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ibVPN 50% OFF All Package


Happy birthday ibVPN !! You can get ibVPN 50% OFF discount all package

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    Examples of price in title please.

    Your total VPN plan after discount looks very interesting.


    $41.50 annually after discount and 15 day money back guarantee. At least worth a look for those that are interested. I can't vouch for quality of the product.

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    There's a free 2hr trial (which isn't much help).
    So it depends on how good the speed is I suppose.

    If it does provide decent speeds, then it looks quite cheap. From

    ultimate $41.50/yr
    total $35/yr
    US&Canada $18.50/yr
    UK&Ireland $18.50/yr
    EU $18.50/yr
    Torrent $18.50/yr

    Looks like the "ibDNS" (part of all subscription) is a DNS solution like unblock.us


      the ibDNS part of the service might be worth it. Go for a US VPN and get the DNS portion for $1.50 per month.


    do you have to manually change the server you're connecting to each time you want to switch from US to UK and back again? I've got a DD-WRT compatible router so could set it up there for the whole network to benefit, but not sure I want 100% of my traffic to go via VPN, nor whether I want to switch back and forth.


    I just signed up now at 12.30pm oz time. This offer is not yet expired. Thank you to the OP. There is a 2 week money back period so I am going to try get it working before then. Hopefully itll be faster than Witopia.