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Melbourne Internation Flower & Garden Show

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2022 Tickets

Any codes for discounted or free tickets to 2022 show. Looking for 1 ticket for Wednesday.

Kogan Mobile | 40GB Prepaid Extra Large | 30 Days | $2.90 (New Customers)

expired Kogan Mobile | 40GB Prepaid Extra Large | 30 Days | $2.90 (New Customers)

Was going to buy another sim but noticed it's cheaper. Only $2.90 Same as https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/394895 but cheaper. Supersize your data on a 30 Day EXTRA LARGE Plan for complete …

Free Credit (Worth $11.70) @ Guzman Y Gomez New App (Android/iOS - New Users)

expired Free Credit (Worth $11.70) @ Guzman Y Gomez New App (Android/iOS - New Users)

Thought I'd revive an old deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/258749) which has been closed for comments (admin, please delete if old thread can be used). I had previously thought GYG had …

Mobile Starter Kits on Special

Hi Ozbargainers Looking for cheap starter kits for my dad who is coming home for a month before leaving. Anyone know of any specials in coles, woolworths, kogan, etc. Doesn't matter what …

What to Do about Front Tap Installed Next to Front Door?

Hi fellow Ozbargainers Looking for some thoughts. My dad has just taken ownership of a new unit in a block of 5. The plumber forgot to install a tap at the front during the building phase. After …

Electric Heat Strips

Looking to get some for our alfresco area. Need to get feedback on products people currently use, whether they are any good and what to consider before buying.

Map Velocissimo S12 Coffee Machine

Looking to buy a cheap coffee machine that's compatible with the MAP Caffitaly pods. I have been given a box of pods from my sister in law who's going overseas. Basically just want to get a …

Domestic Flights from Melbourne to Brisbane/Gold Coast

Hi All. Looking at flights from Mel-Bri or Mel-Gold Coast (return for 2 adults) over the xmas break 2015. From peoples experience, should I book now or would there be deals maybe in a couple of …

Hong Kong Disneyland and Oceanpark

Hi all. Currently in Macau. Looking to travel to Disneyland and Oceanpark in Hong Kong. Looking for cheap ticket deals and hotel stays and general feedback on where to stay and what to do. Got 2 - 3 …

LPG Gas Bottle Refill Cheapest Price

Hi All. I've got 2 9kg gas botttles to refill. Haven't refilled in ages. Anyone know what the prices are and where to refill? I'm out west near Taylors Lakes.

Looking to buy a new desktop for father in law

Hi all. Father in law wants to upgrade his desktop. Only for surfing, writing letters and watching youtube. He doesn't need anything great but doesn't mind spending some money to get …

Cheap ear phones for kids

Hi all. Looking to buy earphonesin bulk to satisfy my kid's obsession with breaking earphones within a couple of days (quickest was a few hours - worked the night before, morning broken). So …

Supergraph 2014

Hi all. Anyone know if free tickets are available to this event. A relative was asking but couldn't find anything.


Free Shipping Booktopia

Hi all. I saw the other day someone had posted a free shipping code for booktopia. I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know what it was?

Domain name renewals

My domain name is due for renewal. Does anyone know who is good to go through for renewals?