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Franklins Wetherill Park NSW 25% off Everything Including Specials


25% off everything in Franklins Wetherill Park NSW excluding Tobscco and EPay purchases

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  • I think this has been going for the past week already. My mum called to ask if I wanted anything, but just about everything that was on special had already sold out!

  • Hello RandomNinja — the non-special items are all 25% off as well. I believe it is possible Franklins could further reduce during this/next week.

    • Yeah, but even after the 25% off most of the non-special items come up the similar to when Coles or Woolies have specials. Guess it's good if you need it now, but otherwise not particularly bargain like.

  • It's because that Franklins store is closing down.

  • Not much Franklins left

    • Countables use "many", uncountables use "much", so should be "Not many Franklins left". Compare to "Not much petrol left".

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        Not much point grammar nazi'ing on ozbargain
        Not many people use grammar correctly


        • Thiis genuinely appreciatable and dissonance modify. Mostly the vistors duplicate appointive set of assemblage. In shortsighted it is so awing. I one it truly whatsoever. Thanks for the writ.


    • Oh the other hand, I suppose you could have meant to write "Not much left in the Franklins". Or "Not many things left in the Franklins" :)