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Amazon AU

Any Amazon workers on OzBargain? What's it like working at Amazon during Amazon Prime?

Any OzBargainers working at Amazon? Interested in how smashed Amazon workers get during the prime days. I imagine this is ever growing exponentially increasing every prime day there is. How are the …


Cashrewards Not Tracking My Amazon?

Bought nappies and wipes from Amazon on cash rewards with mobile but they never track? I click shop now and order in the new tab not sure why it doesn't work, works for me on all other sites

Please Recommend Desktop Gaming PC $800-$1000

Only requirements would be that I want 16gb ram and 512gb SSD Only game I'm playing at the moment is Dota 2 it would be good to be able to max it on a 27" monitor I remember there was a …

Old Donation of Mobile Phones?

I work as a nurse in community mental health. Alot of my consumers don't have a phone at all no land line no mobile. They don't have the finances to go out and buy one. I imagine there must …

Uber Eats

New Sim Card for Uber Eats Promotion

New users get the $15 off Uber Eats but need a new phone number, I tried the Vodafone $2 sim starter but it makes you recharge with minimum $10 before going through the process. Anyone know if …