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Vodafone Gave Me Refurbished Device as Warranty Replacement without Warning and Were Rude about It, What Can I Do?

Hey guys want some advice. I bought a pixel 4 last year, its 11 months old and for context has a 24 month warranty. I bought it from vodafone. I gave the device in for warranty because it would …

Are There Any Deals on Jump Start Powerbanks?

Hi everyone, I missed those recent deals on the powerbanks that can jumpstart your car. I'm looking to get one. Anyone know of a good deal? Thanks!


Do Those Nespresso Kiosks in Shopping Centres Give You Free Coffee to Try?

Does anyone know if those Nespresso kiosks at shopping centres like Indro or Chermside give out free coffee? I've seen them making them on the machines, but my friends all think you have to pay …