expired Plants and Plant Related 20-90% off Flower Power CASULA Only


Here's a deal for south west Sydney siders.. Dropped into flower power CASULA today and found up to 90% off plants, pots, furniture etc.. It is only CASULA as apparently they are closing down. You need to look around as some things are not really much different from usual sales, but I grabbed some apple trees for $20 (i think i grabbed last one in granny smiths) as well as apricots and plums.. Would've bought a pecan tree same price but know how big they grow and don't have the space. Citrus was only 20% off, but lots of others were better priced. Decent sized red cordilynes were $10 each. They had some red bottle brush for $3 i think.. Great if landscaping but don't shoot me down if u get there and it's not 90% off everything!! Also not much in herbs etc.


Related Store: Flowerpower.com.au

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    Does it extend into the weekend?


    Will check this out tomorrow


    This has been on for ages and for the horticulturists among us, don't bother going. It became a clearance shop some time ago when they were trying to save the store from closing, but even that didn't work and now its set to close down. The sale has lasted months, since well before Christmas hence they didn't hold their usual Christmas party.

    Most plants are poor quality, lots (if not all) are pot bound. I've seen some plants stay there for years without being repotted. If the pot doesn't easily come off in the nursery, its likely pot bound. Annuals have been particularly poor. Big W has good quality plants and generally cheaper especially given they live longer. I can't think of a single plant bought there that I have had survive and thrive.

    For well cared for, healthy plants the best in the district is Tim's Garden Centre in Campbelltown - but they are not cheap, unfortunately. However a plant that lives and thrives is better than a cheap one that quickly dies. They do offer a guarantee on plants if you follow their growing instructions. Otherwise I use Big W which is cheap, and when the regular staff are at work (not when they are on holidays, when anyone gets the garden section including staff who think plants live on air alone) the plants are as healthy as any good nursery.

    The furniture at FP is also not high quality, about the same as that at the Reject Shop but much pricier, it needs to be 90% off to be worth the trip. Maybe not even then.


    Geez that's a bit harsh.. I've had plenty of plants bought from there and they have thrived.. Still going strong some 7 years plus. Yes not as well cared for as tims garden centre but its like anything living be choosy and look after it if you want it to survive. I'm no horticulturalist either.

    There are also a lot of wholesale nurseries in the area that are great but this is still a bargain. No need to neg just cause u don't like the store..

    Ohh and yes I believe it does go onto weekend too, staff were saying they likely closing around feb.

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