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Event Cinemas

Event Cinema Gift Voucher about to Expire

My $60 gift voucher is about to expire - if I go in, can I purchase a new gift voucher?


Netflix cut off today. 'Your Netflix account is in use on too many devices'

Watched this morning & now not working. Co-incidentally I've been for Looking at offers to get free Netflix from telstra, then next time I checked my Netflix was not working.


Telstra Contract - What Happens When NBN Comes to My Area?

We are due to get NBN in February and was considering getting rid of our foxtel in lieu of Netflix. I found today that Telstra has a 24 month contract for 1000Gb net, foxtel plus home phone. We …

eBay Australia

EBAY 15% off query

Hi When EBAY has 15% off everything I decided to buy 2 x sun lounges that were $370 each I'd had my eye on for ages. When I tried to check out it would not allow me to as you had to get a …


New AmEx Black as ANZ Won't Waive Card Fee

Hi, I have ANZ AMEX black, but Annual Fee nearing. Any other platinum cards AMEX with nil annual fee ? Spend between $3-$9k month

Best / Cheapest Place for Soda Stream Gas Refills?

Best / cheapest place for soda stream refills? Where is the Thanks

HELP QANTAS Mall or Cash Rewards for iPhone 6 Purchase

QANTAS MALL is offering 5 points for very dollar $1129 or I cn get 2% back of cash rewards. What is better??

iPhone 6 - buy outright or plan with Telstra?

I am currently have unlimited plan at $40 per month not on contract. I want iphone 6 with 64gb = $1000. ($42 month over 24 months) The telstra plan of $700 calls would be sufficient at $82 per …

Jetstar Airways

Is it worth it to join Jetstar's club for $1?

Is it worth it to join Jetstar's club for $1?

Returns policy

My daughter received 3 baby Alives for Xmas. I don't want to ask people for receipts to return their gifts. I was at target the other day & noticed they had the same dolls. I asked the lady …