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Signage for Granny Flat

Hey guys, Just wanted to get some ideas on what I can do. We have a granny flat at the back of our house which we are renting out, but occasionally they'll get visitors or deliveries that come …


Cheapest Way to Get 10GB/month on Telstra shared between 2 mobiles

After seeing the Telstra SIM plans updated for the worse, especially now that the $40 plan has gone from 5GB data to 2GB data. Just looking for some advice what is the cheapest way to get 10GB/month …

Having Power Bill at a Place You Don't Live

Hey guys, My in-laws are trying to get my wife to use her name to create an electricity/gas account using her name so that they can get some discount/promo thing which they already got …


Using Another Family Member's Staff Card

Hey all, Just a heads up if you plan on using a woolies staff card (that doesn't have your name on it), you may have your card confiscated because it just happened to me. They told me that my …

PLAN Lending home loans experiences?

Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with PLAN lending ( I'm in the process of reviewing a few options to refinance.


Kitchen Apron $3 and under

Hi, I'm trying to get a bunch of kitchen aprons (need 25 to be exact), but we've been given a budget of $3 per apron. We found some in Daiso, but they only had 8 and it seems to be sold …

Price drop notifier service

Hi guys, I've built a web app where given a URL of the item, it will periodically check the price of the item and send an email notification when the price drops.