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Car Insurance Claim When at Fault (Other Parties Insurance Company Hasn't Responded to Me)

Hi guys, Last December I scratched the front passenger side in a carpark with my car. My rear door was not closed yet and I mistakenly moved the car causing a very small scratch. I left a note on …

Car Maintenance KMs Vs Time Question

Hi guys just took the car to the dealership for maintenance. The car was bought brand new on November 2017 and I sent it for the 10.000 kms. maintenance last Saturday. The dealership put a sticker …

Mazda 3 SP25 GT Automatic Demos

Hi Guys I'm after a Mazda 3 SP25 GT and found some demos 2017 automatic on Carsales for $28300 drive away. It is my first time buying a car from a dealer and I would like to know if there is …

5% off @ Bulk Nutrients

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Bus Driver Took a Photo of My Friend's Car at Red Light

Hi guys, My friend called me a while ago and told me that he was in the bus lane at a red light and the bus driver behind him made some hand gestures like complaining and then took a photo of his …

Microsoft Office

Excel 2013 Problem

Hi guys, I just wanted to open a file I recently worked in Excel 2013 but I can't see anything in there. Excel only shows a blank screen with no grids although gridlines are activated. I …

Toyota Yaris Stock Alloy Wheels

Hey guys I just bought a second hand Toyota Yaris and it came with steel wheels with caps. I would like to change the wheels but I don't want aftermarket wheels. Can you suggest me where can I …


For those who doesn't know, Google has launched Chrome 64bits

It is available only for Windows 7 and 8. Link: I think is faster than 32 bits, default font has changed and youtube loads faster. So far so …

Damage to Motorbike in Private Carpark

Hi guys, I have a scooter which I ride to go to work everyday. I park the bike in a private carpark where there are furnished apartments to rent. Two weeks ago the manager of the building hit my bike …


Intel G2020 or AMD A6 5400 for HTPC?

Hey guys,

Wahl Hair Clipper Colour Pro

Hi guys, I'm looking for a good hair clipper and I found this