expired FREE Intuit QuickBooks Cash Register Plus


From the website it says that offer expires December 15, 2008. But it still works today (30 Dec).

I'm pretty sure it's US version. But it's free anyway :)


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    yes tinx, it is the US version……but when you get to the checkout, you need a US or Canadian address :->((


    Damn, good freebie for US/ Canada users

    Just use a fake address


    Yep its a US address but going thru the details on checkout you find that the shipping is replaced by "Download"

    so either put any address or put your aussie address with extra digit on the zipcode etc to make it fit.

    So it will depend on your personal ethics here.


    I think if you're looking to use this kind of software you'd want it to have Australian tax details wouldn't you?


      This is cash register/POS rather than accounting software. All you need is option for GST. If the software does not have GST as a tax, then just use the generic TAX tag.


    That'd work because US states have Sales Tax.

    (I've always thought it interesting that one of the reasons mail order is so popular in the US is because you don't pay the sales tax if you buy interstate.)


    Your new License Number: 6599-83xx-6841-XXX
    Your new Product Number: 862-4yy

    it doesn't work, anyone know why?


      Try logging into your account and downloading from there- if you look carefully on the lefthand side of the screen you will see …

      Intuit QuickBooks Cash Register Plus

      To skip the Download Manager, click here

      Click on the words Download Manager and the program will download 226mg

      • if you click on the - blue down arrow download button found on the right of the screen this will only give you the setup program (546kb) which when you run will download the program. That may be where the IP checking or other issue comes from

      BTW have edited your personal serial number - not a good idea to broadcast this


    Hi babeface……when putting the Licence/Product# into the program, does it indicate you have to be connected to the internet, or appear to communicate elsewhere via the net?

    If so, it quite possible looks at the IP address, recognises it is not Nth America & subsequently the "registration process" spits the dummy!! ;->)


    Works fine here.