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How to Turn off Speed Restrictions on 99 Bikes E Bike?

Anyone know if you can de restrict the 99 bikes electric bikes that are all set to 25kmh . Specifically the pedal brand mid drive ones? Haha . I've tried Google and got nowhere

Mechanic Used Non Recommend Oil

Hey, I got a two year old car, took it to the mechanic. They used semi synthetic 10w30 oil. The service book recommends full synthetic 0w20 oil. The service book says it can go as high as 10w30. I …

ASUS Vivobook Go 15.6" OLED Laptop i3-N305 8GB/512GB $697 + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ in-Store/ C&C/ OnePass) @ Officeworks

expired ASUS Vivobook Go 15.6" OLED Laptop i3-N305 8GB/512GB $697 + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ in-Store/ C&C/ OnePass) @ Officeworks

Cheapest full HD 15inch OLED laptop I've seen. Looks ok? What you guys reckon. They are $999 at good guys, $300 cheaper at officeworks for $697 Posting this because of the OLED screen is …


Phone Shop Wants Phone Password

I had a broken charge port . Took it to phone bot, they wanted the password to check the charge port 😕. Then took it to city phones in Melbourne cbd who didn't need need or want the …

[Hack] $3 "Ghetto Quarter Pounder" @ McDonald's (In-person Only, Not via App)

expired [Hack] $3 "Ghetto Quarter Pounder" @ McDonald's (In-person Only, Not via App)

Order 1/4 pounder patty and bun on own. add free ketchup packet and pickles. $3! Photo Here https://ibb.co/5Y0hqx9

$1500 Dollar Hardship Payment if You Get COVID in Vic

There are thousands of people out there that go through child birth and having kids they don’t want or care for to get some government cash. How many people you think are going to be running …

Live in Gold Coast Study at TAFE NSW (Kingscliffe) subsidised?

Is it possible to get concession rates for tafe nsw if you live across the border in qld?


Baskin Robbins Franchise 30k Deal or No Deal?

Seen some for sale . 30k says makes 65k to owner operator. 3 years left of franchise agreement plus 5 Year option. After the three years can you just rebrand it and keep the fit out?

poll Have You Taken Psychiatric Meds for First Time in Long Time Since Covid

It’s Messed me up a little . Wondering what % of people it also has

SIM card copying. Mobile phone

Anyone know if it will work if I copy my SIM card and chuck the copied one in my iPad just for data so I don’t have to pay for 2 services. It won’t make calls . So maybe that’s enough to trick …


How to recharge belong prepaid on a dumb phone

How on earth do I recharge my belong prepaid mobile sim on a dumb phone haha. I. Can’t find any sms recharge or phone number recharges. How can I do it without downloading a app or logging in to …

Can You Still Get a New iPhone 7 Plus in Australia?

is it possible to get a new iphone 7plus anywhere in Australia?

Cheapest speed limited unlimited data plan

just wondering if anyone knows what the cheapest speed limited yet unlimited mobile plan is. vodaphone has $40 per month then its limited to 1.5mbs after 10gig anything cheaper?


What Does "Unused iPhone" Mean?

Looking at a iPhone on mresell.com.au iPhone unused for sale. I'm guessing it's an open boxed phone, that they will probably claim has never been used. If it has been factory reset, how …

Can You Get Zantac (Ranitidine) Anymore ?

i use to take this stuff sometimes as i thought it was better for you than Nexium (or a ppi) then it was recalled last year as it was contaminated with something that may cause cancer. does anyone …

Am I The Only One That Wants More Plastic Packaging for My Fruit and Veges?

Seriously , I would like to buy a tomato, some grapes or a apple or whatever that hasn't had the hands of disgusting people who have to pick up every single apple on the pile before they make …

How Much Should a Bond Clean Cost?

Just got quoted $52O for a bond clean. 2 bed apartment with 1 bath. Place has carpet too. Is this normal, seems high. This is on the gold coast

[Qld] Got Fined for Having a Valid Train Ticket

Go Card rules state: Transfer up to 3 times. Max trip 3.5 hours, total journey 6 hours. Continue trip up to 60 mins of last touch off. So this happened a few days ago. Instead of paying for two …

Four'n Twenty Pies Better Quality at AFL Game

Anyone noticed the Four'n twenty pies are of way higher quality at a actual AFL game? Wonder where you can buy the good 1's outside a AFL game.

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What time does Centrelink go into your bank account ?

330am and no Centrelink yet Is the bank holding it to earn interest? Does Centrelink ship the coin at midnight?

What shops can you haggle at?

Its standard to haggle at a car yard , maybe like JB hi-fi, But does anyone ever try haggling at like Just jeans, or anywhere? Dentist's? restaurants? whatever lol

What day is midnight?

I know that midnight is 12:00 am which is the start of the next day, Derrr. But who knows what someone means when they say expires at midnight. Found a deal today that said expires midnight sunday …


Maccas Hacks to Save Coin

What ideas do you have ? Il start the list . Don't like paying 2.95 for a Sundae, ask for a soft serve cone without the cone served in a plastic sundae lid with topping, (80c) Did they give …

Does anyone remember the original Kettle chilli chips?

It's been like 5 years I reckon since they changed them, but they use to be actual chilli, with the ingredients pretty much just being potato oil and chilli , they were the only chips that had …