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Breville: The Infuser (BES840) Clerance at The Good Guys $431


The Infuser is a decent espresso machine that usually retails for $550 or so.

Delivery is $2.

It's a cost effective way to move into decent espresso production at home!

Model Number: BES840

A steady low pressure pre-infusion gently expands the grinds for an even extraction. PID temperature control delivers increased temperature stability for a better tasting coffee and high power 1700W for high pressure steam and faster heat up.

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  • +3 votes

    Not a bad price…

    I bought my BES860 (next model up with built in grinder) for $300 off eBay and I love it.

    If you want a good and relatively cheap machine the BES840 and BES860 are pretty good… If you have around $1200 to spend, buy the Breville Dual Boiler (BES900)… I really want one!

    This machine also pairs well with the Breville Smart Grinder (BCG800)!


      Keep in mind the BES840 and BES870 have PID temperature control where as the BES860 did not.

      The BES840 is basically the BES870 (the new 860) without the grinder component.

      It certainly pairs with the Smart Grinder quite well! :D


        BES870 is news to me, watching a video on it now… I love that you can disconnect the bean hopper even with the beans in it so you can just put it in the fridge or in a container somewhere.

        Thanks for the tip! My wife's going to hate me haha


    Are these things all that?
    I mean the price. I like a decent coffee too but I remember buying my sister her first car (A VW Beetle) from a bloke at work for $500 .
    ~$500 fir a any coffee machine just seems like a lot. Not taking anything away from your bargain OP, I am sure its a decent discount.

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      It's a decent buy if you see yourself using it on a regular basis, if you are going to put this in the corner of your Kitchen and pull it out on special occasions then it's probably a luxury cost.

      It really depends if you drink straight espresso or if you pile sugars into a Latte. (The former will notice a dramatic improvement in quality for pricier machines.)

      If you just want to get started and wish to use pre-ground coffee, there are a few entry level machines for ~$149 which are worth considering, but don't give you as much control and/or consistent results as a pricier machine.


      @ King Tightarse: wait till you see the $2000-3000 ones and then you might think this is a bargain :)


      The old Italian women still swear by the metal espresso jugs that you can buy from any shop for a few bones.

      Although they are a bit small for my liking (thats what she said, ha ha ha).

      I personally prefer toddy coffee to espresso, as it eliminates that nasty, astringent acidity that you get with espresso. It also is a better accompaniment to food than espresso coffee.

      You can do this with any old jar:-


      Back at university, I thought I was the first person on earth to realise that you could produce naturally sweet, mellow coffee by simply leaving a grind to stew for a day or so. Turns out that a bunch of people beat me to it.

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    Our next machine will be the Breville Dual Boiler BES900. My brother in law has it and it makes the most amazing coffees! Just saving up for it :-(


      Dual Boiler is a great machine, however my budget doesn't stretch all the way to $1200 at the moment. :(

      It does come with a Smart Grinder if you buy it at certain retailers at the moment though!

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    I have had the ES800 for close to 8 years now, only thing broken was the on/off switch thing, which I replaced for less than 14 dollars. other than that, a new rubber seal where handle attaches every 2 years or so.

    Very solid, heavy construction. Not the usual Shitnese you get these days.


      do you feel a need to get the BES900? just wondering


        No way, I will keep running the old one until it breaks beyond repair. As long as beans are fairly fresh, I doubt it will get much better.


          so probably the BES840 is a pretty good bet?


          If you have the need to produce espresso and textured milk repeatedly (for example in an office or a coffee stand) then the dual boiler would be a good choice.

          However if your capacity is usually 1 at a time, the Infuser is great value, and you aren't missing out on much by not upgrading to the dual boiler.

          I'm actually buying the BES870 which works out to be slightly more expensive than this deal and the Smart Grinder combined. (I have limited estate in my kitchen!)


    got one about two years ago, i think they look the same, for $800+, a bargain at this price.

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