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Massive Data Usage . . . TikTok, anyone have this happen?

We got the daughter a 365 day plan through Woolies which expires June 2021. Last week she got a message that she had used all of her data. So I went and checked on the data usage breakdown. 48GB in …

Samsung Galaxy A51 128GB for $399?

Need a mobile for my daughter 13 year old. She loves taking pictures so good cam is important. Was going to limit the budget to $300 which restricted the choices. Did many reviews of the huge choice …


Buying from Tecobuy & Tobydeals

Chasing a Samsung A51 and both Tecobuy & Tobydeals have them around $335 6GB or $380 for 8GB. Good prices but what are these places like to deal with and warranty? If something happens would you …

Kindle Paperwhite 3G

Look for the 3G version of the paperwhite at a good price. Amazon have them for $199 + post.