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8X10 Prints $1.50 Harvey Norman

expired 8X10 Prints $1.50 Harvey Norman

Target Australia

Mini Nintendo @ Target - Online Only 12 Dec 16 $99

Target is getting some mini Nintendo for sale online only tomorrow Dec 12, 2016 for those who wants and missed out. On the 12th day …

Doom PS4/XB1 $27 (Was $69) @ Target

expired Doom PS4/XB1 $27 (Was $69) @ Target

Where to Get Negative Films Printed?

Hi, Just found a bunch of old negatives and I want to print them. Big W has stopped processing films. Where can you get films processed? Am in Adelaide. Open to all suggestions.

Deadpool Blu-Ray $18 @ Target (In Store)

expired Deadpool Blu-Ray $18 @ Target (In Store)

Fallout 4 - has anyone pre ordered?

JB has the basic ps4 title for $89 while EB $99 including the music cd as a bonus. Has anyone pre ordered the pip boy edition as well ?

Swimming Pool Salt. Where Do You Buy? (Adelaide)

Hi, I am trying to find out where to buy swimming pool salt (in Adelaide) especially "mineral salt". I can see deals for $6 bag of regular swimming pool salt, while the pool shop would sell …


Soundbar or 5.1? what's your take?

Hi guys, I'd like to know your opinions on soundbar. I read recently of their growing popularity and people turning from 5.1 to 2.1. What do you have?