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Marbig Mini Summer Colour Stapler Giveaway


The first 100 Marbig Members to complete the form below will receive a FREE Mini Stapler!


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    Looks good. However i have never received products from their surveys before (though i have done them). But lets hope i get them this time :-)

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    yeah sinber i was going to do the survey but i thought they probably wont send it out anyway. good luck if you get it

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    There has been quite a few Marbig freebies posted here before, and I wonder whether anyone has actually received anything from them.

    Only first 100 though — and we already have 150+ click throughs from OzBargain!

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      I signed on for something here not so long ago. I can't even remember what it was. At the time I thought it was a little suspect. You never get told if you were one of the first 100 or so. So we never really know.

      For the record, the last time an offer like this was going around I got in pretty early and received nothing! Seems close to being suspect in my book. Maybe worth keeping an eye on this sort of deal. At least with something like the free slurpee competition you knew if you got something or not!

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    yeah i've never received anything from Marbig

  • Agree…NEVER got anything…think i have done them twice before…
    Would have voted negative (not for the post but for the previous Marbig non-events)..but going to let this go through to the keeper without a vote.

  • Yeah, me neither. It's beginning to look a lot like scammers.

  • well hopefully you get it.

    I post it minutes after it arrives at my gmail (obviously I did survey first to secure mine then submit to the ozbargain lol)

  • I've done a few surveys, and received one set of post-its before, I think. XD

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    I've never recieved anything from them. No vote.

  • These guys are a bunch of noobs, they know they have reached their 100 capacity but will leave their survey up for another few weeks to waste our time. I've never received anything from the clowns either after doing about 4 or 5 of these "surveys".

  • i have registered for a few surveys with them ,not recieved anything also. started about 8months ago, still nothing.

  • Hi everyone,its DutchyShez,i love Freebies…i registered to Vibe Village.com.au 2months ago & have recieved 3 things, being masterfoods marinades full samples, a Life On Mars new tv sreies on dvd, plus a fantastic Sunbeam hairdryer worth $100.I am extremly pleased as you could imagine. I just have to tell some friends & About the new products ive trialed & write a report.Check it out I PROMISE its not a scam & no junk mail comes from them. Please let me know also if you know of any fantastic sites thats honest. Cheers :-)

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