of Kingston DDR3 - 4GB modules and upgraded the machine to 8GB.
        Put on 64bit versions of Ubuntu and Windows 7… . Runs GREAT!

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    • Excellent- I'll go try to price match it at JB now… 5% price beat at office works an option? I'm in NSW

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    i purchased one last time when they were on sale. In my opinion/experience these are crap netbooks. It's currently at HP for the 2nd round repair. 1st time, the keyboard and trackpad fail when the motherboard reaches a certain temperature. 2nd time battery wont charge, something faulty internally. The repair centre in sydney (NCSS) is crap as, laptop got lost in the system for 2 weeks and they then closed the warranty ticket, almost 4weeks now and not fixed.

    Never will buy a silly HP laptop again. These laptops are cheap for a reason. AVOID.

    • I don't like the sound of this. What are the decent brands? Asus?

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        Anything but HP IMHO…

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        I will vouch for Asus. I broke my charger connection to my laptop (physical damage) and explained I wanted it repaired and was willing to pay for it but they replaced it under warranty! Really great products and top customer support. My next favourite would have to be Toshiba in terms of product quality and customer support. I work at an electronics retailer (I will not mention who), so I see what products come back and how the manufactures deal with the products.

      • A lot of people seem to hate Dell, but I've never had any issues with them. In my experience, their warranties are generally pretty good.

      • Avoid HP/Compaq and Acer just for starters.
        Love my Asus laptop especially the availability of updates.

        • Well, I have two ACER laptops, four-year and five-year old. Both are still going strong, never had any problem at all, and I'm still using it as my main computer now. =)

    • I also bought one of these last time it was on sale and mine also has a problem with battery charging.
      Will only charge if the laptop is turned off and I take the battery out and put it back in before connecting charger.
      These are my other gripes with it:
      - Screen quality is pretty bad, wife has an iPad 2 and the difference is incredible.
      - Mine was very picky about RAM, ended up having to buy more expensive HP RAM after trying 2 other brands.
      - Packaged trackpad software is rubbish, caused trackpad to randomly stop responding or become very stuttery once uninstalled though all was good again.

      All in all i would say it's not too bad, battery life is good(6hrs+), very light, performance is pretty reasonable for the price. Just don't have too high expectations and be prepared for battery issues!

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    can u please post a receipt?

    • +2

      Look up. Seesh.

      • +4


        Repeat this phrase over & over…She sells sea-shells by the sea shore. :p

        [edit] OMG, I've been negged…sutherin thuccotass! :)

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    I have this laptop and it works great after I add another 2GB of ram. It's been hook up with my tv as a media player.

  • My 7 year old HP business series nc8230 laptop has not died itself but has gone through 2 generic adapters, the current one is OEM and has lasted since I bought it. It is slim, has a brilliant screen (crisp, sharp) has good speed running windows 7, and still looks like their current business laptop range. I guess it perhaps depends on the type of use, and its build quality on how long the laptop lasts. I am going to keep on using mine until it dies. =)

    • +2

      business series

      Key words there, business grade =/= consumer grade.

  • anybody successfully price matched it in sydney?

  • my mrs has picked up an extra that is now not needed. shoot me a PM if anyone wants to pick up st kilda otherwise will return it tomorrow box sealed unopened…. Edit: Now gone.

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    JB Hifi Woden ACT had stock, however, refused to give the price. Walked out.

  • I bought one about a year ago, its great as a media centre, plays back bluray on the 2nd screen without skipping a beat but its still kinda gutless CPU wise, could barely play Tell Tales Walking Dead episode 1. I got it for about $350 and as much as I enjoyed having a laptop the past 12 months, I've always regretted not getting a "real" laptop for some extra $$

    • It can play Bluray? It doesn't have a CD/DVD drive right?

      • I'm asuming he means blu ray rips. Full HD playback, etc. Because no it hasnt got an optical drive.

  • I am gotta say that I am pleasantly surprised with how well it functions for what it is, I have always found netbooks to be to be too small and fiddly and 14" and above as too bulky. This suits me needs perfectly, especially given that I do a lot of traveling. Great buying at anything under $300 I would have thought, if you can nab one.

  • Pretty uneducated when it comes to laptops, how much would an extra 2 gig of RAM be? Is it more expensive than PC RAM (assuming it's smaller).

    • +1

      I wouldn't bother with 2GB. 4GB should be ~ $25, 8GB (assuming the laptop takes it) ~ $45.

      • +1

        Here's a pretty good deal for 8GB, $38.95 with free delivery: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=23...

        Edit: While it is a good deal, according to the users manual it can not be used for this laptop. You could install 2x4GB or just add 4GB to the second slot (that should be free for models with AMD CPU).

    • +1

      $21 for a stick of 4gb ddr3 1333 at msy.

      • The latptop comes with only 2 GIG, so would a 4 gig stick in the other slot work properly?

        • +1

          yep, just make sure its ddr3 1333

  • Would we have a better chance if we took in multiple receipt to show more than 1 store honoured it?

  • None in Melb bourke St or Elizabeth. Camberwell has 90 chaddy 40 springvale 30. called chaddy and springvale - both said 368, the 249 is a promo by eastland only. i didnt bother pushing (only works in store anyways). let us know if someone manages to get it for that price in south east thanks

  • Another thing I found in the users manual is the weight: 1.46kg with 3 cell battery, 1.6kg with 6 cell battery. OK, but I would not say "very light at just over a kilo"

  • Can I have a SSD & Hard Drive or can you only have one?

    • Reconditioned mate!!

  • No luck on price match at Moore park nsw even though they have stocks…

  • Good price!

    Saw this at my local JB hifi today @ $398 ??!!!

  • Not good to see no JB is price matching. I've printed out the reciept- might help. I'm looking at this for portability- had a 17.3" laptop before and I liked the power it had, but it was not portable. Maybe this will be a compromise? Any idea if it could run even older games (GTA:Vice city etc?)

  • Rang 4 JB's store (NSW) and none of them had in stock. One of the guy even sounds bit cynical said JB wont sell notebook under 300.

  • calling stores is bull shit anyway going in to the store with money in hand is the only way to price match.

  • Went to few JB stores, lowest I can get it for 300. Is this ok to buy at 300?

    • cheaper on ebay

  • Jb wont match it- tried 2 sydney cbd stores.

    Which other retailers sell this that i could try matchig it with?

  • JB Eastland wont ship them either

  • If I think back, On boxing day my JB store had a notebook out for $250, All i remember was it had beats audio.

    I tried to have a look but I couldnt see any details so left it alone.

    I'll go down tommorow and see if they have any left.

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    I got it for 298 @ JB Parramatta. They still got 10 more in stock

    • +1

      Can you post the reciept?

  • These were $316 nationwide on there website a few weeks back, so if anyone really wants one they should be able to do that price easily.

  • HP products are notorious for being of shoddy quality in many cases not even lasting through their warranty period. Just read some of the comments here for evidence.

    • +1

      It's not even just the mediocre build quality, it's HP's general head-in-the-sand attitude to rectifying documented manufacturing faults that irks many people (myself included) the most.

    • I have two 6 year old HP laptops - one a Compaq and the other a Pavilion - that are absolutely fine. A family member has a two year old Pavilion that is in near-mint condition.

  • Looks like it's only a bargain for those of you near JB Eastlands- very lucky!

  • Picked one of these up at Doncaster ST's JBHF.
    Thanks for the tip.

    Intend to try and dual boot it and jack up the RAM to the max.
    Great portable size makes it a great travelling companion.

  • I bought one of these 3 weeks ago, any chance I can get a refund of the price difference? Or am I dreaming?

    Damn I hate getting ripped off!

    I had been eyeing off this laptop for most of the year, finally decided to buy it at the 15% off sale, costing $312 and now this… $249 wtf grrr!

    Mine runs fine, added a 4bg stick of Kingston 1333mhz ram from msy ($20 at the time) now has 6gb, probably getting an SSD for it shortly, but it does stream movies well as is :)

    • The only way to get it cheaper again is to travel overseas and claim your gst back.

      • +1

        …or, travel back in time & stop yourself from buying at the inflated price…Arnie style! ;)

      • I was thinking more along the lines of a price guarantee, from JB hi-fi. I believe some businesses do this

        • I'm at the Chadstone shopping centre store now and they are marked down, but the price is $315 so no point asking them. I need to find a local store that has them at $249 otherwise cut my losses in guess.

          Thanks for the link :-)

        • cheers :)

  • If I still have some at my store, Is anyone interested?
    I can probably post in a 3KG or 5KG Satchel AUS wide, $10 - $15

    • yeh mate im interested, which store?

      • Bendigo,
        i'll call and see if they have any stock

        • Called them, He said he thinks they're going for $270, He checked and theyre at $330.

          I'll go in later on and see if they price match.

  • Chadstone Shopping centre JB has about 40 of these in stock, currently marked down to $315
    http://db.tt/ylhyp5x0 (1.5mb image)

    • why does it say $398 down the bottom when the normal price is $368

      is it legal for them to do that, to make it look like its a bigger saving?

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