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Logitech G512 Mechanical Keyboard $95.20 @ JB Hi-Fi

expired Logitech G512 Mechanical Keyboard $95.20 @ JB Hi-Fi


Lightinthebox - 8 Weeks to Ship Even Though I Paid Express

Hoping I can get some help from the ozbargain community for this. I bought a Xiaomi Notebook Air from these guys on the 30th of March (, three weeks ago now, …

Cheap Microphone for Teamspeak etc

Normally I just buy a cheap microphone off DX for a few dollars, but quality can vary and they tend to not last very long. Any recommendations? Prefer not to spend too much. For example: …

Free DOTA 2 invites

I've got something like 30+ invites just lying around if anyone's after them. Post your steamid/page if you are eligible to trade or otherwise messageme your email and I'll invite you.

Free DOTA 2 Keys (8000+)

expired Free DOTA 2 Keys (8000+)