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12yr Old with No Friends

Good evening So my daughter is currently in year 7 and she has no friends. People make fun of her for no reason. She isn’t good at sport but she gets all A’s in school. (Apart from an occasional …


Deal Is for 3 Free Personalised Pens for Business. Is It Too Risky As I Don't Own a Business?

Hi all! I have been eying a great deal which offers 3 free personalised pens. Looking closer, it said for business. Do you think I should order it even if I don’t own a business or do you think …

Any Free Items Delivered from past Deals That Are Still Active?

I was wondering if anyone knew of freebies that are still active! Thx :)

Any No Minimum Spend Vouchers for Signing up to a Newsletter or a Store?

I was wondering If anybody new of stores that give no minimum spend vouchers for signing up to their email etc.. thanks :)