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Smallest Spend with Qantas?

I need buy spend something at qantas for my westpac black card to recieve two lounge passes. Any ideas on what's the smallest item I could buy from qantas?

Need to spend $25 AUD more on my credit card to qualify for insurance

I have booked all accommodation and flights, any ideas on what else I could pre-pay to qualify for insurance? Details: Destination kenya, flying emirates via dubai.

Building a House - How to Make It Smart? on The Cheap

I am building a house this year and was curious to know if anyone has made their house 'smart'. So I'm thinking lights/appliances anything else. What products did you use? Was it much …

Looking for a USB-C Adaptor That Outputs VGA, HDMI and Optionally a Couple of Extra USB-Ports

Can anyone recommend a good USB-C adaptor that outputs HDMI and VGA? Is it better to get off eBay or locally? Laptop is an HP Spectre X360.

1999 Porche 911 or a 2009 Mercedes E250

Hi All, Wanted some opinions on what's a better sports car in particular i'm interested in maintainence costs between the two if anyone has any experience in either car. I think they …

Quadcopters with FPV for around The $100 Mark

I am interested in buying a quadcopter for at most $100 bucks.. I was looking at this one.. How well …


Qantas Sale fare - not allowing me to change return date

Hi, I need some help/advice. I bought a return ticket to Brazil for the WC for 4 weeks. I now wanted to extend 1 week(so a total of 5 weeks) since my gf is going to be in Argentina in that last …

World Cup 2014

Hi, So I'm really excited about going to the world cup in Brazil. I've got tickets to games in Rio, Sao Paolo and Belo Horizonte. I have looked up airbnb mainly in Rio and i'm …


Is this misleading? Opinion wanted

Hi, I bought the following razor blades.. only to receive imitation blades.. please read the ad and give me you opinion on whether or not it is misleading.

G27 Steering Wheel

Hey all, A few months ago there were some good deals on the G27. I am looking to purchase one.. does anyone know of any hot offers? Thanks.