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Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Headphones - $327 @ Harvey Norman [Pick up or Delivery]


Overrated Beats by Dre headphones for $327 at Harvey Norman. Available in different colours. [edit: they've down the price by $2 after hearing all your 'professional' opinions below lol)

If your missing some 'swag' or wanna walk around looking a 'douche' then these are the headphones for you! Draws plenty of attention.

I actually own a pair of these headphones….. but refuse to wear them outdoors lol

IMO - The sound quality is pretty good - strong bass, minimal distortion on max volume, instruments and vocals are quite clear; however I have noticed that sound leak is an issue - i.e. even on medium volume, people can actually hear your Justin Beiber/One Direction beats from the outside…\

Nonetheless, pretty solid headphones and not bad for the price. JB Hifi is still selling them for $399.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +110

    Will go great with my tribal tattoo, Industrie shirt (popped collar, of course) and sunnies at night.

    • -1

      Voted best comment of 2013. True as true can be.

      • +1

        That's far from the truth in my experience. Only people I see on the street wearing Beats are nerdy looking guys. Some hipsters too but again, they look more on the nerdy side than the tats kinda hipster. Seriously go out and look around and you will notice this ;)

        • +6

          dj drongo has some hot tips to save you $329


        • You're insulting nerds with that comment!

        • Agree with user51. White and Nerdy is the key demographic i've seen.

        • Not really.

          These predominately appeal to people who don't know anything about music. In my experience this covers bogan youths sub 25 who listen to mainstream house and/or hiphop and identify with the 'swag' culture.

          But if you're a fat neckbeard you might decide all of the above is covered under "skinny and nerdy".

      • +77

        Somebody owns a pair of Beats, I reckon!

        • +16

          I do not. I would never spend more than $100 on headphones, even if they were made of Taylor Swift's panties.

          I'm just sick to death of the the same old arrogant posts allllll the time. We get, "cool" people are stupid. You are so much smarter. Move on.

        • +29

          Taylor swifts panties… In that case I will buy them for $100

        • +13

          People don't knock them for being ludicrously priced. Good sounding cans will be costly, these though, aren't good sounding…

          They were designed and marketed well? People flocked and we then knock those people and the headphones.

          Those not bothered by sound qual would be silly to spend more than $100 on a pair of cans, because you can get decent sound for that price range.

          I personally think it's ridiculous, specific to headphones, to spend so much for a particular design. I mean, they have mirrors next to the stands at stores now?!

        • +2

          just like your opinion, everybody is entitled to theirs :)

        • -5

          FFS, WE KNOW!

          Beats are over priced. Not terrible sounding, BUT only if they were priced $70-85.

          Seriously, is there some fetish I don't know about were you guys get your rocks off "educating" people about headphones.

          Let it go. It's no different to someone spending $250 on a Italian shirt.

        • +1

          Rage much? Lol

        • +3

          If your bothered by these jokes why would you open a deal about them on ozbargain? facepalm

        • +2

          Judging by her video "you belong to me" they are likely to be big granny knickers

        • +1
        • +3

          It's no different to someone spending $250 on a Italian shirt.

          actually its totally different. completely and totally different…. but im not going to try and convince you otherwise

          but on that note, i have these awesome "NosDan" branded shirts you can buy, they came from target… err… i mean they are really exclusive and you cant buy them anywhere else, RRP of just $2799 but specially for you caus you know good things when you see them ill only charge you $100 each with free shipping……

        • +2

          Taylor Swift's panties for $100.

          I'd OzBargain that.

        • +8

          By purchasing Beats you are supporting Beats to continue to make shitty plasticky headphones and price them for ridiculously high prices.
          You are also ignoring the much better alternatives out there.
          Stop your bitching and open your eyes

        • +3

          Quality headphones are expensive, just like other audiophile gear. However, for the average consumer, it seems that a celebrity endorsement is a sure way to get parted with their money. Innerfidelity has an interesting article - albeit a bit old - comparing a whole bunch of celebirty headphones, and it looks like Beats are at the bottom of the list…


          To the OP: if you think you spent your money wisely, have a look at the link above, and check what you could have got for only half the price.

          If you don't trust the guy at Innerfidelity, head over to head-fi.com - pretty robust forums dealing in all kinds of head gear…

        • You are making the neckbeards angry. shhh

        • DELETE

        • Taylor Swift's panties

          +1 for the comment

        • If this were listed as a legitimate OzBargain post, any price would be a bargain.

        • $250 for a proper Italian shirt is a much better choice than getting beats.

        • you're entitled to your own opinion, yes, but for it to be valid it must be based on fact and reason.

      • +3

        I generally don't mind when people want to pay something extra for something of value. If they think something that feels or looks good is worth the premium, go nuts.

        Beats however, has a special place in my heart because you're not just paying for 'fashion', these products actually stink. Their price/performance ratio is around 1/5th of any other decent brand out there. When you wear one of these headsets, you're telling the world that you're the type of person who pays more for less, just for the misguided desire to look 'badass.' It seems I hit a nerve.

        • -6

          Ok, are you married? Did you buy an engagement ring?

          Did you:
          a) Buy a diamond
          b) Buy glass rock

          Glass would cost 1/1000 of the price yet be 99/100 the same looks.

          This is just as stupid, but socially it's expected.

          Humans are dumb. We all are, not just people besides you.

        • +2

          i actually feel like a rapper/music artist wearing them… living in the 8 mile… lol :P

        • +4

          Thats different. A diamond is an investment. 100 years down the track your children's children can return the old ring to the store and get more money that what it originally cost.

          Dont go calling people dumb.

        • +11

          "A diamond is an investment."
          Oh, totally. Such a sensible investment.

        • +4

          The price of a diamond ring comes from the stone's rarity, and the craftsmanship of the band/cut. You're paying for an heirloom, expected to last at least your lifetime. You're also paying to partake in a cultural meme and symbolise (if not quantify) your devotion to another.

          That's not even remotely analogous to Beats, a mass-produced, inferior and garish fad. In a decade, Beats would be what your LED-heel sneakers or Vanilla Ice jacket are now.

        • +3

          Diamonds are an investment… HA HA HA HA HA

          Years ago back in Canada I was a manager of a Cash Converters and the # of people that came in thinking their gold/diamonds were worth this/that was amazing. I had people walking in with rings that they paid $3-$5K for which were only worth a few hundred bucks in real value. Even less sometimes because they got shafted and had no idea what they were buying.

          Diamonds can be an investment but only if you are buying them at a wholesale.

          If you want to see how much that expensive gold necklace is worth that you may have purchased thinking it is an investment just do an ebay search for "scrap gold".

          So yeah if you want to do your children's children a favour - put the money into some sort of savings account and buy some glass like PainToad suggested.

        • "The price of a diamond ring comes from the stone's rarity, and the craftsmanship of the band/cut. You're paying for an heirloom"
          So essentially you're spending a shit load of money on something for NO purpose other than for the prestige and to flaunt your worth. It's no different to buying Beats. I know it's embarrassing being a hypocrite, but please just accept it.

          "expected to last at least your lifetime"
          Let's say the glass only lasted 5 years, be still more financially sensible to replace the glass version.

          "You're also paying to partake in a cultural meme and symbolise (if not quantify) your devotion to another"
          Translation, you're paying to partake in a social trend. The only difference is the diamond ring trend has been around longer. Both are pointless on a pure sensibility level.

        • +4

          To THIRD_GEAR <—-Lol are you always this stupid or today is a special day? Like seriously? Go search the web for pure gold bars and gold coins lol you will see their worth… The gold that is sold here is australia is shit n overpriced but if u invest in gold bullions they hardly loose value lol… Take it from a financial analyst … Gold is next best thing adter real estate…. As far as diamond is concerned i totally agree with Strand … Ooh and you do that to your kids… Leave your money in a bank account lol who is going to factor in the inflation cost.. The currency fluctuations, i terest rates oh and the opportunity cost? LOL your kids would think their dad was the stupidest man on earth fpr doing something like this :)

        • Only if the production/extraction of beats was scarce and people would actually die making them would they be over priced not when the demand is low and supply is humungous

        • +2

          Thats a pathetic analogy.

          Do you know how much Gold and diamonds have risen over the past 5-10 years?

          I wonder how much Beats headphones will rise by after it is opened up for use?

          Go and check out the market trends of gold - 2000 was $300 USD an once. 2012 was $1800 USD an once.


          If you are stupid enough to buy inflated jewelry from Goldmark, Michael Hill or some other crappy Retail outlet, then you probably deserve to pay the extra price. Finding a good broker or wholesaler with certification is whats needed to get the best price.

        • Excuse me, hypocrite? I can tell the initial harmless comment has, for some reason, gotten under your skin, but I'm playing the devil's advocate. I'm not a fan of overspending on jewellery either but don't pretend these cases are remotely comparable.

          People partake in this cultural trend even if they don't like it, because it's expected behaviour for an (ostensibly) financially-independent and generous adult committing to marriage, to shell out for an expensive ring. A more relevant comparison is a company dress code. While there's no reason you can't do 90% of work out there in shorts and singlet, you make the effort to look presentable, regardless of comfort or financial sense. Capiche?

          Now…. if I bought an overpriced 'engagement' ring for myself, without any social expectation, or commitment, just to 'flaunt my wealth,' then yes, I am buying a $10,000 pair of Beats for my finger. Beats = a vanity ring of lead, socketed with CZs and made with all the TLC of a Foxconn worker.

        • -2

          "Do you know how much Gold and diamonds have risen over the past 5-10 years?"
          There's a big difference to the price of raw materials, and someone's insignificant ring.

        • +1

          Diamonds are quite different to beats as Strand pointed out.

          They has worth because society accepts it has worth, it has sustained that acceptance, and it isnt going to turn around and say "you know what, this is just a stone and I am paying for differences I can't even seen…" even though it probably should.

          Beats on the other hand… 20 years time, people will think they are as cool as slap bands and hypercolour tshirts.

          I have a feeling Strand is probably about 5 years older than me.

        • -4

          @Strand0410, you would have a point for your age. But I'm guessing for the 14-20 age group buying Beats would be just as expected and pressured.

          Both are unnecessary, both rely on social expectation and humans desire to be accepted by their relevant social groups.

        • So how much can you sell your Beats for AFTER you opened the box?
          If you were smart about Jewelry and got it wholesale, then you'd definitely get your money back (and even more after a number of years).

        • +1

          Again, a 14 year old being peer-pressured into thinking Beats are 'cool', is not the same thing as a competent adult choosing to purchase an expensive ring for a loved one as per societal expectations. These were never in the same ballpark so I'll just notch that one up to poor choice of analogy in an attempt to discredit a position you disagree with.

          @Modokun, Probably not unless you're in your late teens. I happen to be in the weird intersection where both engagement rings and Beats headphones are supposedly relevant to my age group. I reject the value proposition of one, and will bite the bullet on the other, because unlike another poster here, I can separate two disparate thoughts in my brain.

        • -2

          @Strand0410, sorry just saying the two aren't related doesn't prove they aren't.

          You yourself said you aren't every keen on either, but you will "bite the bullet" on an engagement ring due to social expectations.

          I fail to see how one is peer pressure, and the other isn't.

        • +1

          They are both peer pressure, but one has a sustained value over thousands of years, the other has been popular for aout 2 years and is already falling out of popularity.

          One will hold it's worth, the other won't.

          That is why they are not comparable.

        • @PainToad. I give your weird little crusade an A+ for effort, but now for the sake of our sanity , I must ask you to stop posting.

        • Glass is not 99/100 similar to diamonds.. it's far from it. If you mentioned CZ… then you may have some form of a case… but … go on.. demonstrate more of your ignorance.

        • @Strand0410 I give you A+ for your stubbornness. Continue to look down on others for spending THEIR money on what you consider overpriced items, while you do the same.

        • "Glass is not 99/100 similar to diamonds.."
          From a functionality point of view, they are.

          They are both clear, shine in light and sit doing nothing on a ring.

        • Yeah, I heard they aren't making any progress what so ever with artificial diamonds. I'm sure in 80 years they won't have mastered making them.

      • +1

        yeah, your comment was cool, but it wasn't four popped collars cool.

        I appreciate your description OP, but I have no idea why you would buy these headphones and not wear them outside. These headphones are made to be shown off. You can get far better quality for the same price with a different brand that isnt as 'stylish'.

        • +1

          Oh, I can buy better quality for cheaper and these are just for fashion!? Wow, no one else has said this. Please tell me more oh wise one.

        • It was more that the OP said…

          "actually own a pair of these headphones….. but refuse to wear them outdoors lol"

          I don't understand that at all.

        • +1

          haha i bought these a few years ago when they came out - impulse buy at the time when they were abit more exclusive in Aus, but now they are pretty mainstream.
          They are abit bulky to wear around town, so I prefer just wear earphones nowadays. :)

      • +1

        Sure you're right PainToad but I gave you a neg anyway … everyone else was
        I'll retract my neg vote if you get a neck tattoo

    • You forgot your starter cap with the sticker still on it.

  • +16

    Sound leak is not an 'flaw' - if you choose to buy open headphones this is a standard across this range.

    Open headphones have the advantage of having greater soundstage and more accurate, tight, bass.

    Beats are rubbish because they have muddled bass, no clarity or transparency, and overall terrible sound quality for $300 headphones. If you want bass-heavy RnB/Hip hop headphones, the V-Moda crossfade LP's are better than these. There's currently a deal on them here on ozbargain for just over $100.

    • +1

      Not a bad headphone, its overrated for sure.

      • +2

        Severely overpriced as well.

    • i agree, there are definitely better headphones on the market.
      It is normal for sound leak to occur with open headphones however, I've notice that these Beats Studio tend to leak more even at a lower volume…might be because of the way they were built or the thin plastic they use… no idea.
      i also own a pair of bose headphones which don't leak as much in minimal/medium volume like the beats one. It was just a comparison that's all.

    • +3

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't all Beats headphones closed? I think sound leakage is a flaw for a closed pair. I have HD650 and MDR-V6 at home and even the open pair don't leak that much.

      • Yes, they are closed. They need to be so that they can apply a higher dB rating to those low-range frequencies.

  • +24

    Im voted this up just for the description.

    • ditto

  • +12

    I bet they will be sold out and Gerry will be called in because "Professionals" bought them all

  • +14

    I thought it was universally agreed that Beats are way overpriced and not even remotely worth the money.

    • +8

      Yep, everyone know it. But for some reason everyone feels the need to tell everyone.

      • +11

        it's called word of mouth - if the product is bad, people need to know about it in order to make an informed decision whether to buy it or not.
        There is nothing wrong with 'everyone feels the need to tell everyone.'

        • +4

          considering how many negative votes you are getting for your comments, everyone on this forum is smarter than you.

        • +9

          No-one said headphones were a 'big issue', but we're splitting hairs over the cost of headphones on a bargain forum, so if there's any place to discuss it, it's here. Your indignant rage, condescension and scathing sarcasm are a chore to read.

          A harmless comment at the expense of Beats was somehow enough to set off your bizarre tirade. You know what? Comments you disagree with can be ignored, you're not compelled to sneak in the last word on the internet.

        • -3

          public opinion is never an indicator of intelligence, just look at Julia Gillard slowly swing back into the lead in the polls …

        • Julia Gillard has plenty of flaws IMO , but intelligence isn't one of them and I'll admit I'm a liberal voter..

      • Marketing can imply anything they want if consumers aren't there to tell you otherwise.

    • +4

      Yes but here at OZB we don't criticize the overpriced scam of a product, we criticize the deal, and you can't get this particular overpriced scam of a product for this cheap anywhere else, so it's a good deal! ><

  • How did they ever manage to design good headphones without the assiatance of rappers and pop stars?

    • +6

      Replace the phrase "design good" with "sell more" and motives become clear ;)

    • I think the word you are looking for is 'endorsement' the artists had no say in the design, in fact they would never use them either.

  • This is best ozbargain deal ever, way to save money!

  • They are $327, so now they are worth it.

    • Last time I walked in to take a look at these studio headphones, the salesman dropped the price to $300 for me without any haggling…

  • +5

    Is this a deal though? They are BEATS headphones, after all.

    If it were a post for 'Free Syphilis Injections', would people still consider it a deal?

    • +8

      If it was beats branded Syphilis then I certainly would!

      • +23

        Syphilis by Ke$ha

        • +13

          Lol! "Bashed by Chris Brown" or "Bruised by Rihanna"

        • +1

          Hilarious comment!

        • +25

          or "Beats Rihanna by Chris Brown"

        • +1

          That's much better.

    • +6

      Could you post your Syphillis deal on the front page please? Couldn't find it for upvote.

    • mate, any syphilis injection couldnt cure what you have lol jks jks :P

  • +7

    the only good deal for this headphones is if they pay me $329 to wear them

  • +1

    I dont know much about headphones But Paying that sort of money for headphones is ridiculous unless you some sort of professional (no ozbargain pun there).

    • +6

      I pay that much, but I'm an enthusiast. Depends what you're into, I guess.

    • +3

      I've paid significantly more for headphones, value is different for each person.

      However, I wouldn't pay anything for a pair of beats.

    • +1

      Not really if you have money to burn and really want the top sound quality headphones (you will think your stock earphones sound good until you move up… then notice all the differences in each audio product), and if you are going to spend $300+ on headphones, one would think the consumer would consider all the alternatives available on the market first. Except this is not the case… look at how many stupid people there are in the world :P

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