This was posted 9 years 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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iPad 3rd Gen 16GB Wi-Fi $392 David Jones (Limited Stores - Hornsby Yes, Market St No)


Went into David Jones Hornsby to check out the $4.95 CDs and spotted this. Unlike that post, these are not ex-demo but brand new in box.

I got the last 16gb wifi black, but there were white and some wifi+cellular models too (sorry, I didn't pay attention to the price on those).

I'm not sure which stores this is available in, as not all have 3rd gen stock left.


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David Jones
David Jones

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  • Any chance you can upload the receipt for price match? cheers

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      Here you go

      I tried to change the deal link (which just goes to the DJ homepage) but that needs a moderator. Good luck price matching!

      I agree that this is probably a one-off, but a nice one-off if a store has stock. My mum was hankering for an iPad for her birthday, and this was a pleasant surprise - she gets retina display for an iPad 2 price (grr… I have to return the bloody iPad 2 I bought yesterday).

      • Ta

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    The idiot at Chats wood said they are out of stock and then I noticed the display model which was a 3rd gen with a old connector. I asked him about it and he said its a 4th gen…:|

    Had to take him to apple website and show him that 4th gen and mini have the new connectors and 3rd gen has the old one… me a gay smile and says ' NO SSssshtock!!

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      Trust Chats WONG

    • I've been told they're not allowed to sell display models of iDevices due to Apple's imposed restrictions. It needs to be sent back at the end of the product's life cycle to be refurbished. But the fact that he argued about what is obvious (3rd gen connector) is moronic.

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    30 bucks more than an iPad mini for retina display and a more powerful device? A pretty good buy in my book…assuming you can find one.

  • I'm not sure if this was anything more than a one off. I rushed into Garden City DJs and they said absolutely no to that price.

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    I barely know anything about Apple but this thread is full of misinformation.

    Can't remember it all but basically: 1700 for ipad with retina display and 700 for the new ipad. That's over double and is a obvious difference. Battery life is better as are the cameras especially front cameras.

    I could write a detailed post showing the obvious but I am not going to.

    If someone can be bothered what is the resale values for both devices?

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      You have a point but benchmarks mean little at all. Even the iPad 3 blows the competition out of the water in real life performance. As for the iPad 4… Well it has no competition performance wise. The iPad 3 is lightning quick in real life, attest much quicker than the note tablet, nexus and surface in opening apps and loading times etc.

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    Has anyone managed to get this deal other than the OP? I'm wondering if it was just a one off mistake and golden piece of luck more than anything else.

    • Yupe, I am also interested if anyone else got this deal in hornsby or elsewhere….

  • 46+ with half of the comments hidden due to below threshold.

    • Not to mention the fact that nobody else seems to have had any luck getting that price. The guy putting through the sale probably saw the price and bought then all himself to sell on ebay…

      • It was actually a nice lady who seemed very bemused at my excitement.

        The iPad table listed them as $490, but I spotted price signs in a display cabinet full of Galaxy Tabs and flagged her down to check stock.

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    I managed to get one from David Jones Chermside" Brisbane" only white one left for this price

  • He..lp, do I need an Ipad 3? Have a google Asus nexus tablet. Will be going to Uni classes this year and doing some project work, do I need this extra/other tablet

    Edit:- is there a marked difference ?Using the tablet at the moment for emails and some browsing

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      Nobody 'needs' an iPad. That is, until they have one.

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      Do you already have a laptop?
      IMO a laptop would be far more beneficial for productive purposes than the iPad (or most other tablets, for that matter). If you're happy to stay with the Nexus 7, I say stay with it.

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    Picked up the last one from Bondi Junction DJ to give it to wifey.
    So definitely a national wide sale with very limited stock.

    Thanks OP.

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      I bought one from Bondi Junction yesterday!

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    3rd generation isn't longer in production. Therefore what you are buying is obsolete.

    • why does it matter if it's obsolete. not everyone needs the more powerful and expensive 4th gen

  • Dude at Chatswood Dj's did a price check on the computer to confirm the price…but no stock.
    But other stores may have it…might be worthwhile calling to find stock.

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