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Receive a FREE $20 Fila Voucher When You Update Your Details


Just received an email from fila saying if I update my details they will give me a free $20 voucher. So essentially they are trying to build a customer database and want everyone to register.

Up to you guys whether you think your info is worth a $20 voucher. Voucher can be used in store or online.


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    Fila website is super slow..

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      Looks like the work of professionals…

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  • Just refresh the page using F5 button and should be fine for you

  • When do I get the $20 voucher? I signed up and received a welcome email but no voucher?!

    Edit: NVM- It will be posted to delivery address

  • Minimum spend?

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    i signed up - but there was no mention of a voucher.. is it for new members, or just existing?

    • from the uploaded picture of OP, its saying the voucher will be posted, so i think it may take a while.

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      i wonder where is the voucher? after i signed up it only said

      "Registration Complete

      The processing of your registration is complete."

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        Want a $20 FILA Gift Voucher to spend?
        Just sign up to our VIP Club mailing list or update your details (if needed) for existing members and look out for it in the mail in the next couple of weeks! *Valid for Australian residents/addresses only

  • soooo slow (the website)

  • can not find where to register. tried clicking on sign in but it goes nowhere

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    I also registered but couldn't get any news about voucher.
    BTW what is NVM? Please share.

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      NVM = never mind (I googled it.)

  • quicker to do it from their facebook page

    • i wonder how many sign up can one have ?

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    I just sent them an email about the voucher and they replied imediately which was fantastic
    they said'vouchers will be posted out to your delivery address. It will be sent by the end of January for use in February'
    So hang in there ;)

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    Easier to sign up on their face book page

  • Awesome - thanks, OP!

  • the website seeme fine. just signed mum and I.thanks OP.

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    facebook quicker u say? facebook has zip code? sounds american ? can anyone confirm its within australia im to lazy to look

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      look at the link that says FILA AUSTRALIA and have a guess

      • Yes I see that but I thought people in Australia would always use postcode over zip code.

        zip code
        A group of five or nine numbers that are added to a postal address to assist the sorting of mail.

        A word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language, for example shut is a…
        A person or thing so closely associated with a particular quality or idea that the mention of their name calls it to mind.

        my english skills are not the best so i thought zipcode = not australian~_~"

        • generic online sign up form is generic.

  • GOod find op <3

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    by the way, for anyone using their legit personal email account do not use the same password you use that's ever been linked to that email address on anything at all, they are storing all of their passwords unencrypted on the server (plain text)

    given the nature of this, they are as unsecure as a priest in a mcdonalds playground.

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      I've never understood this behaviour from websites, especially some large companies fail to at least HASH passwords(not even salt them) where they could potentially get in a lot of trouble if their DB is ever compromised.

    • How do you know that?

      • Sometimes they email you your password in plain text when you request a password reset.

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    After signing up with my generic address, I can't see to find a way to update my contact details. The website is not well designed.

    • agreed. they only show up if you add something to your cart and then go to checkout.

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    God I hope they don't intend to conduct commerce through this portal.

    No way I would give my CC details.

    • the credit card numbers, personal details, passwords, everything is stored in plain text (so it would be like the whole FILA company storing everything in a notepad file or writing it on a piece of paper)

      if there is one thing companies should of learnt in the last year or two, it's infosec.

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        How do you know that? Are you affiliated with them?

  • What can we buy with $20?

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      Nothing much once you add-on the $10 Freight, might be worth waiting till their next free shipping promo.

    • if you live in sydney and they have sale at fila factory outlet at market city haymarket, you can get a jumper for an additional $5 (cost of jumper on sale was $25 last year, not sure how much it is currently..)

      • thanks, I live in Brisbane, will they accept the voucher at DFO?

        • they should, I will also go to DFO in Sydney once I got the voucher

        • thanks again. hope the voucher is valid at least 6 months. Will come in handy for Half Yearly Clearance then.

  • done. took 5 seconds with chrome autofill

  • have to use real name?

    • It wouldn't really matter. Just need the real address for voucher delivery as far as I can tell.

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    Can the vouchers be stacked or is it 1 voucher per transaction?

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      Negging doesn't answer the question. Why don't some people read properly?

      • 1 voucher per transaction

  • I just got this e-mail

    Thanks for signing up!

    The $20 voucher will be posted to your delivery address before the end of January. So just sit back, relax, and lookout for it in the mail!

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

    Have a great day!

    Best Regards,
    The FILA Australia Team

    • fantastic mate - what if i havent got that email yet?

      • i didn't receive the email as well and i signed up (new sign up) on thursday :(

  • I have a feeling the voucher will come with terms and conditions that say there's a minimum spend.

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    i got my voucher today, doesn't mention a minimum spend

    freight is $10 regardless of how you slice it, and the amount won't come out of the voucher amount, it's on top of the amount regardless. And you CAN'T use the AUSTRALIADAY 10% off code with this voucher, it's either one or the other.

    • can the voucher be used in store?

      • indeed it can - but i don't know if the online prices are already lower than in-store prices

        • just go down to the store now - they should most definitely have more items there then they do online

        • yeah i have no stores near by, need to do it on the weekend

  • Is the online code unique? If not, someone post a new deal, the online store will get ozbargained

  • How do you know it's unique? It looks like a generic code to me

    • because someone i know got one as well.

      • alright, cheers

        thanks for the confirmation

  • Received my voucher today, wonder if they sell soccer balls, they dont on their website.

  • Got voucher today, cheers OP!

    • Also received mine!

      How often do they offer free postage?

  • Bought a pair of running shoes for $10 today(after the $20 voucher). Thanks OP!!! :)

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    Edit - Information that could have made people exploit the coupon.

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      In that case I need to spend my bro's voucher asap. Not cool at all!!! Greedy people

    • That website sells knock offs

      Judging by the look of the items and the price

      • The Website is
        It is Fila Australia's Website
        Same product as in all the shops
        No idea how you could say that
        It is certainly not true what you say

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          I am replying to a post and there is website in that post.

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    Good point / your right / sorry about that
    Just joined a few days
    Missed the fact you were commenting on the previous post
    Sorry about that

  • Got my voucher in the mail about 2 days ago, thanks OP!

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    Can this voucher be used at Harris Scarfe? they have fila clothing and shoes there

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    Can This voucher be used in rebel sport or insport? because they have fila shoes and clothing there

  • i ended up going to a FILA store today and the mrs and i used our vouchers, both used the $20 worth each exactly. Thanks FILA! Just a reminder that the vouchers expire i think this Thursday? Get in quick so you don't waste the voucher.

    • oh, thanks for the warning, I'll check the date on mine. for some reason I thought they were valid for a year.

  • Shoes were 130- wen on sale for $30. $20 off, so i got the skeleton shoes for 10$ !!!!

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