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Jetstar Airways

Jetstar Booking Warning

Hey, I have all my credit cards memorized in my mind, however today I forgot one of the digits. If you enter your details wrong twice the system blocks you and requires you to phone them up. So I …


Moderation Penalties Transparency Thoughts

Hi all, I would like to seek feedback from the community what their thoughts are on a system where users don't know how penalties are applied. Some of us long time users would appreciate more …


Who Is System? Is It AI?

And where is the gravatar from? I'm quite the fan of 'system'.

Do You Feel Awkward Using Coupons/Vouchers?

I know many people who refuse to use vouchers because they feel ashamed/ perceive they will looked upon as 'cheap'. However, when the voucher doesn't involve a physical copy/showing …

OzBargainers The Most Friendly Base around?

I have been part of many sites, but I have found that OzBargain member base to be the most tolerant of each other. Sure I seen personal attacks and trolling, but its not as nasty as Whirlpool when …

What Is Your Cost of Living?

How much money do you spend on expenses in total (Yearly?) What amount is left for savings? How many people does this cover? I.e 1 person or family of 4 etc..

Job Interview - People skills

Hi, I have an interview soon and am wondering how I am supposed to greet the receptionist? Usually I say "Hi, I got an interview at x time" is this ok? My people skills are low, am I …

Recommend Me a Router for NBN

Hi, Just got the NBN and the supplied router Netcomm NF7 is absolute crap in the sense wireless speeds are less than half, compared to direct Ethernet connection. On adsl2+ I had Netgear for 6 …

NBN Installation Box Location

Hi, I am getting the NBN installed soon and wondering where have people got their box installed? I would like it upstairs and wondering if there is additional costs or not recommended? Its pretty …

Is trustworthy? Just keep reading all negative reviews

Hi, I am wondering if it's ok to book with these sites because all I see is negative reviews online and majority seem to be a nightmare. Thanks