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Help Needed to Source Clemastine Fumerate (Antihistamine)

Could anyone kindly direct me to a website, pharmacy or any other source where I can source Clemastine Fumarate( most commonly known as Clemastine) This drug is an antihistamine and if you don't …

Road Safety-Bicycle riders

Now, I don't want anyone to start an all out war against cyclists, I just want to raise this as a road safety issue. Please refer to the video I have shared here (sorry about my shoddy video …

Keypass $20 Discount on Online Applications

expired Keypass $20 Discount on Online Applications

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Sheffield Breadmaker 800W User Manual

Could someone please upload a scanned copy of this bread maker's user manual? I've misplaced mine and can't find one online either.Much appreciated, …

What's the fuel (Petrol, Diesel, Gas) situation around your area with the current fuel tanker crisis?

Hi guys, I was wondering what's the current situation of fuel around your area and how long it's going to last.