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[Hack] $3 "Ghetto Quarter Pounder" @ McDonald's (In-person Only, Not via App)


Order 1/4 pounder patty and bun on own. add free ketchup packet and pickles. $3!
Photo Here https://ibb.co/5Y0hqx9

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      Inb4 Quarter pounder patty OOS

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      OP = Hamburgler

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        Funny! But OP is the hero we deserve!

        So need a better pun/whatever…

        Robin Quarterhood!

        • Pretty sure 'Hamburglar' takes the sesame seed bun here!

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      You laugh now but a few months of current inflation increase and this will be the only way we can afford quarter pounder

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      "Ghetto Pounder" was my nickname in College!

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    haha upvote for this one! my man literally hacked mcdonalds menu

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    Mcdonalds sendin the lawyers for op.

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      1 for Other

      They already have, RIPBOZO

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        OZBOZO RUN

        • OP does not have permission to post pics of McDonald's intellectual property

          i'm using 'intellectual' in the most broadest terms.

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      Why? He should get pay by promoting Maccas!

    • Morons

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      1 for Illegal/Inappropriate

      The sooky lala award of the week goes to ….

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    Number 1 black friday - cyber Monday post

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    Upvoting for the title alone

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    How do you get to that screen?

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      It's in the Drive Thru

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    I'm not a Macca's regular but isn't there cheese on that burger ?

    Love the idea haha

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      The cheese is like 90-95 cent per slice these days. Lmao

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        New business idea: start selling cheese right outside maccas for 50c per slice.

        • viable if you are food delivery person ….they seem to hand around maccas waiting for a job.
          maybe sell drinks also …..

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        And the rest!

        Hamburger: $2.00

        Cheeseburger: $4.20

        Only difference is a slice of cheese.

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          that's what I always tell my son.
          wife keeps buying the Cheeseburger.

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        You know what they call aaaa errr a quarter pounder err with cheese in Paris?

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      its the main reason the burg has flavour

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    OP is on the clown's hit list now

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    I duno man what about the cheese and onions

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  • Ozbargain next level!! Thanks for sharing.

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    Now this is how you menu hack

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    This is as idiotic sorry, genius as that mcspider 'hack' a few years ago

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      This was the ultimate McDonald's hack https://youtu.be/1oFpTNsPu_w?si=81M0h0bBoNsOMI7I

      • Wow…awesome.

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        With the new mcflurry paper cups they also serve the soft serve in that. Just order soft serve on the machine tick to 'order in a cup' and then add oreo flakes for a discount mcflurry.

        You could buy a cadbury flake from woolies and just crush it up by hand into your ice cream too if you wanted extra toppings.

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    It’s just a bigger hamburger no cheese

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    This is the content I come to OzBargain for, not OzRRP

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    Can’t wait to get ghetto pounded

    • Lol'd

    • This may cost nothing…. This is the ozbargain way.

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    im upvoting for the title alone.

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    Gotta love that awkward silence moment when the team member hands you the order but reluctantly thinks if they should have just made you the burger

    • I wonder if you could just ask them to put them it together when you order lol

  • Brilliant. What more could you want?

    • OP drops that shit eating grin when his number is called out…

  • Drop it like its hot, drop it like its hot 🔥

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    Deconstruction in cooking, also known as "destructured" cooking, produced dishes that were physically unlike the originals but with all their flavors preserved. This gastronomic concept consists of dishes in which ingredients that are normally combined together are presented separately. Consumers are invited to re-assemble them in order to recreate the dish in they very own way, preserving and even reinforcing the intensity of their flavors. Deconstructed food allows chefs to get creative with their culinary art. It also makes for a unique dining experience, as each diner can interpret the dish as they please.

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    Post of the year 🫡

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      I love how OP is getting his order via a drive-thru, rather than a kiosk. The operator must be confused lol.

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        shameless to be building that on the big screen ahha

  • Upvoted. Now I know what to do with my spare $3

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    will try this one later

  • The old title was way better 😂

  • As a non-maccas eater what does it usually cost?

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      Depends on the store but around 7-7.5

      • lucky it's $8.10 here

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    Love this haha.
    How do you order individual parts of a burger?

    • You have to go ask the peon at the front of store / drivethru speaker to put them through, ordering mcchicken patties by themselves is pretty good for quick protein.

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    'Ghetto Quarter Pounder' is what the ladies called me back in the day

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      Quarter pounder? I hardly know ‘er!

    • Just the tip

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    Next step Reddit, then News.com.au

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    The mark of a true hamburglar

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      Quarter poundlar

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      because they support and feed child murderers


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        If you're feeding billions of people global daily, I'm sure they'll be quite a few criminals among them.

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