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Skreedl: Premium WordPress Backup Plugin Now 40% off ($11.55)


A great deal for all you blogging Ozbargainers!

Skreedl is a premium WordPress plugin which lets you back up your entire content and restore it at will on any host you like. Free backup plugins which proclaim to do the same thing are really buggy and don't do the job right.

Skreedl on the other hand has sold more than 100,000 copies, and for a first time is on sale until Monday.

Free updates and support are for life. Multi-use is also allowed so you can secure all of your WP blogs forever!

Simply enter the coupon code: NEWYR13 at the check-out to claim your instant 40% discount. A download link will be emailed to you instantly.

Contact our support team if you have any further questions.


Discount code brings the cost down from $19.25 to $11.55

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  • No paypal option for payment?


    Hi Mark,

    We've enabled Paypal as a payment option for you.

    Best regards,

    Skreedl Team

  • Thanks for the offer. How does your plugin compare to BackupBuddy?

  • So whats the cost ?

    Please put price in your post OP to save clicking on the link just to find out.

    • Does this backup both DB and files or just DB?
    • If the current WP install is corrupted does it restore files and DB from a backup essentially building a working WP install?
    • Can I do automated backups?
    • Does it support S3?
    • Does it also do plugins?

    @check: You're welcome. Skreedl is a lot faster at backing up your entire WP site at this point in time, and to restore everything doesn't require WP to be installed.

    @cozmo: Our apologies for that, it seems a lovely mod has done it for us.

    @iDontWantToSign: Skreedl backs up all of the files and the databases, and when being restored on a new database or host, it renames all of the links to be updated to that particular server. Unfortunately it doesn't remedy corrupt WP installs but does allow you to take the package down and repair it from your end. Automated backups can be rather troublesome and for installs with over 100mb in size, they're just not practical as too many underlying factors come in to question - We prefer to let our users decide when is best to back everything up. It does support S3 and anywhere else for that matter, simply create a package and you're free to save it anywhere you see fit. As for being plugin friendly, Skreedl plays well with everything so far.

    Thanks guys!

  • Expired too soon - was planning to get this today (first day back from holidays). Too late!

  • Any chance of extending to the end of monday as thats how i read the offer ? thanks in advance !