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$20 Voucher for Your First Order with Aussie Farmers Direct


$20 voucher code for new customers from their new "Boogers or Broccolis' Facebook App Quiz @ http://www.facebook.com/AussieFarmersDirect/app_316025495186... but seems to be a generic code that can be used multiple times.

Can be redeemed from their website http://bit.ly/12vzYZr and by clicking "Claim Voucher" up the top right hand corner and typing in the coupon code: NICEWORK.

They do have limited delivery areas but hopefully it comes in handy for those who are looking to try out their products.

UPDATE: For those having issues with the site, or want to know about service areas, try calling them on 1300 645 562 and quote them the Facebook promotion and code!

UPDATE 2: Seems as though different codes are given based on how you submit the quiz. Codes GREATWORK & WELLDONE also works as well (same voucher amount for $20).

UPDATE 3: From the rep:
As per our terms and conditions, 'New Customer' promotion codes cannot be used in conjuction with any other offer, including other codes. Our system will automatically update any customer accounts to remove duplicate codes and therefore any additional credits.

UPDATE 4: It seems as though only the original NICEWORK code now works.

update5: code still valid - changed to arbitrary expiry date

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  • -1

    registration page seems broken?

    • +1

      finally worked using firefox.

      chrome/safari fail

  • +1

    Good deal, but terrible website.

    Min Spend reqs?

    • +1

      Just bought 1.2kg Cannelloni, the Blueberry banana bread and hot cross buns for $8.40.

      Duuuuuuude, what a deal. I'm very happy!

  • +1

    The website is SO bad.

  • I got it to work just fine but I agree - the website needs a bit of a re-haul!

    I don't think there are any minimum spend requirements and their delivery fees are pretty reasonable so you might be able to get a few items to try out for free.

  • how do I use the code?

    when I go to promotional code - nicework

    click validate gives me - an error has occured. please try again.

    • +4

      Just got off the phone with them- apparently it's a credit on your account, so when you place an order, it comes straight off the total.

      I just called to place the order instead, much easier. And they seem lovely to deal with!

      • I successfully validated the promotional code. Does the website indicate you have credit or is this just to be assumed? I hope the order amount isn't deducted from my credit card…

        • +1

          it doesnt actually show anywhere on the site that you have the $20 credit.

          you can ask on the phone or web chat to confirm

        • Doesn't say anywhere that it's there.
          So, assumption.

        • +3

          Under my account details download the March invoice and on the second page you'll see the credit applied.

        • +1

          I clicked on 'My Account Details' and then clicked on the March Tax Invoice. In this pdf my $20 Credit is listed.

  • how the hell does the order system work? put in CC details, put in promo code and just click update? then wait for it to arrive, right?

    • Your account is automatically credited for $20 when you sign up.

      Just go and order your products and you'll see you can pay up to $20 off your order using the credit.

  • +4

    This website is so hard to use!

    Complicated, the payment page doesn't update once you put in promotion code.


  • Can we tell if we are within a delivery area before signing up? I can't find a way to do it.

  • i've just gone and talked to them at the web chat.
    much easier

    she confirmed I have the credit on my account.

    • I saw the following:
      payment will automatically occur each Friday, the week after you receive your order, via your nominated credit card or direct debit.
      If I order using the code, place my order, give out my cc detail, are they going to charge me automatically each Friday?

      • +2

        Did you choose "one-off" or "weekly"?
        If you chose "one-off", you should be fine.

      • Hi there zhiqin, if you have placed a Regular Weekly order, you will be charged on Fridays once you have used all of your promotional credit.

        If you have placed a Once off order, and it is under the credited amount, then there will be no charge at all for you.

        If your order total is more than the credit value, you will only be charged any excess over that initial credit. We hope this helps clarify things, but if you have any further questions or concerns, don't hesitate to give us a call on 1300 645 562.

  • +5

    After the initial sign up page you can enter 'SPINACH' for an additional $10 credit.

    'SPINACH' 'WELLDONE' and 'NICEWORK' stack….

  • +1

    they don't deliver in my area, :( although there's an aussie farmer direct like 5 minutes away.

  • +3

    Remeber to make your orders a once-off. Its a hassle to change it all back from the default weekly to once-off.

    • Yeah, I find this a bit dodgy to be honest, I only just noticed it last second.. There will be a few people getting another package the same this time next week and wondering why I bet.

      But i'm still happy, 1kg of mince and 500g of chicken wings for free.. Can't complain.

      Winna Winna Chicken and Beef Dinna!!

  • +2

    Signed up only to find out they are not delivering to my area- Melbourne CBD :(

  • +2

    Oh, my god. I actually found the web address in the webpage clearly showing my user name and password! Terrible site. And i am still trying to figure out how to use the code…

  • +2

    i had a web chat with them… "You need to place your payment detail on your account in case you spend over the voucher amount. You will not be able to save an order if these details are not placed in."

    that means they will get my CC

    • Hi no_mercy, you're correct, we do need some form of payment details on file, before you are able to save through an order. Rest assured, you will only be charged if you spend over the credited amount, in which case, the charge will only be the difference between your order and your credit. We hope this helps clarify things. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 1300 645 562, or jump back into WebChat!

  • does anyone know how does the delivery work ? i live in a apartment and work 9-5. wont the food go bad in the melbourne heat ?

  • +5

    You can use the code each code once, right now I have $50 credit. but I didn't order anything, I feel bad for them

    • +5

      Likewise, their web developers did not only fail bigtime at design at functionality, they are actually about to ruin the company, lol.

    • How did you do that? D: I can only add one in the signup page!

  • just hope to order something before they remove my $50 credit, before it ozbargained !!!

    • apprantly they dont deliver to apartments !

      • I live in an apartment, and my order went through. Have to wait and see if I'll actually receive the fruits!

        • problem is where are they gonna place the fruit ? peoplw will nick it though.

        • +1

          Aren't they supposed to buzz?

        • Reports below that they don't - especially at 2am or so when they deliver the meat, seafood etc with the milk.

  • meh 1 nsw area and canberra dont work ~_~"

  • +25

    Fellas, just stick to the 20 dollars, don't be greedy.

  • +1

    Try as i might, final price doesn't reflect the voucher (despite the site accepting it).

    • +1

      if the code is validated it's in your account for next billing cycle, well i hope! but yeah if it showed the credit upfront it would be reassuring!

      • -1

        I don't think i'll bother, to be honest.
        Site doesn't fill me with much confidence, unfortunately.

      • +2

        you can view your march invoice - it shows the credit

  • Just ordered $50 worth of stuff. Sucks that they don't deliver everything on the same day my meat comes on Tuesday and my Vegetables come on Thursday next week.


      • Nothing taken from my card

        • +1

          zhiqin 48 min ago

          I saw the following:
          payment will automatically occur each Friday, the week after you receive your order, via your nominated credit card or direct debit.
          If I order using the code, place my order, give out my cc detail, are they going to charge me automatically each Friday?

        • +1


        • Charge should be weekly only if you have placed WEEKLY orders - hopefully.
          But by the design of the site, I would not trust that.
          And amount deducted may not be the amount you agreed to!
          I have outlined the issues on page 2.

  • if you download your march invoice, you can actually see the credit there.

  • +1

    I have NFI if I've made an order or not.

    • +1

      Lol, me either, but i'm happy. Take my money!

      • +2

        My monthly invoice for March shows $50 credit.

        It doesn't show that I've ordered anything.

        I've now got an order confirmation e-mail with no confirmation number.


        • +1

          I am also confused at this.

        • Prices & order are not confirmed until 2pm day before order, as you can change the order up to that time. An email is issued after you place an order, and when there are changes to your order by you or them.
          So guess the order/number/price will be confirmed after that time.
          They have increased my item prices by up to 81% in less than 1 day!!
          There can be further changes to those prices!

  • Just use a visa debit guys

  • They won't delivery to me :(

  • +1

    no order confirmation no order status tax invoice still showing 50 cr…wtf?

  • still no confirmation email..lol…

  • +3

    I think this is a great Promotion! Seriously, I can see myself using this now that I have an idea on how it works with the generous amount in the voucher. I know the food prices aren't very competitive but they are within margins of some other stores and with free shipping it doesn't make me feel like I have to buy enough to make it worth my while. So I hope this promotion wont cripple them and if you do find the product and service useful consider them again when you are too lazy/don't have tome to go to the shops yourself.

    • It's not technically FREE shipping, 1 dollar shipping AFAIK

      • +1

        I'm pretty sure it is free shipping, it says it when I ordered.

        EDIT: oh I get the confusion, 3+ items and you get free delivery. Under it is $1

    • Free shipping - Have fun with the non Fruit & Vegie deliveries between midnight & 7am!

      • +2

        It hasn't been a big deal, the order was there for me the next morning well packed in a very good esky and chilled well. realistically i couldn't think of a better time to have it delivered so it is unlikely for other people to steal it (I live in a apartment block) and i dont need to waste time waiting because i will be sleeping. i know you have your problems with the price variation bruce but over all they are a great service which it so desperately missing in today's corporate system.
        There isn't a fight here (if you were looking for one), this business model of having the customer come first and supporting Australian products should be supported and talked about to prompt other companies to take it as practice. We all have been crying over for ages that would WOULD pay extra for good service, this has been the excuse used about the 10% GST on imported good. So here I feel we have our closet shot of what we wanted.

        • Totally agree - but like many things on their site, it was not clearly indicated before the order was made that the delivery would be at a time most people would not expect a delivery. If you have animals - that may be a problem. (I have lost a case of wine delivered while I was out during the day.) It is the failure to clearly disclose many necessary conditions associated with this good service that earnt a very rare neg from me. I am sure/hope they will improve so we can enjoy it without any worries.

  • Just checked my invoice for March again,my order has shown up and the cost has been deducted from the credit i have,nothing charged to my card so i think we're golden.

  • +3

    Be sure to tick "Once Off" or you'll be getting a weekly supply…unless you want to

  • +1

    Do they deliver to SA ?

  • +18

    Thanks for all the interest, it's great to read so many of you are interested in joining the service and helping us support Australian farmers, suppliers and producers.

    As per our terms and conditions, 'New Customer' promotion codes cannot be used in conjuction with any other offer, including other codes. Our system will automatically update any customer accounts to remove duplicate codes and therefore any additional credits.

    If you have any questions, or would like to place your first order please give our contact centre a call on 1300 645 562.

    • +2

      Thanks for clarifying. $20 voucher it is

    • Ok thanks but now that I've made my order <$20 and I press confirm it goes back to my original order…
      Anyone else having this issue?

    • +3

      Strange as it may sound .. i always jump on a good free offer. Managed to stack coupons upto $50 but did not place the order as somehow i felt it would be unethical. (If you were Woolies/Coles i wouldnt feel that way though) Now i feel better that only one voucher will be used an now am happy to place the order and pay the difference. Wish you success!

      • I know what you mean. I found ANOTHER code that stacked the credit up to $70. But would have felt bad using it so I just waited until they found out about this. Just found another way to get an additional $10, but they haven't replied to my pm on here yet.

      • Yep same,only i ended up placing an order for just under $20 worth.

  • +1

    Guys, please don't abuse these vouchers otherewise everyone's orders could be cancelled.

    • +11

      Well said. I was beginning to feel tinges of shame at being an OB'er. This isn't a big multi-national with years of market manipulation behind it, it's an Australian start-up supporting Australian growers/producers. Surely we can play nicely and be happy we got $20 worth of free stuff without sending the business to the wall?

  • "Your order has been saved"…Is that it? Free delivery on my $0.66 order after deducting $20 voucher

  • +1

    Looks like a very attractive shopping option to me. Very reasonable delivery charges. Shame about the no overnight deliveries to apartment buildings :( that limits me to fruit & veg only. Wish I could have it delivered together.

  • +1

    Nice one - thanks, OP! I ordered a few things - if the quality is good, I will order again.

    I can also confirm that you can only use one promo credit; my account had a previous credit from last year which the very helpful lady on chat told me I could not use with the new one (which is fair enough).

  • +1

    Great, got some stuff - didn't abuse the codes, and spent a bit more than I had to because this is a generous deal and there's some pretty good stuff to choose from, and as Sweet3st says, a pretty attractive way to shop. Awesome, thanks :)

  • bloody buggers dont deliver to mackay.

  • Is the total on the "Your order has been saved successfully!" page what will be deducted from your credit card? I don't know if the voucher has been applied to my order or not.

    • Check your March invoice.

      • Ah. The order should be fine. Thanks. :)

  • How do I know that the order has been placed? I've clicked confirm but it doesn't seem to be loading and it doesn't show up on my invoice apart from the $20 credit.

    • Would also like to know as placed mine (see my earlier comment) but hasn't shown up in my invoice yet, dunno if it should have or not…mine did say Order Saved when I hit confirm, although now when I go in there it's kindof like the items are just in my basket again and the confirm button is still there…

      • I kept playing with mine and now I can't even change my order! Anyone else having this problem?

      • I think they will manually process each order after the due date

  • +5

    I must warn all of you that there is a security vulnerability I experienced upon registering and being logged in. The URL I was brought to was:


    As you can see, it contains a parameter for your password and a parameter for your username/e-mail address.

    • https://orders.aussiefarmers.com.au/index.php?login=remote&login_pwd=PASSWORD-HERE&login_username=EMAIL-ADDRESS-HERE

      Good enough for me, use prepaid card just in case.

      • +1

        I did realise that it's using HTTPS, but:
        - a browser may store the URL in history
        - someone may bookmark the URL
        - someone may take a screenshot of their browser without realising that the username and password are visible in the address bar
        - the server may log requested URLs, and if someone gains access to these logs, they could get people's usernames and passwords

        • +8

          It's O.K mate. If a hacker did manage to get your username and password for the Aussie Farmers Direct website, they would probably give up when they tried to figure out how to place an order!

        • +1

          Essentially, it's a risk to use this website in any public area. :-(

    • Lack of secure site design - just another reason why this deal is a FAIL!
      See T&C (p10) - they can bill you for any increase in price without reason

      (You must notify them by 2pm the day before delivery to cancel items they increased in price!)
      See FAQ - midnight to 7am delivery times for meat, seafood, bread, milk, etc!
      (Have fun fighting the wildlife/neighbours for your breakfast!)

      • +1

        Have you tried to contact them and resolve your issue?

        • I have contacted the Rep outlining the issues I raised.
          It is structural - and many issues not 1 as you say, all created by the design of this business. They have just spent money redesigning their website, so assume there are no issues.
          Hard to resolve T&C issues - am hoping they will come to their senses by outining them here.
          T&C are what you agreed to at sign up - so it is not an issue to them. You can only choose to close account or refuse to sign up. So I chose to close the account and posted this as a warning for other users.

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