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Audio Technica ATH-T400 Headphones $19.95 Delivered!


This was just posted on COTD facebook page as an exclusive, original price is $29.95 + delivery but with the code is $19.95 free p/h.

To apply code:
Note: You may get an error saying the coupon code as been used up. Login to your account than apply code.

Go to checkout, and underneath where the price is there is an option "Have a coupon code?" above the total price. Looks a tad invisible.

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  • +5

    got one, at $20 shipped is a no brainer, not many reviews but overall are very positive

    • +3

      That's the spirit!

      • Resistance was futile, thanks OP

  • +4

    thanks. this one would replace my cheap TDK from officeworks

  • These any good compared to more expensive Audio Technicas?

    I've been meaning to try a pair of these sorts of headphones for ages.

    • +5

      You do get what you paid for, so don't expect the same kind of quality to what you'd get from a pair of M50 or AD400. With that said, bargain at $20 a pop, and will blow away any Beats.

      • I haven't tried the more expensive ones, and I don't mind Beats (but would never pay the price for them).

        Cheers for the input, might bite the bullet.

        • -3

          Will Apple sue me if i stick Beats sticker on these?

        • Apple?

        • Yeah, they've got a copyright on sticking stickers on things.

  • "You have reached the usage limit of this coupon"

    EDIT: Never mind, needed to login.

  • Keep in mind that monitor headphones are generally not very good for general use as they are designed to be very flat and neutral sounding. This is not always the case with cheaper monitors though…

  • +1

    Sorry noob here, is this like any other headphone ? is there anything special about it ?
    I just need decent headphone to replace my old one.

    • +3

      Entry level phones from a good brand for very cheap.
      Buy them.

      • Thanks. bought one :)

  • +3

    Nice, will consider these $20 for extra earpads for my ATH-M50s :)

    • +1

      LOL! are you going to rip it up just for the pads?

      I got a pair to practice cable modding on. Don't need the 3m, will try removable cable mod on these first before opening up my M50.

      • +1

        LOL! are you going to rip it up just for the pads?

        No need to rip it up, just slip off the pads? Also, extra pads everywhere else costs like $40 or so to ship to Australia (not available in Australia), ideally I'd salvage the headband padding too, but it looks like these are also like the M50s, have no headband padding haha

        Don't need the 3m, will try removable cable mod on these first before opening up my M50.

        Ah nice, is there a guide? My 3m cable is way too long as well (but it could be useful in the future!)

        • Theres some padding on these headbands https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=g-... actually they look just like m50s headband.

        • Woohoo, my ATH-m50s are a LOT more comfortable now - no more sweaty ears!
          The padding of the T400s are about half the thickness of the ATH-m50s.
          Will need to figure out how to take out the padding for the T400s to stick on the m50 headband.

  • Got one…

    • +8

      As the OP says

      • Go to checkout, and underneath where the price is there is an option "Have a coupon code?" above the total price. Looks a tad invisible

      Coupon code: AUDIOTECH

      • +1

        My bad!

      • Had a look, couldn't find it. thought it will be on the next page…nada. $ 29.95

  • +1

    $20 with shipping was too hard to say no to, will make a good back up pair

  • +1

    Didn't need them but couldn't resist at $20. Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Can't believe i'm +1 ing a COTD deal or purchasing from them for that matter. I hope they keep up the good bargains but won't hold my breath.

  • +1

    Bloody brilliant.

  • +2

    only the best deals from Moots, thanks man

  • Grabbed a set, may take a while to come but ooohhhhh well.

  • Couldn't resist. Purchased!

  • +1

    Anyone find this dodgy though?

    After buying…

    Share your catch and bump your order up the processing queue!

    Oh well, messaged my fake acc to see how much faster it is.

  • cant believe this…just got one.. even though I already have a logitech g930 wireless headset!!

  • Hmm "maximum use for this code"?

    • OzB'd

    • Just got one still working a minutes ago.

  • Got one just now. Happy day! Looking cheap and decent headphone to play with my ipad.

    $19.95 cant complain and cant go wrong

    Thank for the post OP.

  • Very very tempting…..

    • Damnit ozbargain! Made me cave in and buy a set!
      These can replace my cheap HD201's…

  • I got a Sony MDR-XD100 as my go to el-cheapo cans ($30 about 4 years ago), has anyone tried this and maybe compare?

  • +1

    Op,this is not yet expired, I just use the code and it works.


  • Hmm worked for me as of 9:05pm :P

  • just couldn't resist too! 20 bucks a pop WHY NOT
    Remember to log in before you use the code!

  • still working. !!! Got one!

  • I just bought one. Thanks OP! Code is still working. Deal is not expired yet as of 9.16pm.

  • Dunno if coupon is expired but they still have stock. Looks like once you use the code you can't use it again.
    Also thanks op Excellent Bargain!

  • Was just able to order 1 pair then. Not expired yet as of 9:18 PM

  • Mine gave the 'maximum use' response, but I just opened a new account and the coupon was applied and the order went through.

    • Yea It'll show that if you aren't signed in.

  • +1

    Just ordered them OP thanks for the heads up!

    Reviews here for anyone interested.


  • got one, thanks..
    was planning to get sennheiser HD201, but this is tempting..

    • These are way better than HD201s

    • +1

      I'm replacing my 201's with these! Hopefully they are an upgrade……If not, it's only $20!

  • For $20inc shipping you can't go wrong…these are probably better than most headphones in the $40-$60 price range too.

    • At $20, it is great. At$40-60, it is plain.

  • There was no option "Have a coupon code?" above the total price. I signed in already.

    • +3

      On your keyboard hold the CRTL key and press F. Search for coupon.

      I went past the page 3 times, thats why I noted it may seem a tad invisible.

      • +3

        Thanks Moots. I got it now. It was in the shopping cart screen before "secure checkout".

  • Nice thanks OP. Just ordered mine.

  • Nice, thanks OP. Ordered one as well.

  • +2

    Thank you. Was looking for a good deal on Audio Technica headphones for a while. It was a pleasant surprise. Such a low price even before coupon. I wouldn't hesitate if you are looking for a good set.

  • +2

    Thanks so much! I'm not getting these for myself as I use a pair of ATH-AD700's but I'm getting them for presents! Works out quite epicly. Why are there so many good deals popping up today???? =)

  • +2

    Thank you for posting the deal Moots, for $20 I decided to give them a try.

    Also will be nice to see how they compare to my plantronics gamecom 780 (Headphone vs Headset, Closed vs Open)

  • +1

    nice find

  • +1

    Just ordered my pair. Thanks for the deal.

  • +1

    Just bought a pair too, couldn't resist!

  • +1

    Brought :( Sold my AD900 recently to fund for my camera. Hopefully this one will good enough for me to survive another 6-12 months to saving for another good one.

  • +1

    Cheers thanks OP. Bought one! :D

  • +1

    Thanks Mootzie…. jumped on the bandwagon….. a deal too hard to resist!

  • +2

    Thanks, got a pair myself.

  • +1

    Same as the others. Couldn't resist. Bought one. Thanks

  • +1

    Could not help myself :) for $20, I don't think I can get rid of my :)

  • +8

    I just bought one…. I dont know why i buy this….
    I already own Audio Technica AD700 and M50……..
    I need to stop coming to this site…

    Thanks btw….

  • +1

    talk about impulse buying …..went in to get these and saw a drill set for $30…..tempting…tempting….hmmm…..

  • +1

    Got it. Thanks

  • +1

    ozbargained. not the deal..me

  • +1

    Damn, I went to pay via Paypal thinking I'd see the coupon input box before payment but instead I somehow ended up paying $30 for it :(

  • Grabbed one! Thanks op! If you see me wearing this, say "ozbargain!"

  • Can't see the Promo, ended up paying $30 Dope

    OK, ordered again…so you have to be logged in to get the coupon code option.

    Hope it helps someone…now I have 2 pairs…one will go back.

  • Bought a set, couldn't resist. Thanks OP. Any chance these will turn by next Thursday before I jump on a plane?

    • +1

      Very little, CoTD are notoriously slow.

    • I would say no, damn punks took weeks to send something from vic to sydney last time:(

  • +2

    137+ votes
    ozbargain you win
    Dont need it , but bought , now i have 3 pairs of headphones + 2 pairs of ear phones

    • Feelin yo pain.

  • Thanks OP , lets hope they gave a ton of stock

  • been looking for a nice replacement, this will do :D

  • Found out I had $10 store credit. Bought this for $10 :)

  • Just bought this, still seems to be some left in stock =) thanks op.

  • Just bought a pair as well, thanks OP

  • just bought a pair and i really dont need them.. damn bargains!

    edit: just checked them out on amazon and they are $70 US so $20 delivered is an amazing deal imo..

    great work!

  • Yep, still working by the looks. I just grabbed two. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP! Didn't need them but couldn't resist.

  • Still working, just ordered a pair.

  • +2

    Haha, ordered. Too many up-votes to resist. Almost placed order without code as it's a little odd to enter the voucher when adding to cart. Ususally done at payment.

  • +4

    Just got an email to say that it's been dispatched, with auspost tracking…

    maybe COTD has turned over a new leaf?

    • What time did you make your purchase?

      • 7.50pm last night..