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Optus Perks

How long does an prepaid SIM work with Optus Perks?

I signed up for Optus perks with a prepaid SIM back in Feb and I've succesfully purchased movie tickets from their site. I tried logging into the Optus Perks site today and a message is …

Why am I still getting emails for deals by Uber in the travel category when I've selected hide deals from Uber?

I've previously selected to hide deals by Uber in the Travel category, but I am still getting emails for Uber deals by email. What's going on?

Any ideas why a search for lindt type:ozbdeal is not returning the latest deal from Coles which contains $2 Lindt bars?

I have a subscription event for lindt+type:ozbdeal. However, it wasn't activated for the latest deal from Coles which contains Lindt Excellence 100g bars. Any ideas why?

How do I set an alert to be Deals only?

I have a few alerts set up. Unfortunately, all the alerts default to "All Nodes", which means I get emails for items not just in the "Deals" section. Any idea how to get this …

Optus Perks

How to Set up Optus $2 SIM to Use with offers?

I purchased an Optus $2 prepaid SIM a couple of years ago. Not sure what went wrong with the activation, but after numerous calls and emails to Optus support, I was never able to get it working with …


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