expired Origin Energy - Free AFL Membership / $200 Bill Credit for Existing AFL Members [VIC/SA Only]


For new and existing customers that sign up/move their electricity supply to the FlexiChoice AFL – Origin “Big Kick In” plan for 12 months. New sign ups get an AFL membership, existing AFL members get a $200 bill credit.

From what I can see at http://www.originenergy.com.au/962/Energy-price-fact-sheets?... the rates are the same as the other plans.

A Western Bulldogs home membership costs $189 for the year so if you're an existing customer you can make $11 and hope the Western Bulldogs play some teams worth watching :P

Origin Energy

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    how do the rates compare to other companies' rates?

    not much of a deal if you end up paying for it with more expensive energy…


    I think you need to be careful if you have been given a special rate from them, as it may cost you more as they will put you on that other plan.

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    Ex-Origin Energy customer here. Over the ten years we were with them we saw their service go down until we finally got sick of it. Biggest issues we had were deals not credited to the account (eg 'one month free' each year), being moved onto a different plan with no choice provided, exceptionally poor customer service (up to and including being rude & hanging up on us), but the clincher was a totally incompetent billing system (over two years, received three major bill 'readjustments due to an error that has now been fixed' each of which ended up with us owing over $1000…. the last readjustment going back more than three years including bills that had already been readjusted. That one was changed after we told them they legally could not go back that far, but basically very VERY poor service with them. Now of course this is only one person - I am sure there must be people out there who have got good service from them. Just saying. Oh , when I went out checking rates and I told the person at the mob (we are now with) what we were paying she almost laughed. As others have said, always check the fine print.


      the last readjustment going back more than three years including bills that had already been readjusted.

      you don't need to pay it if the mistake is over 9 months… heard something about that on 3aw radio last month… the companies are supposed to write it off as a loss if it's their mistake…


    they also have a 'rate-freeze' product https://www.originenergy.com.au/ratefreeze


    Instead of joining a $200 footy membership energy plan join one that gives a significant discount, but be careful to check against base rates.

    As an example I'm with Australian Power and Gas, which are cheaper for me but shop around. I am currently receiving 20% off both gas and electricity off a lower base rate than origin were offering at the time.

    I know that 20% off power and gas over a year is a hell of a lot more (for me) than $200 off/for a footy membership that I wouldn't otherwise buy.


    Don't just look at the "% discount" line. Did some research for both work & personal, most of these have higher rates anyway and some only cover usage for the discount (not the $300-400pa service charges).

    This started up just before I changed on-sellers away from Origin - I'm looking at saving a little over $300 by moving elsewhere. Work out what you'd be paying from current usage over the last year & go from there.