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Refrigerator 300-500 Litres $1000ish

Does anyone know and good deals for fridges right now? No set budget ut obviously the cheaper the better. I'd like something 300-500 litres and energy efficient. No brand preferences chinese …

5 Free Deliveries @ Uber Eats

expired 5 Free Deliveries @ Uber Eats


Buying bulk Swisse vitamins in Australia

Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I am looking to buy some swisse vitamins in large quantities preferably direct from a supplier. Does anyone know where I can purchase this and at what …

Shipping Heavy Desktop Computer Interstate

I'm selling my computer on both eBay and Gumtree at the moment. It's a pretty expensive computer and I was looking for local pickup. However I had someone message me on eBay regarding …

JB Hi-Fi

Returning Surface Pro to JB Hi-Fi

Hey guys I bought a Surface Pro with type cover last Monday from Jb Hifi and I'm not really satisfied with it so I want to return it.

Cheapest Xperia Z Ultra Phone

Hey guys,

Buying/ Swapping Nintendo 3DS Game Codes for Free Games

Hi guys I think I saw a similar post recently but not 100 percent sure. Anyway I bought Donkey Kong 3DS the other day. I need the codes for two out of the following games to qualify for a free game

Where to buy NVIDIA shield?

A mate of mine wants to purchase the nvidia shield. Do you guys know where you can purchase on or it using a freight forwarder the only way. If so is it straightforward to use a freight forwarder?

Which graphics card to buy / fit $300-$350

Hi guys I am planning to purchase this computer Does anyone know if it will fit a 7950 or gtx 670 and whether or not the 500w psu is sufficient? Thanks.

Cheapest Place to Buy Fire Emblem Awakening for 3DS Locally

Hi guys do you know the cheapest place to buy Fire Emblem Awakening locally?

28 Degrees Card

28 Degrees Price Claim for Preorders

Hi guys

HTPC Build for $500 HELP PLEASE!

Hey guys, I'm looking build a HTPC for around $500. Can be a bit more than that if required but less is better.

Purchasing a Surface Pro Via Freight Forwarder

Has anyone here purchased a surface pro through a freight forwarder?

Purchasing a Retina MacBook Pro Cheapest Place

Hi guys, like the title says I'm thinking of purchasing a Retina MacBook Pro (have not yet decided whether to purchase the 15 inch or 13 inch model). I will be upgrading from an Asus ultrabook.

Redeeming the free PS+ 3 month trial for vita

Hey guys i recently bought the vita form the amazon deal that came with 3months of free ps+. I already have a US psn account but do you guys know how to redeem the codes thanks.

Buying Game Boy Micro

Ok this may seem random but do you guys now anyway where I can buy a gameboy micro for a reasonable price? Thanks