expired Free WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe v3.12.6, Save $49.95


WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is:
All-in-one HD Video converter, YouTube downloader and DVD burner.
Convert among MKV, AVCHD, M2TS, AVI, FLV, MP4, WMV, etc.
Convert videos to iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP, Android, etc.
Built with versatile video audio editing features.

Only 3 steps required to free get this gift (originally $49.95): free download – share – get code.


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    Nice find, you can never have too much Video File Software.


      Ah, yes you can. There are 100 more programs than we need, and almost all are poorly written crap. 99% of requirements can be achieved in the highest quality by installing <5 programs/utils.

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    Download program, install, and activate before 9 April with code AF-VYEZVSSD-UAYFUX

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      As a member of the IT Crowd, I despise expire-ware. There's always someone (or more than someone) who gets to rely on the software, then subsequently needs to reinstall Windows, after which they can't reinstall this. It invariably ends up being the fault of the poor mug fixing the computer.

      I'm afraid it goes squarely in my book of dirty tricks.


        Yeah, thx but pass

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        Believe it or not, you just have to set back your computers time and date before the activation date expires and it will activate just fine. Ive been doing it for giveaway digiarty software for years now lol


        Expire-ware is the reason why I did not vote +


    Can this download youtube videos or other video file from the internet?

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    was checking the reviews on this (cnet), and the only negative I saw was this

    ""I bought WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe version 3.10 in September of 2011. Yesterday a pop-up window appeared and invited me to automatically update to version 3.12. I clicked the 'update' button.

    After WinX updated from version 3.10 to 3.12, I was then informed that my license was no longer valid! BUT I was offered a NEW license for a 50% discount. Thus, my WinX HD Video Converter converted to TRIAL software only 5 months after paying FULL retail!""

    So perhaps this is a ploy to give people the taste of their product before inactivating it when updated.
    Either way, worth a try, and might be worth saying 'no' to any 'do you want to update' prompts.


      Not sure what the punter on cnet was on about, because according to Digiarty FAQ :

      "What is your upgrade policy? Is it free?

      We offer FREE lifetime upgrade service for our purchased users. You could enjoy any upgrade, major or minor, without any fee involved after you purchased our software."

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        From the PCWorld link above this freebie version doesn't qualify for free upgrades. But it'll stay functional (i.e. it won't "time out") for as long as it's installed. This was not a purchased version.


    Can it burn proper to DVD? If so it's a download.


    This may work for digital files but trying to rip a DVD to watch on my tablet is a nightmare.
    May be easy to use for existing files but try putting an episode DVD in and WTF? A huge list of VOB files
    that are not supported.
    No wonder this is free!


    Does this convert mkv files with in-built subtitles to portable formats?
    I've yet to use a reliable and efficient video converter :/



      What exact source and destination formats are you after? What device is it for? Simply changing mkv to mp4 can take seconds.

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    use Handbrake. Forget all the other junk.


    I've just tried to convert MKV -> AVI and MP4, and both times came up with audio sync issues. Anyone else have this problem?

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    This is the serial number:

    This is the direct link:



      Thanks. Ia;so can't abide expire-ware and often uninstall such, maybe this is different?

      And just FYI - whoever - there's a lot of free-ware out there that does the same job.


    WHAT? NO MKV???


      from the official site it says:
      "The first HD video converter that supports Multi-track M2TS, MKV, AVCHD, HDTV, BDAV and MPEG-TS. It enables you to choose your desired audio language track."

      so, it supports MKV


        Sorry should have been more clear. I know what the site says, but after clicking through every option I can find in that application, there IS NO MKV option.

        By all means if you use the program and have found some weird hidden way to make MKV, I'm all ears.

        I found the same problem with WinX DVD Ripper - no MKV.

        This is a dealbreaker as MKV is really the only format that supports DTS and AC3 IN SPECIFICATION.

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    For the more experienced there is handbrake etc
    For the noob I recommend the Freemake products www.freemake.com
    Download vids from youtube or gather from net ;
    Convert all file types, join, edit, etc including burn to dvd with menu options
    Totally free and regularly updated to match Youtube changes
    Highly recommended


      You sir, are awesome.

      I've been looking for a way to download YouTube videos. I used to have an extension in Firefox but since switching to Chrome I've had trouble finding anything reliable. This piece of free software is genius.

      Deserves +10, but alas I'm only one man.

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    Check OP's profile, At the end of last year she pointed out a 'good boxing day bargain' on one of their products..

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