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Easyusenet 40% off


Easyusenet are having a 40% off sale at the moment, Making them probably the cheapest way to get access to a NL usenet provider.

Happy downloading :)

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    Really good deal, especially the night rates. 1am - 4pm for them is 11am - 2am for us

    Code's not working for me though. Anybody else?


    Thanks OP. Nice deal.


    What's a 'NL' usenet provider ? And whats so special about them (apart form the 40% off)?


    What is this?


    Code not working …


    Is this code working or not?

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    Sorry guys I'll check it out when I get home, maybe it hasn't started yet but it should be available soon. On my mobile atm.

    I found this posted on a German forum by an easyusenet rep so it should be legit, just a matter of when exactly they are activating the code, sorry about the confusion.

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    One of the perils using translate is that it also translated the code into english …. the code that worked for me is PASEN which is Dutch for Easter.


    Thanks Op, great offer.
    I've always used prepaid Master cards bought from safeway for Usenet payments.
    I'd like to use my 28Degrees card instead, but not sure if it's safe to do so.
    Do you guys use your bank credit card for Usenet payments?


    So is this a once off thing or will it be an ongoing? Like if I sign up for a monthly thing would it always be 40% off until we cancel subscription?


    They have a 5 day trial as well here https://www.easyusenet.nl/en/component/content/article/59
    Only need a mobile phone to use it

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    Easter question to any existing users: What is the Churches view on this provider? Do they burn all the witches automatically, or do they process each heretic request slowly and individually? …..


    If you fail to change the checkout language "betaal" is the button to pay.

    Note this uses verified by visa, so if using a visa, make sure you know your password!


    I signed up on their 5 day trial account. Using the recommended 12 connections, I was only able to get ~1MB/s on a 300+ day test nzb file. Lots of the time, it was ~800KB/s.

    Increasing it to 15 connections and doing recent nzb file show that just completed season 3, I was able to get 1.2MB/s falling to 1MB/s. Trying my luck on a popular show that just started season 3 a couple days ago, all the nzb files I found were dead (not a good DMCA sign).

    I've never used a NL server before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm on optus cable with speed pack (100Mbit) so I was hoping for better speeds on Easyusenet's 120Mbit plan. I will try again during Australian day times to ensure that it isn't an optus issue.


      Tried again this morning. With 15 connections I could get ~1.5MB/s with spikes upto 2MB/s. With the speeds I'm getting the 30Mb night time plan looks like the goer at $2.50 per month when paid yearly so I dropped it to the 12 connection limit of the 30Mb plan and got 1.2MB/s with spikes upto 1.6MB/s.

      Not much point paying for the 60 or 120Mbit plans as it looks like the speed is limited by the number of concurrent connections allowed. Thanks OP for posting the discount code.


    I'm on the trial atm and it's been average 1.5-2 MB/s . Looking to get the night time plan as well once the trial finishes.

    Cheers OP


      When you signed for a paid account, it takes affect from when your trial finishes. In my case, I'm on trial until 8/4/2013, so my paid 30Mbit Night 1 year account lasts until 8/4/2014.

      FYI the PASEN discount expires 6/4/2013 so jump onboard before then if you want to take advantage of the 40% discount.

      Edit: Since paying for my 30Mbit account, I'm now able to get 3.5+MB/s consistently with spikes all the way up to 4.5MB/s. Maybe it may have been worth while paying a little extra for the higher speed accounts?

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