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Connex Melbourne - Free Daily Ticket for Weekly, Monthly, Six-Monthly and Yearly ticket holders.


Connex customers with a weekly*, monthly, six-monthly or yearly Metcard will be eligible for compensation due to the high level of train cancellations in January.

‘Although our Service Commitment Code requires us to compensate only periodical ticket holders, we have extended the compensation offer to weekly ticket users in recognition of the severe impact of cancellations, particularly this week,’ said Jonathan Metcalfe, Connex Executive Chairman.

Eligible customers can apply for a daily ticket as compensation by filling out a claim form available at staffed stations or by downloading the compensation claim form.

  • this covers weekly tickets valid for use on 30 January 2009

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  • +5

    this is not a bargain - connex has screwed up so much and made people late for work so often that one daily ticket just doesn't cover it.

    • yes but its unfair to punish the person whom shared the deal tho. still good to get the info out there so people know

    • Yes, Connex sucks. You hate them, so you refuse to take up their offer of a free daily ticket at their expense? Doesn't make sense.
      FYI, the ticket also works on buses and trams if you have taken a blood oath never to travel with Connex again.

  • When I rode the trains to school (yes, in the Eighties) it was VicRail.
    I remember…
    "Alamain line-a train on platform seven, stand clear please- STAND CLEAR!"
    Guess what?
    It worked. None of this daily bull. But I guess then they weren't shareholder-profit driven. The state government had a service to run and they did.
    I hope those [email protected] at Connex get fined the maximum amount possible for this. I hope their MR "24c is a hot day thats why we had so many cancellations" English CEO, POQs.

    Lets just admit that privitsation failed.
    Connex fails.

    Yes, they made me late…

  • privitisation fails? you should come to Sydney, City Rail is a bloody joke.

  • Why are people blindly voting in the positive for this? This is no bargain. It's part of Connex contract to compensate their customers if they fail to meet contractual standards.

    Must be a slow day for bargains :(

  • This is not a bargain. This is compensation for not achieving target. They do this all the time when they do not reach their target. The only difference is that this time they are doing it for weekly tickets as well.

  • Repeat it is not a bargain it is contractual requirement. And the negative button is there for a reason. So before we submit a deal make sure it is not attracting negative sentiment already due to poor performance. The only thing Connex can be excused for is cancellations due to tracks buckling under intense heat. It is negative towards Connex not towards the person who submitted the deal.

  • I agree with the other people who have stated that this is not a bargain.

  • -2

    Even if it is not a bargain, having it here raises awareness.

  • +1

    if it wasn't here some people would never find out. thus, it's a positive.

    • Agreed. +ve vote from me for awareness rather than it being a satisfactory deal or response from Connex

  • Its still a bargain…..hello!

  • Better than nothing!when some commuters with weekly, monthly and yearly tickets don't know that they can be refunded with 1 x daily ticket! thanks!

  • say A person is travelling with Connex. They have a choice of filling out a form and (hopefully) getting a free ticket now … or paying for a ticket later because they did not fill out the form.

    This is a bargain; at the least, it's definitely worth bringing to the attention of people who have purchased elligible tickets and did not know where the link to the form was.


  • Sure. The next time I'm at a party I'll mention this wonderful bargain that I got from Connex. I'm sure all of my friends will be enthralled. Some guy gets a half price ticket to London. Someone else got an Ipod for 50% off. But it will be getting a free daily ticket from Dandenong to Parliament Station due to a high percentage of cancellations that will be the envy of all of my bargain hunting friends.

    • … or you could get all those bargains if you want …

      I'm not comparing the savings of one bargain to another.

      But it seems good for everyone who's had to suffer the train cancellations etc to have the link here, easy to find, so they can get what compensation they can out of Connex, even if it's just a single daily ticket.

      Though … considering how many days they've had large numbers of cancellations, one would hope Connex would later increase the compensation to at least several free daily tickets …

      • It would be interesting to see whether compensation can be claimed again with the use of this term:

        In addition, if a particular advertised train service is cancelled more than three times in a week (and is not replaced by a bus), all eligible weekly and periodical ticket holders who validated their ticket within a half hour of these services on each of the relevant days will receive a free daily ticket for the zones specified on their ticket.

        … unless Connex staggered the cancellations cleverly enough.

        It also says it is two daily tickets if actually run services drops below 95%. That might turn out to be the case.

  • ive got a free ticket from one of these before..Its not even worth the effort to fill out the form and send it in for just a daily ticket.

  • +1

    Just updating this thread:

    2 Free Daily Tickets for Connex's poor performance during March for customers with a monthly, six-monthly or yearly Metcard


  • So the main problem was not …

    • hot weather causing buckling tracks

    • train drivers and unions with industrial action

    but was

    • a speed limit Connex put in place, knew about, but did not admit to during all the media attention …


    I'm not saying the speed limit wasn't imposed, but I remember media articles and I thought their press releases, trying to put most of the blame on things beyond their own control …