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Looking for Prepaid Talk and Text but No Data (Does It Even Exist?)

I have been hunting for a unlimited talk and text prepaid plan with zero data for my early teen daughter. She has wifi access where it counts so that is enough. I know there are a few prepaid plans …


StackSocial .tech 10 Year Domain Registration Deal

Not sure if this had been ozbargained before but stacksocial have a .tech 10 year domain registration deal for US$39.99 (valid for another 6 days). Use promo code BFDEALS10 for extra 10% or US$3.99 …

LED Bulbs: Costco Vs Bunnings

Bought a pack of 4x LEDs (Luminus A60 brand, type B22, 9 watts, 806 lumens, 5000k, dimmable) at average $3.25 each. Bunnings has a similar looking one for $3.00 each (Click A60 brand, type B22, 10 …


Cashrewards Withdrawal

This post is not about your positive or negative experiences with CR but the amount you have withdrawn from it. Sure I have had a few purchases that CR did not recognise but (meh) such is life. So I …

Looking for a Very Budget Pc for under $200

I am looking to buy a new (not ex-lease/refurbished) very budget pc for sub-$200 if possible. I don't really care about specs so long as it is new. I bought one some time ago for $199 from …

Cheap but Decent 55" LED TV

Currently looking for a new (not refurbished) 55" LED TV with at least 100hz. Don't need 3D. Price south of $600 if possible. Hisense currently going for just under $800.

WTB 55" LED Full HD TV not-3D not-smart

Looking to buy the above. I just want to use it as a monitor so no need smart or 3D. Generic Chinese brand is fine. Any recommendations welcome.

VISION TECH Dual Core PC Xmas Special $199 - who bought this?

Does anyone have any issues installing Win7 x48 on this machine?